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This is the list of all available Armors that players can equip at the start of a heist.



Two-Piece Suit
Armor 20
Concealment 30
Speed 36.8
Dodge +5
Steadiness 11
Stamina 51.3
Unlock Unlocked by default
No movement penalty, no visibility.

This is the standard two-piece suit that any self-respecting criminal should wear.

It provides no extra protection but has the highest concealment factor, making it the best choice for a heist where you want to go undetected and blend into the crowd.

Suits are usually reserved for special occasions, such as weddings, funerals and bank robberies.


Ballistic Vest
Armor 60
Concealment 23
Speed 35
Dodge -10
Steadiness 12
Stamina 47.5
Unlock Reputation 1
Little movement penalty, low visibility.

The ballistic vest is a standard issue bullet-resistant soft vest that is worn on the torso. It offers good protection from small-caliber handgun and shotgun projectiles, making it essential for anyone in the line of fire.

Ballistic vests are used by police forces, security guards and bodyguards.


Lightweight Ballistic Vest
Armor 50
Concealment 26
Speed 35.9
Dodge -5
Steadiness 11.5
Stamina 50
Unlock Reputation 7
Little movement penalty, low visibility.

The lightweight ballistic vest is easy to wear, concealable bullet proof vest. It offers a specially developed trauma liner which provides effective blunt trauma protection, making it a good choice to protect yourself.

Lightweight ballistic vests are used by dignitaries and VIP's, sky marshals as well as executive and diplomatic security professionals.


Heavy Ballistic Vest
Armor 70
Concealment 21
Speed 33.3
Dodge -15
Steadiness 12.9
Stamina 45
Unlock Reputation 12
Small movement penalty, medium visibility.

The heavy ballistic vest is a hard-plate reinforced vest that is worn on the torso. It is a modern body armor combining a ballistic vests with shoulder and side protection armor components, making it a great protection of choice.

Heavy ballistic vests are worn by soldiers, police tactical units, and hostage rescue teams.


Flak Jacket
Armor 90
Concealment 18
Speed 26.3
Dodge -20
Steadiness 13.8
Stamina 42.5
Unlock Reputation 21
Medium movement penalty, medium visibility.

The flak jacket by GenSec Security Industries is a modern take on the classic version. It absorbs the impact from firearm projectiles and shrapnel from explosions.

It combines a heavy ballistic vest with shoulder and side protection armor components, offering spine protection as well.

Flak jackets are worn by Marines, combat soldiers and GenSec FTSU task forces.


Combined Tactical Vest
Armor 110
Concealment 12
Speed 22.8
Dodge -25
Steadiness 15.7
Stamina 40
Unlock Reputation 31
Medium movement penalty, high visibility.

The Combined Tactical Vest was developed due to the challenges of modern warfare. It is made of high performance ballistic materials and is designed to carry heavy loads, such as ammo pouches, radios and other accessories.

Combined tactical vests are worn by soldiers, special forces and other organized military units across the world.


Improved Combined Tactical Vest
Armor 170
Concealment 1
Speed 20.1
Dodge -55
Steadiness 22
Stamina 35
Unlock Iron Man Aced
Large movement penalty, high visibility.

The Improved Combined Tactical Vest is a stolen experimental prototype made by GenSec Security Industries.

Based on White Mesa technology it uses both soft and hard armor solutions. The perfectly fitted interlocking fiber layers rightly woven together with metal plates are specially angled to deflect projectiles and shield from explosions. In short, it provides complete protection.

It is not for sale and is wanted by GenSec Security Industries.



Armor value is the amount of damage that can be sustained without draining health. Once armor is depleted, health will be drained instead. The armor value does not impact the regeneration speed of the armor (unless the Anarchist perk deck is used).

Snipers and ZEAL Marksmen (Crime Spree and Holdout exclusive) have the ability to damage a player through the armor (including Anarchist/Armorer's invulnerability on-armor-break) if damage surpasses total armor from the player.

Armor can be increased through the skills Iron Man (+30%) and Die Hard Aced (+20 points, but only applies to three armors), and can be further boosted through the Armorer (+35%), Crew Chief (+10%), and Anarchist (+138) perk decks. Crook perk deck gives an armor increase (+65%) to ballistic vests, beating the Armorer should the player choose a ballistic vest.

