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AK upgrade
Unlock Level Technician 9
Inventory Slot Primary
Weapon Type Assault Rifle
Damage 2.7
Capacity 25
Total Ammo 125
Rate-of-Fire 857
Internal name ak47
Achievements Detective Gadget
7.62mm automatic. Medium recoil. Stick it to the man with the premiere choice amongst entrepreneurs and thugs alike. Simple design, high reliability, low cost, and so popular it is part of a national flag – the AK was built to heist.
The AK is a fully automatic assault rifle available in the Wolf Pack DLC.


The AK is similar in performance to the AMCAR-4, with the initial magazine capacity being similar, and with comparable damage per shot. The AK, however, has a higher rate of fire and can be upgraded for more damage, at the cost of higher recoil. The weapon excels at both close and medium range, with the ability to take down a Heavy SWAT in four shots to the body without damage upgrades, three shots at damage increase III, and two at damage increase IV.

The AK is an effective anti-special unit weapon, especially at close range. Its high damage output can break a Bulldozer's visor in a matter of seconds when close enough, and can kill a Taser with the bursts fired off when the wielder is being electrocuted.

The weapon does have some distinct drawbacks, however. With the AK's high rate of fire comes severe recoil, which can make hitting targets at long range challenging. Firing in short bursts at targets at medium range can help your effectiveness with the weapon, as fully automatic fire will drag your crosshair away from your targets. Also, the AK suffers from an especially slow reload speed when empty.


Upgrade Technician level
Weapon unlock 9
Recoil dampener I 12
Damage increase I 15
Accuracy I (reflex sight) 18
Recoil dampener II 22
Mag increase I (30 rounds) 27
Damage increase II 30
Mag increase II (35 rounds) 32
Damage increase III 37
Accuracy II 40
Recoil dampener III (lightweight frame) 41
Damage increase IV 44
Recoil dampener IV 48


Detective Gadget Detective Gadget
Beat any heist using the STRYK Pistol, AK Rifle, GL40 Grenade Launcher, Toolkit upgrade, Sentry Gun equipment and Big Game Hunters crew bonus. To complete this challenge, you will have to have played the heist from the start.


  • The AK is based on the AKM and features parts from several different models and derivatives of itself. Most notably it has the magazine of a 5.56mm Type 84 and muzzle brake of the 5.45mm AK-74. The upgrades for the AK includes a reflex sight appears to be based on an amalgam of a BelOMO PK-04 and a Nantong Fortune SP-4-1, and a lightweight body which includes a polymer handguard and skeletal stock.
    • It is strange how the lightweight frame of the AK would reduce the amount of recoil per shot when it makes the weapon lighter and harder to weigh down.
  • The upgrade tree image shows the AK in a left-handed configuration. Oddly, it is wielded right-handed by Hoxton in the same image.
  • The dry reload is different from the mid-magazine reload, being significantly longer and more complex: the player character grips the AK by its handguard, flicks out and replaces the old magazine with a fresh one then pull on the charging handle, with quite a bit of needless juggling in between.
    • Despite the player not hitting the release paddle during the reload, the old magazine still flies out.
  • The AK can be seen in the No Mercy trailer before its official debut, being held by Chains roughly a minute into the video.


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