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Carmph Carmph 22 days ago

akimbo goliath griping (sort of)

Who the fuck wrote the Tips section of the Akimbo Goliath 12g page? It's so fucking terrible. There's random. Sentences here and there. That shouldn't be seperated like this. Or theres grammr issues, maybe. Or there's just points that don't make any sense, one being "you can use these lightly modded with an armor build" Like the fuck? Armor builds don't need concealment, so you'd heavily mod it. Or not mod it. I had to remove that points.
TL;DR: Person who wrote akimbo goliath tips is stinky poo poo dumb dumb, and I fixed it, I hope.
Oh and I definitely didn't write this entire thing for the achievement. I'm not that short-sighted. Totally.

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Linuskall01 Linuskall01 2 June

Old Inventory icons recreated in game

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Linuskall01 Linuskall01 6 May

More pictures of new weapon textures

All weapons are in no particular order.

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Linuskall01 Linuskall01 19 February

Sight Zoom level

Every weapon sight have a hidden stats called Zoom that determine the magnification of the sight. The stats caps of at 9 and no vanilla sight goes that far without the help of Rifleman Aced. I desided to do some testing by changing the zoom level on the Surgeon Sight and taking screen caps to see the different levels of zoom and how rifleman effects zoom. From my finding I have found that Rifleman don't give a 25% increase to Zoom but instead just adds 2 to weapon zoom. As the Theia sight has a zoom level of 8 and Zoom capping at 9 it receives the least benefit from Rifleman Aced.

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Holyground Holyground 16 December 2020

FBI Report

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Washington0001 Washington0001 12 November 2020

Nightmare Difficulty

Modifications for a better ultimate difficulty.

  • Body armor is given a nudge. Some armor will receive a small boost in protection.
    • HBV: 90 AV
    • FJ: 120 AV, 20% less explosive damage
    • CTV: 150 AV
    • ICTV: 220 AV
  • All police HP is reduced to Very Hard, all weapon damage to overkill.
    • In exchange, police gain body armor as befitting their role. However, said armor is in doubled in value to make up for the vast difference in strength. Armor covers areas based on model; An LBV only protects the upper chest, while ballistic and heavy ballistic clad the whole torso in armor.
    • This also impacts their movespeed; Line SWAT are more nimble than their heavier counterparts, and so on.
  • New enemies!
    • Technicians will try to deprive the PDG of their shit. What is the shit tha…
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TheInternetUser1600 TheInternetUser1600 23 October 2020

Payday 3, who is coming back

With Payday 3 being confirmed and official, it is a good idea to discuss who might be returning. (Besides, of course, the PAYCHECK GANG, who need to be in Payday 3)

Jokes aside, it is actually possible to get the mentioned hiesters as their masks seem realistic enough to belong to canon characters. The official heisting that can take place with the masks would make sense for characters. But because the only thing we know about Payday 3 is the logo, which looks exactly like Payday 2 (No hating on Overkill)

But if I had to take a guess, I would think that the crossover characters (Bodhi, Jacket, John Wick, Scarface, and Jimmy) wouldn't be returning due to them often being released alongside a movie or a video game (example, Jacket and Hotline M…

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GameZone1 GameZone1 23 June 2020

Locke-Breacher: Puzzles & Key

in a blog post for now since "puzzle website that teases upcoming heist and unlocks a future thing" is a weird area, feel free to edit

hints & answers are hidden in case someone reading wants to give the puzzles a go themselves (though if the key becomes unobtainable through the website/obtainable through other means then the censors are gone)

On June 16, the Twitter account for Locke's voice actor tweeted a link to a website featuring a desktop similar in design to the FBI Files, with an open application named "Locke-Breacher".

This application had a loading bar that completed on June 18, 13:00:00 GMT, starting a foray into a Murkywater satellite network and then a federal network, teasing an upcoming heist.

The desktop has multiple applicati…

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Linuskall01 Linuskall01 29 May 2020

Weapon changes

With the release of the Color Pack #1 some weapons has been given a facelift, I know that the UAR and the Deadle got some mayor changes to them and as so i have updated there preview images. But are there more weapons that have resived mayor changes with this update?