The following list shows the total values of using Iron Man and Die Hard. This does not imply that these two skills are the only method to increase armor.
e.g. extra HP methods (Partners in Crime aced, or Crew Chief's Hostage Situation perk skill) for Anarchist, Crew Chief's Testudo perk skill, and Crime Spree's increased armor Gage bonus.
Additionally, damage resistance also influences your total armor, not by increasing your total armor, but by increasing your durability in general.

Total Armor Comparison Chart
If player does not invest neither in Iron Man nor Die Hard Aced
Armor Type Basic Crew Chief Armorer Crook Anarchist
Improved CTV 170 187 229.5 170 308
Combined Tactical Vest 110 121 148.5 110 248
Flak Jacket 90 99 121.5 90 228
Heavy Ballistic 70 77 94.5 115.5 208
Lightweight Ballistic Vest 50 55 67.5 82 188
Ballistic Vest 60 66 81 99 198
Two-piece Suit 20 22 27 20 158
If player does only invest in Die Hard Aced
Armor Type X + 20 Crew Chief Armorer Crook Anarchist
Improved CTV 170 187 229.5 170 308
Combined Tactical Vest 110 121 148.5 110 248
Flak Jacket 90 99 121.5 90 228
Heavy Ballistic 70 77 94.5 115.5 208
Lightweight Ballistic Vest 50 55 67.5 82 188
Ballistic Vest 60 66 81 99 198
Two-piece Suit 20 22 27 20 158
If player does only invest in Iron Man
Armor Type X * 1.30 Crew Chief Armorer Crook Anarchist
Improved CTV 221 238 280.5 221 400.4
Combined Tactical Vest 143 154 181.5 143 322.4
Flak Jacket 117 126 148.5 117 296.4
Heavy Ballistic 91 98 115.5 136.5 270.4
Lightweight Ballistic Vest 65 70 82.5 97.5 257.4
Ballistic Vest 78 84 99 26 244.4
Two-piece Suit 26 28 33 26 205.4
If player does invest both in Iron Man and Die Hard Aced
Armor Type (X + 20) * 1.30 Crew Chief Armorer Crook Anarchist
Improved CTV 221 238 280.5 221 400.4
Combined Tactical Vest 143 154 181.5 143 322.4
Flak Jacket 117 126 148.5 117 296.4
Heavy Ballistic 117 126 148.5 175.5 296.4
Lightweight Ballistic Vest 91 98 115.5 136.5 270.4
Ballistic Vest 104 112 132 156 283.4
Two-piece Suit 26 28 33 26 205.4
Gray markers represent values or armor types that don't receive any changes from the skill, or perk deck.

Armor RegenerationEdit

Armor regeneration is the time frame it takes before one's depleted armor fully regenerates, though the speed at which this happens can be increased with skills and perk decks.

Skills that increase the rate are basic Resilience, improving it by 15%, and basic Shock And Awe improves this teamwide by 25%, but does not stack with others who have this skill.

Certain perk decks increase or affect armor regeneration, though some only under certain conditions.

  • Armorer - Improves the rate by +20%, and gives other players in the crew +10% regeneration rate. Does not stack with others who have this deck.
  • Crook - Gives +10% regeneration rate.
  • Hitman - Gives +45% regeneration rate and an additional ability to regenerate all armor exactly 1.5 seconds after being depleted fully, no matter the situation.
  • Burglar - Gives +20% regeneration rate only when standing still or crouching.
  • Yakuza - Increases regeneration rate the lower your health is, up to a rate of +60%.
  • Ex-President - Killing enemies speeds up armor regeneration rate, the more armor one has the less speed gained per kill. Resets when armor recovers.
  • Sicario - Dodging instantly replenishes all armor.

Skills that increase armor regeneration rate are useless to players with the Anarchist or Stoic perk deck, which ignores these bonuses.


Concealment works similarly to weapon concealment - higher concealment reduces the player's detection risk, while lower concealment increases the player's detection risk, changing the starting point of AI's detection in stealth and increasing/decreasing the time it takes for them to be alerted.


