This article is about the PAYDAY 2 equipment. For the similar deployable in PAYDAY: The Heist, see Ammo bag.
Ammo bag
Inventory Slot Equipment
Equipment Type Deployable Ammunition Bags
Amount 1 bag
Capacity 400%
Internal name ammo_bag
The ammo bag is a portable bag, originally intended to allow soldiers to carry extra ammunition.

The ammo bag is a deployable piece of equipment that the player can use to replenish their ammunition reserves by interacting with it. Like in PAYDAY: The Heist, its rate of depletion is linearly proportional to the percentage of the weapons' ammo pools being restored.

Unlike the ammo bags of PAYDAY: The Heist which are deployed instantly, the bags in PAYDAY 2 takes a while to fully set up, leaving the player vulnerable for the entire duration of the placement.


The player can carry 1 extra ammo bag by unlocking the Extra Lead skill, and then gain 2 additional uses (+200%) of each bag by acing the skill.

The basic ammo bag contains 4 uses (400%) for one weapon. Calculation is made in percentages, so no matter what weapon a player wields, the total ammo pool for that particular weapon is considered 100%, be it a fully loaded shotgun with 30 slugs or a fully loaded assault rifle with 150 cartridges. Having one member with fully upgraded Ammo bags grants the whole crew a 1200% (2 bags) total ammo refill.

This eases ammunition management on a team basis, as players will not use a full charge in order to replenish their ammunition, instead reducing the bag's remaining amount (a percentage) by the exact percentage taken. However, note that weapons with a small total ammo pool will take away the same percentage from the ammo bag as a large total ammo pool each time its ammunition is replenished. Players should take this into account when selecting their weapons, especially if their crew is going into a long heist without bringing multiple ammo bags. 

For weapons that cannot be replenished with ammo drops, like the OVE9000 and HRL-7, using an ammo bag is the only way to refill said reserve for the weapons aside from being released out of custody.

Ammo bags will visually diminish as they are used. This can help give players the calculation of remaining ammunition. 

Note: The ammo bag will prioritize secondary weapons. If there is not enough ammo to fill both of your weapons, the bag will first refill your secondary and then your primary.



Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Ammo bags placed by you grant players the ability to shoot without depleting their ammunition for up to 5 seconds after interacting with it. The more ammo players replenish, the longer the duration of the effect.
Ace (4 pt): Increases the base duration of the effect by up to 15 seconds.
Extra Lead

Extra Lead
Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now place 2 ammo bags instead of just one.
Ace (6 pt): Each ammo bag contains additional 50% ammunition.


Pass the Ammo Pass the Ammo
Complete the Brooklyn 10-10 job from start, after deploying 8 ammo bags in the ammo cage on the OVERKILL difficulty or above. Unlocks the "Birds of Prey" mask, "Carbon Fiber Weave" material and "Hood Stripes" pattern.


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