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Jemjar Jemjar 18 April 2020

Basic Beginner Tips

Right, a friend or two are considering getting Payday 2 because of the lockdown and the end of the fucking world so I figured I'd save myself some pain and put all my basic thoughts on how to get started on PD2 in one place, for easy reference later.

Last updated: 28/05/2020

  • 1 Part 1: Getting Started
  • 2 Part 2: Skills and Perks
  • 3 Part 3: Playing With Friends
    • 3.1 Part 3b: Heist Selection
  • 4 Part 4: Basic Principles, Tips, and stupid mechanics the game will never fucking explain
    • 4.1 How to play
    • 4.2 Healing and Downs
    • 4.3 Notes on Beginner Weapons
    • 4.4 jc Levels
    • 4.5 Converting Cops
  • 5 Part 5: Power Accumulation
    • 5.1 Part 5.1: Racking up the Ex Pee
    • 5.2 Part 5.2: Dealing yourself cards
  • 6 Part 6: Builds, Crews, and you
    • 6.1 Healer
    • 6.2 Survivor
    • 6.3 Special Killer
    • 6.4 Defender
    • 6.5 Opener
    • 6.6 Ru…

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IAppData IAppData 14 April 2020

What is 'balance' for you? in a PAYDAY 2 perspective.

The question that haunts the OVERKILL staff to this day, and everyone has mixed responses of.
Some people just call for continue to nerf cops, buff heisters, because its too difficult, but would that be the right thing to do?

I don't agree, and I believe there would need to be a rework of the entire skill and perk deck system, and stop messing with enemies' health and damage values as a cheap quick fix.

Sure, takes longer and is more resource intensive for the dev team, but its the right thing to do, because messing with enemies' HP and DMG will never accomplish anything. Ever.

Share your thoughts!

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LikeUS1 LikeUS1 19 March 2020


Why is cloaker so hard to kill?

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Mr.Bain Mr.Bain 7 December 2018


I think about the drills, The big ones and the small ones. And one thing is going to end me. That thing about them breaking every 5 seconds while your arse is being raped by tasers cloakers etc. So uhh any idea about drills my fellow heisters?

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GFreeman GFreeman 12 June 2018



  • 1 Background
  • 2 Weapons
  • 3 Masks
  • 4 Perk Deck
  • 5 Trivia

(TBA - yadayadayada if you've played MGS you'll know what I'll be putting here)

(TBA - essentially Canadian Cloaker)

  • The character design of Snake as a whole is a reference to Solid Snake of the Metal Gear franchise, right down to his iconic voice actor. His appearance, however, was inspired more by Big Boss' redesign seen in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes than Solid Snake's actual characteristics, most notably his lack of a functional right eye.
    • Snake's internal asset name refers to the character from the 1981 film ', whom Solid Snake was based after.
    • Despite the absence of Snake's right eye, he is still able to aim with his weapons normally.
  • Unlike John Wick, Jimmy, Jacket and Scarface, Snake is NOT…

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Kattusite Kattusite 19 August 2017

The Secret?

So, all these golden masks being released are totally leading up to the secret, right? Right?

Oh well. I can dream.

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GFreeman GFreeman 5 August 2017


Semi-automatic and high-powered.
|unlock = 36 |slot = 2 |wtype = 1 |type = 2 |price = $896,000 |mag = 8 |max_ammo = 48 |rpm = 0.08 |damage = 160 |accuracy = 84 |stability = 60 |concealment = 16 |threat = 31 |reload_min = 2.49 |reload_max = 1.52 |sights_s_min = 0.0 |sights_m_min = 0.2 |hipfire_s_min = 20.0 |hipfire_s_max = 20.0 |hipfire_m_min = 20.0 |hipfire_m_max = 20.0 |recoil_v_min = 3.0 |recoil_v_max = 4.8 |recoil_h_min = -0.3 |recoil_h_max = 0.3 |int_name = garand }} The Raider rifle is a primary weapon to be added to PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Available modifications
  • 5 Skins
  • 6 Trivia
  • 7 Gallery

The Raider is best viewed as a semi-automatic-only clone of the M…

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Hassat Hunter Hassat Hunter 29 July 2017

Place your bets people!