Speed is the speed at which the player moves. A higher speed value increases the speed of walking, running and crouch-walking. Speed can be increased with Duck And Cover, Parkour, Partners In Crime aced, Inspire, and the Yakuza Perk Deck. The speed penalty of wearing armor can also be decreased through any Perk Deck as well as the Invigorator AI Boost.


Dodge is the probability a ranged hit will deal no damage. Melee attacks can also be evaded, though the knockback will still be applied. With negative dodge values one can never dodge a bullet. It's possible to boost negative armors into the positives with skills and perks.

Usually, the higher the armor's armor value is, the lower its dodge value is. All armor besides the Two-Piece Suit have a negative dodge value.

Unlike other values modified by skills, dodge is calculated additively. For example, Duck And Cover Aced grants a 10% increased dodge value when sprinting. Using the suit which has a dodge chance of 5%, add 10 to that, meaning the player has a 15% chance to dodge incoming fire when sprinting. The Rogue Perk Deck grants a 45% increased dodge value, so the player has 50% chance to dodge even while standing still (while using a suit). Sneaky Bastard adds an additional dodge value (up to 10%) based on the player's detection risk.

Other upgrades to dodge are the Crook Perk Deck (+40% dodge when wearing ballistic vests), Burglar Perk Deck (+20% dodge), Ex-President Perk Deck (+15% dodge), Sicario Perk Deck (+15% passively, increased through taking hits or its unique throwable), or Duck and Cover (+15% dodge when ziplining (although this is currently non-functional)).


Steadiness affects the amount of camera shake the player receives when damaged.

At 11 steadiness, players receive the default 100% camera shake. At 22 steadiness, camera shake is reduced to 50%, and at 44 steadiness, it is further reduced to 25%, and so on, according to the formula $ shake=11/steadiness $. [1]


Stamina is the length of time the player can run and jump while wearing the armor. It can be increased via Duck and Cover, the Crew Chief Perk Deck, and the Invigorator AI Boost.


  • Credit for the armor stats goes to the original creators of the Steam Numbers Guide.
  • Players can reach over 800 armor with clever use of perk decks. This is achieved by unlocking Enforcer skill Iron Man to wear the ICTV (170 base armor, plus 30% from the basic Iron Man skill), and then obtaining 5% bonus from a party member's Tier 7 or higher Crew Chief Perk Deck, and a significant boost from the completed Anarchist perk deck.
  • The highest Dodge value that can be reached at all times is 60%, with the Two Piece Suit (+5%), the Rogue Perk Deck (+45%) and having the full effect of Sneaky Bastard (+10%). This value can be increased to 70% while sprinting (Duck and Cover Aced).
  • The Two Piece Suit and Light Ballistic Vest are the only two armors that work with the Grinder Perk Deck.
  • On the Crimewave Edition and PS3/360 versions of the game, every armor value is increased by 30 points. For instance, the Two Piece Suit has 50 armor, and the ICTV has 200. As such, armor increasing skills/perks are applied to these values rather than the ones listed on the table above.
    • Since the Crimewave Edition does not (currently) contain the rebalanced Perk Deck system, the maximum amount of armor that can be reached is 340 (ICTV with 50% from Bulletproof + 20% from Armorer) and the maximum dodge while standing still is 50% (30% from Rogue + 10% from Sneaky Bastard).



Outfits are an additional layer of player customization available; initially introduced in Update #141 with Green Bridge as heist-exclusive uniforms, Update #198 and the release of the Tailor Pack 01 expanded upon the system, allowing players to utilize different outfits in any heist.

Certain outfits have multiple equippable variations, indicated by a paintbrush icon in the top-right corner of the outfit's menu slot.

All non-default outfits will cover any armor and armor skins equipped by the player.

Heists with outfits that override the Default Outfit will not override other equipped outfits.

"This is the heister's default outfit with the selected armor."
—Inventory description.

The Default Outfit is the heisters' default appearance in most heists.

