Praying Mantis Praying Mantis
Collect 5 packages with the green mantis stamp on to earn a green crate.
Bull’s-Eye Bull’s-Eye
Collect 10 packages with the yellow bull stamp on to earn a yellow crate
My Spider Sense is Tingling My Spider Sense is Tingling
Collect 15 packages with the red spider stamp on to earn a red crate
Eagle Eyes Eagle Eyes
Collect 20 packages with the blue eagle stamp on to earn a blue crate.
Like A Boy Killing Snakes Like A Boy Killing Snakes
Collect 25 packages with the purple snake stamp on to earn a purple crate
There and Back Again There and Back Again
Earn one of each crate.
High Speed, Low Drag High Speed, Low Drag
Modify the CAR-4 rifle with a Competition Foregrip, CAR Quadstacked Mag and a Competitor's Compensator.
Point 'n' Shoot Point 'n' Shoot
Modify any pistol with a Pistol Red Dot Sight and a Flash Hider.
Mall Ninja Mall Ninja
Modify the CAR-4 rifle with a Gazelle Rail, Tactical Compensator, Compact Holosight, Wide Stock and a Military Laser Module.
Russian Operator Russian Operator
Modify any AK rifle with a Lightweight Rail, AK Slavic Dragon Barrel, AK Quadstacked Mag and a Funnel of Fun Nozzle.

The following appeared on April 1, 2014. They were replaced on April 9, 2014

Achievement locked Eeny
Achievement locked Meeny
Achievement locked Miny
Achievement locked Moe
Achievement locked Catch
Achievement locked A
Achievement locked Cloaker
Achievement locked By
Achievement locked The
Achievement locked Toe

  • My Spider Sense is Tingling is a line often said by the Marvel Comics character Spider-Man, who says this when he senses something is amiss.
  • There and Back Again is a reference to the title of Bilbo's book in The Lord of the Rings.
  • The Mall Ninja achievement refers to a term in the shooting community that describes a shooter who puts a ridiculous amount of modifications on an otherwise poor quality weapon. This is a rather appropriate term for a fully modified CAR-4 since it starts out as relatively cheap, low tier weapon but can become incredibly powerful on higher difficulty levels if it is modified enough.

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