350K Brass Knuckles

350K Brass Knuckles

350K Brass Knuckles FBI Files

Unlock Level No level requirement
Inventory Slot Melee
Melee Type Fists • Blunt
Damage 30 36.25 42.5 48.75 55
Knockdown 90 95 100 105 110
Charge Time 0s 0.5s 1s 1.5s 2s
Range 1.5 meters
Concealment 30
Internal name brass_knuckles
Knuckle style weapons have been used all over the world for hundreds of years. Brass knuckles concentrate the punch's force by directing it toward a harder and smaller area, increasing the chances of tissue disruption. Hit hard enough and you'll even fracture some bones.

The 350K Brass Knuckles is a melee weapon available in PAYDAY 2 that was added in Update #24. It is available to players who have joined the Official PAYDAY 2 Group on Steam.


The 350K Brass Knuckles were added to the game to celebrate reaching 350,000 members on the Official PAYDAY 2 Group. Everyone who is a part of the group will receive a set of these commemorative brass knuckles.

The community unlocked another special bonus when it reached 500,000 members, the Golden AK.762.

Statistically, they are nearly identical to the default Fists, with the only difference being a longer charge time.


  • Players deal more damage per second with this weapon by attacking as quickly as possible, rather than fully charging attacks.
  • If a player wishes for more damage, it is recommended that they get Berserker, Pumping Iron and Bloodthirst Aced from the Brawler skill tree.
  • If a player wishes for more knockdown, use Martial Arts Aced.


  • The 3-5-0-K characters on the Brass Knuckles are mirrored and sharply convex to the surface; Receiving a hit could potentially "stamp" a perfectly readable 350K in the victim's flesh.
  • Intended for attacks on soft targets, the Brass Knuckles in reality wouldn't fare too well against even lightly armored enemies as even simple Kevlar vests can nullify the damage done by the letters stamping against their bodies while the force of the hit would be mostly absorbed.
    • When used against heavily armored targets, the returning force of a punch combined with the heavy weight and high-density composition of the Brass Knuckles can even cause severe injuries or outright breaking the wielder's fingers if the proper technique was not applied.
  • Despite the inventory preview and store icon only showing one set of knuckles, the actual weapon has the player wielding two.


With an Iron Fist With an Iron Fist
Equip the 350K brass knuckles. Celebrating the release of the Death Wish update, you can now unlock the 350K knuckles by simply joining the PAYDAY 2 Official Group on Steam.


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