Outfit-TheStripedTroublemaker You know the deal. Say it once, say it twice, third time's the charm. And remember... he'll steal anything you want him to steal, he'll hack anything you want him to hack. So say his name, and he'll trade you from custody. Bain! Bain! B...

The Striped Troublemaker, added in update #198, is an outfit unlocked by joining the PAYDAY 2 Steam Group.

Outfit-MurkywaterUniform A military uniform used by Murkywater mercenaries. It includes a patch with the Murkywater logo.

The Murkywater Uniform, added in update #193, replaces the heisters' default outfits in The White House heist until they enter the secret area.

It is unlocked for use on all heists via the Identity Theft achievement.

Outfit-Repairman When in doubt, always go the repairman route. It may be the most braindead setup in countless sleazy movies, and a generator of trashy innuendos, but it'll get you in just about anywhere. Most folks will go nuts if they can't use their toilet or TV, and the rich just gotta have their pools in tip-top shape. The Pool Guy (or Gal) is usually a welcome visitor. It's a rather practical outfit too, with plenty of pockets, and flexibility for maneuvering in tight spaces. And in those cases when you need to draw in water to crack a safe, who's going to argue?

The Repairman outfit, added in update #199, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the Counterfeit heist.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the Counterfeit heist on any difficulty.

A classic yellow raincoat that helps keep its wearer dry. The bright color also improves traffic safety when heavy rain impairs visibility.

The Raincoat outfit, added in update #141, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the Green Bridge heist.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the Green Bridge heist on any difficulty.

This is the kind of protective clothing a surgeon wears on hospital duty. Scrubs tend to use soothing colors that also allows staff to easily observe any stains of blood or other body fluids.

The Scrubs outfit, added in update #192, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the No Mercy heist upon completing the "play doctor" objective in stealth.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the No Mercy heist on any difficulty.

This is a stealth suit. It's comfortable for silent movement, and its soft, black material helps the wearer blend into the darkness during night operations. It has utility pockets for ammo and equipment.

The Tactical BDU, added in update #163, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the Diamond Heist and Hell's Island.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the Diamond Heist on any difficulty.

A traditional dinner suit for formal occasions. It has a distinctive black and white design, including the signature black tie.

The Tuxedo, added in update #185, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the Shacklethorne Auction heist.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the Shacklethorne Auction heist on any difficulty.

This is a full suit sporting mlitary(sic) winter camouflage. The idea is to reduce visibility in snow.

The Winter Camo Parka, added in update #161, replaces the heisters' default outfits in the Alaskan Deal heist.

It is unlocked for use on all heists by completing the Alaskan Deal heist on any difficulty.

Outfit-TheShowman Distraction can be the heister's best tool, and the right outfit can accomplish just that, making the enemy wonder what the hell is going on. "Is the circus in town? What kind of clown carries a gun?" With that in mind, there's no reason you can't do it with a little style and colorful flair. Hence this rather spiffy getup; it'll make you feel like the prince of crime.

The Showman outfit was added in update #198 as part of the Tailor Pack 1 DLC.

Outfit-TSM-DisturbingViolet Disturbing Violet
He wandered into town from nowhere. An unknown psychopath. No one knows his name or origin. Rumors say he was the first person ever to kill a gangster with a pencil. If ever you get the chance to speak to him, you'll believe that rumor. And his clothes... his clothes... those of a madman, or a theatrical genius? You be the judge.
Outfit-TSM-ProfessorWhite Professor White
Duke once had a university professor who always wore white suits with colorful vests and shirts. He ended up being a mentor of sorts, as it was revealed that the professor was involved in a large-scale smuggling ring that bought rare artwork and gave it to the university museum. When the story broke, the scandal was huge, and the university almost went under. The professor, his well-intended but highly-illegal plans ruined, disappeared and was never heard from again. Duke sometimes wears this suit, similar to his, to honor his memory.
Outfit-TSM-TheCrimsonComic The Crimson Comic
The heister put on the suit that so many famous crooks before him had worn. Pretty big shoes to fill, even for a clown, with a mask that is as personal as it gets. But life had pummeled him into submission so many times, he was ready for it. So who was this heister? Who was crazy enough to don a suit so colorful it would be an instant bullseye for any cops taking aim?
Outfit-TSM-TheB&WSplit The Black & White Split
Left and right, death and life, pleasure and the endless mental mutilation that comes with walking around with a split personality. Hey, at least you always have someone to argue with...
Outfit-TSM-VintageBlack Vintage Black
Once upon a time, there was a Little Old Wolf, who was part of a merry band of thieves. The Wolf was a rather angry, unstable fellow, given to bouts of violence, posing as little old ladies and had a craving for gold. One day, an idea popped into the Wolf's head: he stole a black velvet suit and used it to try and infiltrate a local university lecture, thinking there would be lots of rich folks he could separate from their wealth. But alas, on the way in, he ran afoul of the gardener, who raised the alarm, forcing the Wolf to flee back to his cave.

