Ammo Efficiency

Ammo Efficiency
Mastermind: Sharpshooter Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Getting 3 headshots in less than 6 seconds will refund 1 bullet to your used weapon. Can only be triggered by SMGs, Assault Rifles and Sniper Rifles fired in single shot mode.
Ace (6 pt): The amount of headshots required is reduced to 2.


With this skill, sniper rifles, assault rifles, and SMGs fired in single shot mode are capable of regenerating ammo upon achieving a certain number of headshots in  6 seconds. The basic version requires 3 headshots while the aced version requires two. It is worth noting that the headshots do not need to be from only one of your weapons.

This skill also refunds ammunition as long as the headshot is dealt, not just killing the enemy or chaining head shots. The unique penetration ability of Sniper Rifles can allow the user to line up head shots, allowing 3-1 or 2-1 headshots for a single bullet and will still count towards the refund. In other words, getting 3 headshots (2 with aced version) with one bullet from a sniper rifle will not subtract from your total ammo pool.


For builds that require use weapons that don't have large amounts of ammo, this skill can significantly increase the time a weapon can be used before requiring a refill from an ammo bag. Weapons that have a low ammunition reserve and low pickup rates, such as the Thanatos .50 cal, when used with this skill and by an experienced player, can be used much longer, especially when the skill is aced.

As such, Ammo Efficiency may be best paired with skills that boost accuracy and stability:

  • Marksman and Stable Shot, due to the skill demanding precision.
  • High Value Target can increase the damage on marked enemies thus potentially requiring less ammo to kill.
  • Aggressive Reload to assist users in dealing with enemy swarms.
  • Scavenger aced as two ammo drops will be provided upon the elimination of a 6th enemy unit.
  • Bullseye to regain armor with each headshot.

The major shortcoming of Ammo Efficiency is evident when facing Bulldozers and Captain Winters; Both tend to have high health and are fairly resistant to headshots. Also, players should be wary of Tasers due to their ability to make electrocuted players waste valuable ammo.

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