BAR Heavy Rifle
Unlock Level N/A (Demolition)
3 (Assault)
Type Assault Rifle
Inventory Slot Primary
Firing Mode(s) Fully automatic AutoIcon
Magazine 20
Total Ammo 200
Rate of Fire 375
Damage 105
Accuracy 36
Stability 32
Internal name m1918
Mod stats

The BAR Heavy Rifle is a primary weapon available in RAID: World War II. It is one of the Demolition Class's two starting primary weapons and an unlockable weapon for the Assault Class.


The standard issue support weapon of the US Armed Forces during the war, the BAR Heavy Rifle delivers heavy fire power in much needed situations. It's hard-hitting .30-06 bullets compiled with a decent rate of fire ensures devastation towards anyone unlucky enough to be in front of it's barrel when it unleashes it's fire. It also comes loaded in a box magazine which gives it a fast reload speed.

With it's hard hitting firepower however, it comes only in a 20-bullet magazine that forces the user to reload often, poor accuracy and stability that makes the weapon unsuitable for long distance combat and lack of modifications forces players to rely on their class's skill tree to improve the weapon.

With these pros and cons, the BAR is a good choice for close to medium range combat and excels in clearing out narrow areas or clusters of enemies.



  • High damage with decent rate of fire.
  • Fast reload speed.


  • Poor accuracy and stability.
  • Low magazine capacity. Users must reload often.
  • No modifications currently available. Weapon can only be improved through the class skill tree.

Available modificationsEdit

Unlike most firearms in RAID, the BAR currently lacks any form of modifications. This may be subject to change on release.



  • As ever, the "Heavy Rifle" suffix of the BAR is redundant, considering how BAR is already short for Browning "Automatic Rifle" anyway.


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