Outfit-TheClassic Certain career-making heists demand a lot extra from the gear you bring to the job. Mobility and durability can be the things that keep a heister from landing in handcuffs and this outfit was made to stop that from happening. A one-piece base, with a reinforced utility vest, it lets the wearer tackle a variety of terrain and movement while supplying ample carrying aids.

The Classic outfit was added in update #198 as part of the Tailor Pack 1 DLC.

Outfit-TCO-GreyHeat Grey Heat
Very few people could drop everything in their lives if they spotted the heat around the corner. Dallas, in his younger days, once thought he could, and it almost cost him both his sanity and his freedom. He was wearing a jumpsuit just like this at the time, and it proved to be the one thing that saved him that day.
Outfit-TCO-OverkillRed Overkill Red
So, what's the deal with heisters taking their nicknames from cities around the world? Coincidence? Are they lazy? Do they lack imagination? Or is there something larger afoot, all part of some unknown grand plan, hatched by Bain back in the day. And what's next, a heister named after Lubbock, Texas? Or maybe Tokyo? Feels like overkill, doesn't it? How far can the trend go? And will it continue in Chapter 3? Those who live to tell may learn the answer.
Outfit-TCO-ChainsCamo Chain's Camo
Somewhere in the safehouse (don't bother looking) is a coffer owned by Chains that contains items of sentimental value to him. Among those items, is a jumpsuit just like this. He takes it out on special occasions, and is very protective of it, for some reason; heisters that have been caught "borrowing" it have been rewarded by a properly delivered knuckle sandwich.
Outfit-TCO-DustDevilSienna Dust Devil Sienna
The Payday gang has, to date, not taken on many jobs in the South- never mind south of the border! But in case that should change in the future, Locke has stockpiled a good number of these suits, which will offer good protection from dusty plains.
Outfit-TCO-BucketOfBlue Bucket of Blue
There once was a crook named Steve, who had a plan up his sleeve. With his gang of friends, they started a trend, that didn't last very long. They robbed a bank, as more than just a prank, wearing blue jumpsuits that were greater, than your everyday ordinary painter. Keeping hostages at bay, they forced them to play, until someone demolished the floor, hoping the cops wouldn't come through the door.

Outfit-TheSunnyRico Protection is, of course, just as much about going unnoticed as it is stopping bullets. The roomy folds of 1980s style suits offer ample concealment for weapons, and the variety of fabrics means you can adjust to the weather as needed.

The Sunny Rico outfit was added in update #198 as part of the Tailor Pack 1 DLC.

