Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • <Heister name> "On me now!"
  • <Heister name> "Follow me!"
  • <Heister name> "Come with me!"
  • <Heister name> "Follow."
  • <Heister name> "Come on."

Masking upEdit

  • "Let's do this brothers and sisters."
  • "The question is... how?"
  • "Enjoy the party."
  • "For my brothers."
  • "Are you ready... to let go?"
  • "Have respect... make it beautiful."
  • "Find your own line."
  • "Set your mind on something, and do it."
  • "Little hand says it's time to rock and roll."
  • "Stay true to your path"

Heist success Edit

  • "We're unstoppable."
  • "We made something beautiful."
  • "Woo! Fuck yeah!"
  • "Light up. We did it"
  • "I'm proud to be a part of this wolf pack."
  • "Excellent, brothers"
  • "Scratched, but beautiful."
  • "This is what happens if you follow your line."
  • "When they say how it is done, you say; This is how it's done!"

Health and BleedoutEdit

  • "Give me some meds or it's over!"
  • "Medic bag, please!"
  • "Someone got a medic bag?"
  • "Argh! Hurts so bad, nurse!"
  • "Who's got a medic bag?"
  • "Anyone got bandages?"
  • "I need a syringe!"
  • "Need a medic bag"
  • "Shit, I'm hurt!"

When using Inspire SkillEdit


  • "Come on brother, you got this!"
  • "Show me your beautiful moves!"
  • "You got this, man."
  • "You're doing great, but do better!"
  • "You're a goddamn champion!"
  • "Get a move on!"
  • "Move!"
  • "Move it"
  • "Come on, move it!"
  • "Sleep when you're dead!"
  • "You're all over this!"
  • "Don't give up on me now!"

Aced RevivingEdit

  • "No one dies on my team!"
  • "Believe in yourself!"
  • "Get up, you can do it!"
  • "Get off the ground!"
  • "Get off your ass!"
  • "Get off your ass and fight!"
  • "Do NOT give up!"
  • "The pain is only in your mind!"
  • "Get up, come on!"
  • "Up, up, up!"
  • "Rise and shine."
  • "Wakey, wakey."
  • "Come on, get up!"
  • "Look alive."
  • "Naps are for losers!"
  • "No sleep till we're dead."
  • "Get on your feet and fight."

Special EnemiesEdit


  • "Dozer!"
  • "Dozer's here!"
  • "Fucking dozer!"
  • "It's a dozer, boys"
  • "We got a dozer."

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "Suck it dozer!"
  • "Dozer killed."
  • "Bye bye, motherfucker!"
  • "I got the dozer!"
  • "Bulldozer? Pathetic."
  • "That armor didn't do much for ya, did it?"
  • "Big guy down"
  • "Dozer out!"


  • "It's a taser!"
  • "Motherfucking taser!"
  • "Little bitch taser spotted."
  • "Look out! Taser!"
  • "Taser spotted!"
  • "I spotted a taser."

Killing TasersEdit

  • "Eat that Taser!"
  • "Got the Taser!"
  • "Killed the Taser!"
  • "Got that fucking taser."
  • "Taser out!"
  • "That taser got destroyed."
  • "Take that, taser."

Killing Taser With Platypus 70 HeadshotEdit

  • "You just got ventilated, Taser."
  • "I can see your brains,Taser."
  • "How that breeze, Taser?"
  • "Hey Taser, I can see through your head."
  • "Can't see me now Taser!"
  • "Did you lose your head, Tase?"
  • "Hole in your head, bitch!"
  • "I can see my line; right through your head, Taser."
  • "Look, this Taser lost his head!"
  • "Yo Taser, I can see through your head."
  • "I can see through your head, bitch."
  • "Where'd your head go, Taser?"


  • "It's a Shield!"
  • "Little bitch Shield!"
  • "Goddamn shield!"
  • "We got a shield!"
  • "Got a shield over here."

Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "That's what you get for hiding behind a shield, bitch."
  • "That shield didn't do much for you, did it?"
  • "Shield killed!"
  • "Shield down"
  • "Got the shield!"
  • "Bye bye, shitty shield."


  • "Ninja motherfucker!"
  • "Jackie Chan!"
  • "Ninja cop."
  • "It's a Cloaker!"
  • "Fucking Karate cop!"
  • "Karate kid."
  • "We got a cloaker."

Killing CloakersEdit

  • "I fucked you Cloaker!"
  • "Ninja cop down."
  • "Ninja cop dead!"
  • "Jumping around didn't help ya did it?"
  • "Cloaker killed!"
  • "Fuck you ninja cop!"
  • "I got the Cloaker!"
  • "Jumping around won't save you, bitch!"
  • "Lights out, Cloaker!"
  • "Feel the fury, cloaker."


  • "Bitch ass Sniper!"
  • "Woah! A sniper!"
  • "Look out, sniper!"
  • "Sniper there."
  • "Snipe, snipe."
  • "Little bitch sniper!"
  • "Sniper! Take cover!"
  • "We gotta a sniper"

Killing snipersEdit

  • "Suck it Sniper!"
  • "Fuck you Sniper!"
  • "Sniper down."
  • "Sniper dead."
  • "Sniper out!"
  • "Yeah, how's that feel Sniper?"
  • "Got that fucking sniper"
  • "Got the sniper!"

SWAT Van TurretsEdit

  • "Motherfucking turret!"
  • "SWAT turret!"
  • "They brought a turret!"
  • "They got a turret!"
  • "Turret! Watch out!"
  • "Oh shit! Turret!"

Captain WintersEdit

  • "Fuck, Captain!"
  • "It's the captain!"
  • "Oh no, a captain!"
  • "Shit! A captain!"
  • "Captain's here!"

