Hitler raid
Adolf Hitler
Career information
Role Führer
Affiliation(s) Nazi Germany
Biographical information
Nationality Flag of the German Reigh Austrian
Language(s) German
Physical description
Ethnicity Caucasian
Appearance(s) RAID: World War II
Portrayed by N/A
Voiced by N/A
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Adolf Hitler is the Austrian Führer or leader of Nazi Germany and the Wehrmacht, and one of the primary overarching villains of RAID: World War II.



RAID: World War IIEdit

While Hitler himself does not make an in-mission appearance, he would be depicted as being on the receiving end of any and all shenanigans orchestrated by the SOE and The Raid crew.

Appearing in every post-game live-action cutscene, be that game a failure or success, "Hitler" is depicted as a rather childish caricature of his real self, prone to throwing hissy fits and tantrums like a spoiled child at the slightest of mishaps or provocations, and would often vent his frustration on his men. Should the Raid crew fail, however, "Hitler" would gloat his top off in an even more juvenile fashion.

RAID's version of Hitler seems to be far more relaxed with the wartime situations than in reality, while also appears to be much less intelligent, as demonstrated on one occasion when he somehow misread an upside-down defeat report as a glowing victory.



  • Hitler has a painting of his real self hung on the wall behind his desk.
  • Due to the mandatory censorship of Nazi references in all media published in Germany, the German version of the game depicts Hitler as a nameless Wehrmacht Feldmarschall instead.
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