Outfit-TSR-SkyBlue Sky Blue
One time, Sangres was escorting a shipment of stolen weapons by plane between Brazil and Mexico when his partner, who was wearing this suit, turned on him mid-flight. After a brief struggle, Sangres kicked him out of the cargo bay door. As his (now ex-) partner fell screaming, arms flailing wildly, Sangres couldn't help but notice how the blue of the suit was great camouflage against the bright blue sky. Then he went "splat" on the ground, and the look was ruined.
Outfit-TSR-DiscoWhite Disco White
There's a rumor that buried somewhere in the archives of the Miami PD, there exists a photograph of Dallas wearing a suit just like this and driving around in an open-top Falcogini Model F. Of course, it's just a rumor. Dallas will deny everything if you mention it near him. And every time it happens, an unknown perpetrator tries to flood, burn, blow up or otherwise destroy the basement of the precinct house where those archives are kept...
Outfit-TSR-CadillacPink Cadillac Pink
Rust once wore this suit on a dare, while on a job in Ding Dong, Texas, doing recon on the local Overkill MC chapter. He got a lot of odd looks when he entered a local watering hole, but not a soul dared say anything or give him trouble. When a man walks around Texas wearing a suit like this, the world knows he ain't afraid of anything!
Outfit-TSR-SwampGrey Swamp Grey
Jimmy remains convinced that this suit would be great camouflage for avoiding alligators in the Florida Everglades. Hoxton has dared him to put it to the test, offering up $20000 if he proves himself right. He hasn't done it yet, but every time someone brings it up in the safe house he just waves it off and says "Soon mate, maybe tomorrow."
Outfit-TSR-TheBlackCelebration The Black Celebration
Heisters don't cry, and very few of them wear mascara, but it stands to reason that just about anyone has, at one time or another, reveled in their secret inner Goth. Or maybe not. Maybe they just don't want to have to color-coordinate.

Outfit-TheCasualFormal The suit a heister wears occasionally needs to provide a modicum of formal respect, while still being casual and workmanlike. This combination of denim lower and more strict upper takes the best of both worlds and combines them.

The Casual Formal outfit was added in update #198 as part of the Tailor Pack 1 DLC.

Outfit-TCF-GreyRedeemer The Grey Redeemer
Long ago, a dark shadow crept through the criminal underworld, killing the vilest mobsters in serial acts of untold violence. Fear engulfed the crime lords of America- no one knew when vengeance would come for them. A very small number of individuals managed to catch a glimpse of this roaming terror, yet could not say if it was one demon or many. The only description to come was of the suit that death wore- it was just like this one.
Outfit-TCF-GodfathersWhiteLie Godfather's White Lie
The mob boss walked into the restaurant with his family, ready to sit down for a nice meal following a week of ordering the bloody end to a rival gang. Little did he know that the sole survivor of that gang was waiting for him in the bathroom. Before the mob boss could take his coat off, the survivor put a bullet in his back, ending the feud forever.
Outfit-TCF-BulletBrown Bullet Brown
Sunlight glinted off the deep green paint of the V8-powered roadster as it roared down the highway, pursued by no less than ten police cruisers. Back and forth they weaved, between the crowded city streets of San Francisco. A single bead of sweat trickled down the neck of the driver, distracting her just enough to crash the car into a curb on the (in)famous Lombard Street. With the cops still in pursuit, she got out of the car and ran. No one knows what exactly happened after that, but rumors say they lost her somewhere in Chinatown and the last thing they saw was the shine of her brown coat as she disappeared into the crowd.
Outfit-TCF-WorkmansBlues Workman's Blues
Sokol once knew a construction worker named Dmitri. They used to watch hockey together in the same bar, week after week. This coat reminds Sokol of those days because Dmitri had one just like it. His was worn and frayed around the edges, with spots of dirt and dust from heavy toil. Yet he wore it with dignity, every little spot having a story to tell about a life of proud work.
Outfit-TCF-TrophyBlack Trophy Black
A famous bounty hunter once wore a jacket like this every single day for ten years. For many years this person hounded Bain, long before Crimenet was created. Ultimately, when said bounty hunter's luck ran out and he was taken down by Bain, he kept the jacket as a trophy.

Outfit-DapperDashingHoliday T'was the heist before Christmas, and all through the vault. Not a tumbler was stirring, and it was all Locke's fault. He forgot to pack the drills in the bags with care, but didn't notice until the heisters were already there. While Twitch sat a'waiting, all snug in the van, Jimmy smashed in a window, just because he can. On Clover! On Sangres! On Jacket and Wick! Not a single heister truly believed, that Vlad's brother-in-law was really Saint Nick.

The Dapper Dashing Holiday outfit was added in update #199.

