This article is about the PAYDAY: The Heist equipment. For the deployable of the same name in PAYDAY 2, see Ammo bag (Payday 2).
Ammo bag
Ammo bag upgrade
Inventory Slot Equipment
Equipment Type Deployable Ammo Pack
Amount 400%
Internal name

The Ammo bag is a deployable piece of equipment in the Assault upgrade tree. Along with the doctor bag, it is often a critical part of the team's strategy.


A player with the ammo bag can place it on the floor (default: [G] on PC, [L2] on PS3) to provide a large, finite amount of ammunition for the team. A player can take ammo from the bag by interacting with it for a few seconds, thereby replenishing all of their ammunition reserves.

Unlike the doctor bag, which has a set number of times that players can use it, the ammo bag's rate of depletion is linearly proportional to the percentage of the weapons' ammo pools being restored. The ammo bag initially provides enough ammunition to fully replenish a weapon's reserves four times; this amount is increased by two for each "amount increase" unlock, up to a maximum of ten.

Because each player can only carry at most one bag per heist, the ammo bag's placement is very important. It is particularly useful in long-range shootouts such as Heat Street because the ammunition dropped by fallen law enforcers is often difficult to reach without having to sacrifice health, and there is a limit on the number of ammunition pickups that can exist at once.


Upgrade Assault level
Amount increase I (600%) 10
Amount increase II (800%) 19
Amount increase III (1000%) 30