How long will it take before I'm perma-banned from the PAYDAY 2 forums?

Oh yes, again.

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Black parmesan craving pizza guy

Black parmesan craving pizza guy, also known as Parmesan, is a member of the Payday gang and part-time pizza boy. Known as the pizza chef of the gang, he is skilled in delivering pizzas and creating parmesan-covered food items. 

An eldritch being banished to Earth by Chef Boyardee, Black parmesan craving pizza guy was raised by two Italian chefs who owned a gun store that sold parmesan. Black survived on parmesan, he was banished for ravaging planets for their parmesan, so he always ate a pound of parmesan on whatever he ate. Years later, he began robbing cheese factories and pizzerias for their parmesan, and was known as the Cheese Caper of 1920. He met up with the Payday gang when they robbed a Chef Boyardee factory, where he was deliverin…

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DoraTheFedora3301 DoraTheFedora3301 13 July 2017


Yeah I wrote this post so I could earn the badge lol.
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Kattusite Kattusite 3 July 2017

Throwable Explosives Damage Falloff

Hey all,

I was tinkering around with the pages for throwable explosives (Frag Grenade, Dynamite, and the like), and I wrote up a couple Mathematica scripts to help make visualizations like the graph I added. I don't know if they will be useful to anyone, as they are very basic, but I'm providing them here just in case! They are very customizable (as far as size, cropping, color palette) so I find them quite useful.

EDIT: Despite the title this info is relevant for explosives of all kinds (not just throwables), although I haven't covered all of the types of explosives yet. So far these are accurate for Frag Grenades, Dynamite, both rocket launchers, and HE rounds. Grenade launchers are similar to the first category (i.e. rocket launchers, gre…

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Hassat Hunter Hassat Hunter 24 June 2017

Paranoia Log Entry 1

!!! Issues which, in my opinion, need to be fixed ASAP.


Overkill can't code. Community safe 6 (issue also present in #4 and #5 since if you never fix your shit it just passes down the line); Skins broken;

  • self.weapon_skins.g26_css (uncommon)
  • self.weapon_skins.ppk_css (common)

ONLY rare with a default loadout, while ALL should have;

  • self.weapon_skins.lemming_css

Can't even make a topic on it since they banned me. *sigh*


  • Matrix with lasers achievement bug/glitch
  • Incorrect visual_min/max XP values set in narrativetweakdata.lua (Incomplete)
  • Specific Spawn Teams Not Spawning.
  • some objects appear as gray/grey on AMD GPUs
  • Murky Station Basement camera Hard/Very Hard
  • New Akimbo SMGs have lower ammo pickup than single version
  • Panic Room/Flat units bnk_pr…
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GameZone1 GameZone1 11 May 2017

Rations Bank

Rations Bank is a custom heist contracted by Victor, released with the Global Offensive Pack. It involves heisting a bank in Miami, Florida.

  • 1 Objectives

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GFreeman GFreeman 2 April 2017


Compact and powerful, but inaccurate.
|unlock = 44 |slot = 2 |wtype = 1 |type = 2 |price = $896,000 |mag = 30 |max_ammo = 90 |rpm = 0.08 |damage = 160 |accuracy = 56 |stability = 72 |concealment = 22 |threat = 16 |reload_min = 1.29 |reload_max = 1.52 |sights_s_min = 0.0 |sights_m_min = 0.2 |hipfire_s_min = 20.0 |hipfire_s_max = 20.0 |hipfire_m_min = 20.0 |hipfire_m_max = 20.0 |recoil_v_min = 3.0 |recoil_v_max = 4.8 |recoil_h_min = -0.3 |recoil_h_max = 0.3 |int_name = volk }} The Ragtag rifle is a compact primary weapon to be added to PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Available modifications

The Ragtag is a very compact semi-automatic rifle that, while dealing mass…

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Neuveuron Neuveuron 21 March 2017

Old Heist Images

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Neuveuron Neuveuron 21 March 2017

Old GUI Images

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Hassat Hunter Hassat Hunter 20 March 2017