Outfit-DDH-ElfExtravaganza Elf Extravaganza
Smoke billows from the stone chimney of the small cabin sitting alone in the snowy forest. It's quiet, and all we can hear are the dry branches of hibernating trees rustling in the frosty wind. Somewhere in the distance, a family of deer huddles in a cave for warmth and protection from predators. But on this night, the Wolf is not out for food. He sits alone by the fire in his cabin, a cup of cold mead in his hand, contemplating all he has been through in his time as a heister.
Outfit-DDH-SmashinRudolph Smashin' Rudolph
Duke had downed one too many a brandy this holiday eve. His head swooned as he tried to reassemble the antique British revolver Hoxton had gifted him, as one of his cats sitting on a stool next to the table, watching intently.(sic) With a loud 'FOING', the trigger spring flew across the room, with the cat dashing after it. Both disappeared into the branches of the safe house Christmas tree, making it topple. It fell over the top floor railing, landing with a loud crash down below, followed by an "Aaargh!" and a shout of "The fuck is goin' on up there?". A couple of minutes later, Chains came stomping up the stairs, Santa hat on his head, and hand over his face. He wasn't too happy. He removed his hand, revealing a big, swollen nose, as crimson as on a certain reindeer, as if it had been smashed by the trunk of the falling tree...
Outfit-DDH-MiracleBlues Miracle Blues
Sydney leaned out of the alley and watched as the police car passed, blue and red lights flashing, siren blaring. She adjusted the bag full of loot she was carrying, then picked up her phone and dialed. "Yeah?", came a voice on the other end. "It's me. Corner of 34th. Coast is clear, so get over here", she replied, then hung up and waited. The wind howled, snow swirling through the alley as she looked into the darkness and grumbled anxiously. A few minutes later, a van pulled up. The driver got out and greeted her. "Where's the package?" They walked into the alley and she pointed to a pile of boxes, on which lay a dog, nursing a litter of puppies. Sydney pulled out a huge wad of cash, handing it to the driver, saying "You know what to do, mate". The driver took the money and replied "You got it, no worries. I'll make sure they're kept safe."
Outfit-DDH-RustySanta Rusty Santa
His bike was broken. What a time to get stuck in the middle of nowhere. He was gonna miss the safe house Christmas party for sure. None of Jiro's Sake-Eggnog for Rust this year. Fuck. He grabbed his bag and started walking. The sun began to set over the snowy landscape. As he passed a run-down farmhouse, a wrenching scream came from inside. Rust hesitated. Not his business. Through a window, he could see someone on the floor, so he rushed inside to find an elderly lady who had fallen while decorating her tree. After helping her up, and tending to her injuries, he stayed for tea. Turns out there was an old classic bike, still working, in her barn, he was welcome to borrow. Maybe he wasn't going to miss that party after all...

  • The Tuxedo and Dapper Dashing Holiday outfits are the only non-default outfits to use the heisters' default gloves.
  • The Striped Troublemaker outfit is a reference to Beetlejuice.
  • The variations of The Showman outfit are based on various Batman villains, with the first three in particular being based on iterations of the Joker.
  • The design of The Classic—the Grey Heat variation in particular—are based on the jumpsuits worn by the robber crew in the armored truck scene in the 1995 film Heat.
    • The description and color scheme of the Overkill Red variation may be references to the Spanish crime drama La casa de papel, wherein a crew of robbers wear red jumpsuits and use cities as codenames.
    • The arm patches on the Chain's Camo variation depicts the United States Army Special Forces insignia.
    • The arm patches on the Bucket of Blue variation read "Bodhi's Painters", a callback to the Bodhi's Pool Repair uniforms used in the PAYDAY: The Heist Counterfeit.
  • The Sunny Rico is a reference to the 1980s crime drama TV series Miami Vice. Its variations are based on the various outfits worn by James "Sonny" Crockett, and is named after him and his partner, Ricardo "Rico" Tubbs. The description of the Disco White variation references the Ferrari Daytona the duo drove in the first two seasons of the series.


