Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your Akimbo weapons' stability penalty is reduced by 8.
Ace (4 pt): Your Akimbo weapons' stability penalty is reduced by an additional 8 and they also have a 50% increased ammo capacity.


Improves the usage of all Akimbo weapons, not just those that are Akimbo versions of pistols.


Low Blow is highly recommended in combination with this skill, as Akimbo Weapons can be kept highly concealed and receive a tremendous damage boost via critical hits.

The aced version makes using Akimbo SMGs much more viable, as it will take longer for them to blow through their ammo reserves.


  • The term Akimbo did not originally refer to the practice of dual-wielding weapons, but rather a standing pose in which the hands are placed on the hips with the elbows bent, naturally. It was not until the success of the 1998 Quake II mod Action Quake 2, whose association of the word with dual pistols popularized the term, that it gained the meaning we now see.
    • In addition, the general association of "akimbo" as dual-wielding a firearm extends even further back to the Guns Akimbo power-up from Monolith's Blood, released in May '97, an entire year prior to Action Quake 2.
  • Players wielding Akimbo weapons will only hold one of the two guns when posing in the main menu and inventory screens. This is the only way for one to wield a pistol in their right hand, as usually all secondary weapons are held off-handed.
  • The stability boost is mostly useless in VR as stability has minimal affect on weapons, only slightly decreasing accuracy with long, extended bursts of full-auto fire.
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