Heist Template

As you may have noticed I have modified pages (Bain so far) to have one universal layout for heists on the Wiki. This is that layout. Let me know if you think anything needs changing before I modify everything ;)

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Objectives
  • 3 Pre-Planning / Assets
  • 4 Walkthrough
  • 5 Strategy
  • 6 Variations
  • 7 Differences from PAYDAY: The Heist
  • 8 Mayhem+ Changes
  • 9 The FBI Files
  • 10 Bugs
  • 11 Gage Courier Packages
  • 12 Achievements & Trophies
  • 13 Trivia
  • 14 Experience
  • 15 References
  • 16 Blueprints
  • 17 Gallery
  • 18 Video

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Neuveuron Neuveuron 18 March 2017

Shatter (organization)

Test edit

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GFreeman GFreeman 15 February 2017

Gage Vietnam War Pack

The Gage Vietnam War Pack is the second custom DLC Pack released for PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Customization options
  • 2 Trivia

These masks, materials, and patterns are achievement rewards. They can't drop during a PAYDAY and cannot be sold. Instead, they can be returned to your mask stash for free, but any non-achievement or Infamy reward pattern, color, or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost.

  • As the DLC's title suggests, much of its content are based around equipment and media inspired by the , most prominently the films made about it, chiefly among them ', ', the ' film series and even less serious ones like ' and '.
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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 14 February 2017

A Better AI Improvement (Shields)

Ello internet once again! Wait it's wikia well uh. Hello Wikia! Anyways it's been maybe 3 months since I've made a blog so I decided to expand on my AI Improvement because I don't got anything better to do. So anyways... Enjoy!


Well um plain old stupid as heck shields.

Very Hard

They attempt to block off escape routes, escape vehicle and flanking routes.


They try and shield law enforcers behind their shield to make sure they take no damage as their shield takes the brute force. Will require flanking tactics or explosives.


They charge with a squad behind them and will guard important objectives and drills. They can also place their shield to provide a mobile cover is up to waist level but works both ways. They …

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GFreeman GFreeman 28 December 2016


Guessing Game
On day 2 of the Firestarter job, complete the heist in stealth without hacking the computer.
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Houstanator Houstanator 27 December 2016



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GFreeman GFreeman 26 December 2016


Compact and high accuracy.
|unlock = 42 |slot = 2 |wtype = 1 |type = 3 |price = $896,000 |mag = 20 |max_ammo = 160 |rpm = 0.08 |damage = 40 |accuracy = 56 |stability = 48 |concealment = 22 |threat = 16 |reload_min = 1.29 |reload_max = 1.52 |sights_s_min = 0.0 |sights_m_min = 0.2 |hipfire_s_min = 20.0 |hipfire_s_max = 20.0 |hipfire_m_min = 20.0 |hipfire_m_max = 20.0 |recoil_v_min = 3.0 |recoil_v_max = 4.8 |recoil_h_min = -0.3 |recoil_h_max = 0.3 |int_name = hikou }} The Kusanagi assault rifle is a compact primary weapon to be added to PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Available modifications

The Kusanagi is a very compact Japanese assault rifle that, aside from bei…

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Nagysaci99 Nagysaci99 26 December 2016


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Nagysaci99 Nagysaci99 26 December 2016

Rosie (fanmade character)

  • 1 Background
  • 3 Trivia
  • 4 Weapons
  • 5 References

Rosie didn't have a hard childhood. She always enjoyed shooter games, and seems like she enjoys doing it in real life as well. She's lazy to work, but hungry for action. She served some years in the military, during those years she made friends with Vernon Locke Murkywater employee. With his recommendation and giving a helping hand to the crew sometimes, she is hoping to be one of them one day. 


  • Rosie got her name after the traditional Hungarian name, Rozália. Composer Simon Viklund 's first PT teacher was also named Rozália. The name of Dr. Otto Octavius 's wife in the Marvel universe is also Rosie.
  • She often quotes excerpts of songs, like Another One Bites The Dust from Queen , or Dad…

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Nagysaci99 Nagysaci99 26 December 2016


How you doin?

