Armor Bag
Armor Bag
Inventory Slot Equipment
Equipment Type Portable Armor Case
Amount 1 case
Capacity 1 use
Internal name armor_kit
The Armor Bag is a portable bag used to transport an armor of your choice that can be used during a heist.

The Armor Bag, or Armor Case is an equipment in PAYDAY 2, usable after unlocking the Walk-in Closet Perk in any given perk tree.


When used, the Armor Bag provides one change of armor during a heist, and is usable only to the heister who has it. It may be a useful item for a stealth attempt where an alarm is expected to trip, or for heists where stealth can only be maintained up to a certain point before combat inevitably ensues. Its usefulness is contrasted by the inability to carry other expendables that can be shared, such as ammo or medical supplies. It also forces stealth players to forgo the ECM jammer, making stealth more prone to error. This can be remedied by Acing Jack Of All Trades.

Players wear temporary Two-Piece Suits while carrying an Armor Bag.


As a player on a stealth run usually wears only a Two-Piece Suit (and restricted to wearing one by default when carrying an Armor Bag), their durability against well-armed combatants is low, but if packing better armor (say, an Improved Combined Tactical Vest), they can opt to use their initially low profile to infiltrate first and then deploy their larger suit of armor.

Unlike the other equipments whose uses are shared between all four members of the team, the Armor Bag is a personal-use item, meaning only the player who has it can benefit from it. It is also not deployed onto the ground, the user must hold their "deploy equipment" key (default "G") to put on the packed armor. Armor Bags are usable once per heist (or day of a heist, as exemplified in the cases of Big Oil and Framing Frame).


  • The Two-Piece Suit itself can be packed within the Armor Bag, which remains usable and the player's armor can be changed, though to no practical effect as it remains the same.
  • Unlike the other equipments in the game, the Armor Bag is not an intrinsic part of any skill tree, therefore having no synergy whatsoever with the player's equipments or other skills, bar Jack Of All Trades, during play. It is not even a skill, but rather a perk, and has to be unlocked via the Perk Decks.
    • This also means that once the Armor Bag perk is unlocked, it can never be "respecced" whereas every other piece of equipment can. The only means by which the player can temporarily get rid of the deployable is to switch to an under-invested perk deck. In other words, once the Armor Bag is unlocked in every deck, it is unlocked for good.
    • Being a perk means that the Armor Bag can not be upgraded. Not that it needed any to begin with, however.


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