How Do You Like Me Now? How Do You Like Me Now?
Equip an armor for the first time.
Man of Iron Man of Iron
Equip the Improved Combined Tactical Vest.
Army of One Army of One
Equip the GL40 grenade launcher, the Locomotive shotgun and the Improved Combined Tactical Vest. Unlocks the CQB Foregrip and Plastic Stock for the Gecko 7.62 rifle.
Tabula Rasa Tabula Rasa
In the Hoxton Breakout job, complete the heist on OVERKILL difficulty or above with each crew member using no skills, wearing suits, wielding Golden AK.762 rifles and Chicago Typewriter submachine guns. Unlocks a new skill slot.
The Turtle Always Wins The Turtle Always Wins
In the Art Gallery job, complete the heist in stealth within 4 minutes with each crew member wearing the Improved Combined Tactical Vest and no Armor Kit deployable equipped. Unlocks the "Classic Stock" for the AK weapon family, "2 Piece Stock" for the AK and CAR weapon families, "Pachy" mask, "Fossil" material and "Prehistoric Predator" pattern.
Cooking With Style Cooking With Style
Complete the Rats job with you and your four man crew having Combined Tactical Vests, Vulcan Miniguns, HRL-7 Rocket Launchers and General Overkill masks equipped on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Boston Saints Boston Saints
Complete the Big Oil job, with at least one other player, all using suits and Akimbo Bernetti 9 Pistols on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Heisters of the Round Table Heisters of the Round Table
Complete any heist on the OVERKILL difficulty or above with 4 players using only Gage Chivalry Pack masks, primary weapons, melee weapons and Ballistic Vests or heavier armors. Unlocks the "Agatha Knight Veteran" mask, "Blooded" material and "Agatha" pattern.
Black Tie Event Black Tie Event
Complete the Birth of Sky job using only pistols and a Two Piece Suit on OVERKILL or above. You have to have been in the heist from start to receive this achievement.
We Do It Live! We Do It Live!
Complete all days of the Framing Frame job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above with each crew member using no skills, wearing suits, wielding Platypus 70 sniper rifles and Judge shotguns.
From December 17th, 2015, to January 14th, 2016, awarded one Christmas safe and drill.


  • The "Two Piece Suit" is in fact nothing more than the heister's unarmored outfit and therefore may not be a suit at all, most notably in the case of Jacket who wears a varsity letterman jacket and jeans when the Two Piece Suit is equipped.
  • Despite the Two Piece Suit saying it offers no protection, it still gives 20 armor, implying that the heisters may have added improvised armor.
  • Although each individual armor description details different elements and materials in the components that comprise it, the visual depictions are simply given additional pieces of armor, starting from the vest itself, then the neck gorget, adding upper arm and leg armor, and finally forearm and lower leg protection (besides the lightweight ballistic vest).
  • The Ballistic Vest is worn by Chavez in the Panic Room heist.
  • The Lightweight Ballistic Vest is unlocked after the regular Ballistic Vest, even though it provides less protection.
  • The Lightweight Ballistic Vest seems to be the armor piece of choice for the crew, as most of them are always seen wearing one in trailers. This lines up with their depictions in The Heist, where the characters are shown to wear the LBV almost exclusively.
  • The Lightweight Ballistic Vest is worn by The Commissar in the Hotline Miami heist.
  • Despite being bulletproof in-game, flak jackets in real life will only protect users against minor explosive damage.
  • The Improved Combined Tactical Vest is based on "White Mesa" technology. This is a reference to the video game series Half-Life, where the fictional Black Mesa corporation developed and uses the full-body, powered "HEV" Hazardous Environment Suit worn by the protagonist, Gordon Freeman.
  • Despite supposedly offering "full protection", the Improved Combined Tactical Vest lacks any sort of groin protection, as does any other armor in the game. This is a serious design flaw, as this particular area of the body is heavily wired with nerve endings, vital blood vessels, and supporting muscles that can immediately cripple a person, or cause serious (if not fatal) bleeding if punctured by bullets.
  • The armored forearm pieces of the Improved Combined Tactical Vest are not visible in first person view. Other players can see them, but your view model arms only display the heister's ordinary sleeves.
  • The Improved Combined Tactical Vest is worn by the the Informant in Hoxton Revenge if the heist goes loud. Armor similar to the Improved Combined Tactical Vest is worn by the Biker Boss in day 2 of The Biker Heist, with various biker decals and no forearm plates.



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