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GFreeman GFreeman 29 November 2016

Point Shooter

Compact, mediocre damage but excellent handling.
|unlock = 35 |slot = 3 |wtype = 3 |type = 2 |price = $896,000 |mag = 12 |max_ammo = 60 |rpm = 0.075 |damage = 50 |accuracy = 54 |stability = 51 |concealment = 25 |threat = 16 |reload_min = 1.29 |reload_max = 1.52 |sights_s_min = 0.0 |sights_m_min = 0.2 |hipfire_s_min = 20.0 |hipfire_s_max = 20.0 |hipfire_m_min = 20.0 |hipfire_m_max = 20.0 |recoil_v_min = 3.0 |recoil_v_max = 4.8 |recoil_h_min = -0.3 |recoil_h_max = 0.3 |int_name = 3566 }} The Point Shooter is a fast-firing pistol to be added to PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Available modifications

The Point Shooter is an order-made custom pistol geared towards pe…

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GFreeman GFreeman 14 November 2016

New infobox

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ZipperokYT ZipperokYT 9 November 2016

Why did I started.

I started `cuz wanna help ppl :D

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 5 November 2016

Any possible weapons for One Down?

Well what are good weapons for one down. Hmmmmm, I should test this out but anyways here are some weapons I found good. NOTE: All my opinion ok and from testing a little.

Eagle Heavy: This weapon is good, well only if you can score headshots or use body expertise aced, with this weapon you just need a bigger the better suppressor and specialized killer skill and your good to go. Just watch out for your ammo though as you don't got a lot and I also recommend fully loaded.

Krinkov: This is the same strategy as the eagle heavy, except with less power and only 3 magazines.

Pistol Crossbow: Now I found this with HE bolts is useful in a lot of ways, killing enemies uhhhhh, moving a bunch of bags, wait wat. Yes I noticed that this is useful for the …

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GFreeman GFreeman 2 November 2016


High accuracy and damage. Single-shot.
|unlock = 49 |slot = 3 |wtype = 3 |type = 7 |price = $896,000 |mag = 1 |max_ammo = 20 |rpm = 0.12 |damage = 175 |accuracy = 76 |stability = 22 |concealment = 22 |threat = 56 |reload_min = 2.22 |reload_max = 2.22 |sights_s_min = 0.0 |sights_m_min = 0.2 |hipfire_s_min = 20.0 |hipfire_s_max = 20.0 |hipfire_m_min = 20.0 |hipfire_m_max = 20.0 |recoil_v_min = 3.0 |recoil_v_max = 4.8 |recoil_h_min = -0.3 |recoil_h_max = 0.3 }} The Challenger is a high-caliber single-shot pistol to be added to PAYDAY 2.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Summary
  • 3 Tips
  • 4 Available modifications

The Challenger is a compact powerhouse of a sidearm, dealing massive amounts of dama…

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DeletedContent DeletedContent 18 October 2016

New Weapon Ideas (Redux)

  • 1 Notice:
  • 2 Primaries
    • 2.1 Assault Rifles
      • 2.1.1 Abakan 94 (AN-94)
      • 2.1.2 Dragon AR (QBZ-95)

If you have seen my old blog post on weapon ideas, you already know the run-down. Constructive criticism is accepted and encouraged, destructive criticism is not, and the list will be updated whenever I have time. These blog posts will also likely be anual, or semi-annual; a year after each blog post, I will stop updating that one and make a new post. Any well-liked weapon ideas will be carried over to the new post, along with any necessary changes due to weapon balancing updates. Now, with the formalities out of the way lets get started.

Description: A rifle with a unique ability, very high accuracy, stability. Good damage. Slow fire rate, horrible concealment.…

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 16 October 2016

A better AI improvement

As we all know the AI sucks. And we are all yawning and smashing keyboards and pulling out swords and taking the anger out on poor bob the dummy or a punching bag because OVK decides to make all the AI completely the all new buy one get 10 million free 10 times the bullet absorbent bullet sponges with automatic assault rifles load with 308. Lapura magnum rounds. So here are some Ideas for a better AI system for Payday 2 or perhaps a Payday 3.

Let's start with some normal simple add ons. Also the additions from lower difficulties carry on higher ones obviously.

Normal: Nothing just the good ol dumb cops

Hard: Weak less durable cops may try to stay in one spot and distract players while surpressing them. While a cop goes to try and shove his b…

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 10 October 2016

Mutations talk

On the party event if you decide to look a head in the page it says mutators so that got me thinking of well ideas so here they are. I will also try not to do things that are similar to the goonhud mutators.

Back For More: Captain Winters appears every assault wave.

A Dozer Nightmare: All units are replaced with the Titandozers.

Gotta Go Fast!: All units move twice as fast as a cloaker.

Hardened Minds: Cops can't be intimidated.

Prepare For Rage Face: All units aren't affected by poison, stun, knockdown, counter strike, stagger, fire, and electrocution. Enemies don't need to reload, deal double damage, have a chance to electrocute the player, and headshots don't deal additional damage.

Hardcore Heisters: HUD is removed, can deal damage to friend…

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GameZone1 GameZone1 22 September 2016


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GameZone1 GameZone1 22 September 2016

Art Statement

(all paintings burned)
(per painting burned)
(per money bag secured)

|exp2 = (escape)
(all 3 passwords found)
(hack finished, can be triggered 3 times)
(mansion destroyed, can be triggered 3 times)
(per lootbag secured) |achievement = }}

The Art Statement heist is a two-day loud-only heist contracted by Victor. It involves storming an art gallery to destroy its display of modernist paintings and obtain the addresses of the painters, then heisting and destroying the artists' mansionettes.

  • 1 Day 1: Extreme Criticism
    • 1.1 Assets
    • 1.2 Objectives
    • 1.3 Walkthrough
    • 1.4 Variations and Events
    • 1.5 Mayhem+ Changes
  • 2 Day 2: Robbin' Hood
    • 2.1 Assets
    • 2.2 Objectives
    • 2.3 Walkthrough
    • 2.4 Variations and Events
    • 2.5 Mayhem+ Changes
  • 3 The FBI Files
  • 4 Achievements
  • 5 Trivia

  1. Bag paintings
  2. Ga…

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 10 September 2016

Wtf is wrong with the blog post page thing

Seriously why nothing showing up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RebornDan RebornDan 7 September 2016

So the Kicking

Is it normal to be kicked out of every game you join even though you haven't done nothing wrong to the host because I been kicked like 7 times for just joining there game, only managing to play 4 games before this shitfest started.

I don't yell, I do not interrupt stealth runs nor do I go down excessively on loud missions but it makes me question on why would people just kick other players out of there games if they have not done anything to warrant a kick.

You can say that I do not have the divine right to play online but playing solo will sure as hell won't help me level up as I am currently stuck at level 65 desperately grinding through both hard jobs and sometimes overkill jobs just to put a dent on the ever growing XP wheel.

So is this k…

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 4 September 2016

I can't use a custom profile pic

Why can't I use a custom profile pic even though it's in the size limit?

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Hassat Hunter Hassat Hunter 2 September 2016

Goddammit Wikia

As if phone-screen Wikia didn't suck enough, did you guys really have to change the historypage to the most eyesore unusable mess you could find?

I seriously dread having to compare edits with the colorful eyesore that this update is. Somebody think of the eyes of people using your dammed site. Why, why do you hate your users so much???

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MonoliousApocalyse7 MonoliousApocalyse7 22 August 2016

Just some acheivment ideas

I was kinda bored and since I can't do navbox things and such this will look different so enjoy my ideas.

Russian Night: Play Nightclub on Overkill or above using the AK.762 and Krinkov and wearing the Russian Hat mask.

Bullet Waster: In any heist, empty all your ammo on both weapons without shooting a law enforcer or civilian.

The Beginning of a Killer: Kill 1 law enforcer.

Pyromaniac: Equip the flamethrower, locomotive and fire axe and wear the Gas mask or Firefighter's helmet mask.

Mark the Bear: In the Hotline Miami heist, complete the heist while using akimbo Compact-5 and wearing the Mark mask.

Losing a lot of Blood: In a single heist, get downed 10 times without going into custody.

I'll fail and fail again: Fail any heist on very hard or a…

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