Medic Edit

  • "Fucking hell, a Medic!"
  • "Look out, Medic!"
  • "Enemy Medic is here!"
  • "Enemy Medic!"

Killing Medics Edit

  • "Medic down!"
  • "Medic down, bitch!"
  • "Medic is down!"
  • "Got the fucking Medic!"
  • "He needs a medic! Hahaaaaa!"


Guards & other law enforcementEdit

  • "Put your motherfucking hands up!"
  • "Don't wanna kill you."
  • "Put it down, amigo."
  • "Gun down."
  • "Put em up!"
  • "Get your hands up, motherfucker!"
  • "Drop your gun!"
  • "Don't be stupid, bitch."
  • "Hit the knees!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "Kneel!"
  • "Get down on your knees!"
  • "Now, cuffs!"
  • "Put your cuffs on."
  • "Put your cuffs on, bitch!"
  • "Cuff yourself!"
  • "On with the cuffs!"
  • "Now cuff yourself."


  • "Did i fucking mispronounce!!"
  • "Pretend it's a game, huh? Winners stay quiet and alive."
  • "Be one with the ground."
  • "Everyone just relax. This will be over soon."
  • "Get up and I will put you back down!"
  • "Get down bitches!"
  • "Get down, get down!!"
  • "Lie on the ground or move and be in it."
  • "Don't even fucking breathe."
  • "On the ground."
  • "Kiss the ground."
  • "Twitch and you'll die."
  • "People who stand win the grand prize. A bullet."
  • "Down! Now!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Fucking lick the ground, motherfucker."
  • "I'm giving you a great story for parties here, y'all."
  • "You wanna be still or dead?"
  • "Stay still. This gun ain't a prop, you know."
  • "Play dead!"
  • "Get off your phone."
  • "Stay still!"


  • "Room service!"
  • "Suck on this!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Fire in the hole."
  • "You signed for this?!"
  • "Incoming, assholes!"
  • "Surprise, motherfucker!"
  • "Got a gift for ya!"
  • "Hit the ground!"
  • "Frag motherfucker!"

Deployable Edit

  • "Ammo bag dropped"
  • "Ammo over here"
  • "There's ammo over here"
  • "Medic bag set"
  • "Medic bag in place"
  • "Here's a medic bag"
  • "Medic bag dropped"
  • "Body bag case here"
  • "Got a body bag case here!"
  • "Body bag case deployed"
  • "Body bag case right here"
  • "Got a first aid kit here"
  • "Here's a first aid kit!"
  • "First aid kit, get your band aid here"
  • "I placed a first aid kit here"
  • "First aid kit here for anyone who needs it."

Pager Responses Edit

  • "Pigeons resting on the antenna. Bang bang! Pigeons dealt with."
  • "I just wanted to ask if I can get a transfer to somewhere exciting. No? Oh well..."
  • "Did you ever find out what the fox said?"
  • "Hey, any chance I can leave early today? No? Shiiiiiit..."
  • "Just testing, control. Your response time is outstanding."
  • "Damn, I thought I had the hang of this radio. You should fire my ass."
  • "Nothing happening here. Why'd you asked?"
  • "My bad. Pressed the wrong button."
  • "We're hungry here, but fine. Send sandwiches."
  • "Sorry. Was beating my chest to feel like a real man. Hit the button."
  • "Must be freak sunspot activity. Only explanation."
  • "My moobs hit the button. I need to get back in shape."
  • "Just checking in. Standard procedure in my old job. All clear."
  • "Just a shadow, control. No problem here."
  • "So this button is the alert? Right, got it."
  • "Uhh... Alpha Romeo Sierra Echo, control."
  • "I think we got a faulty radio, brah."
  • "Completed my sweep. Commencing... a sweep."
  • "Just practicing my heart-stopping technique, sorry."
  • "Hey, if we have real problems I'll let you know the safe word; Payday. Okay?"
  • "Sorry, we're fine. Saw lights in the sky, just a low flying plane."
  • "Was making a toasted cheese for Barney. Pressed the alert."
  • "Just replacing the batteries, control. We're fine here."
  • "Radio's fucked. I've been picking up Love The all day."
  • "We're fine. Everything is safe. Lots of cops on patrol. No crime at all. No, sir."
  • "These radios are too sensitive, brah. They need re-calibrating."
  • "We have someone banging the door, they just needed to use the shitter. We're fine."
  • "Everything is clear here. Sorry for the worries, brah."
  • "Sorry, was showing Barney how to catch chickens in Ohio. Must've pressed the alert button."
  • "Just a bum hanging out. Gave him $10 and moved him on."
  • "Say, uhh...I was just wondering. Where'd you buy that cologne?"
  • "Was trying to tune this radio to the game. Got money on the...uhh...Bishops."
  • "Was showing some chicks my juggling, dropped the radio. Didn't drop the gun though."
  • "My nervous twitch pressed the button, but I'm not nervous. All is fine here."
  • "This shitty radio's been playing up all day. I was talking to someone in Addis Abeba earlier."

Map Specific Quotes Edit

Birth of SkyEdit

  • "Woo Money!"
  • "Fuck yeah baby!"
  • "That's what it's all about! Fuck yeah!"
  • "Yes, yea!"

First World Bank (Payday 2)Edit

  • "Up here everyone, this is a robbery. We're not here to harm anyone. We're after the banks money, not yours'. Your money is insured by the federal government, ok? You're not gonna lose a dime. Think of your loved ones, don't try to be a hero. Just stay down and stay quiet and this will be over in no time."
  • "I got the keycard."
  • "It almost feels dishonest."
  • "Thank you mister keycard!"
  • "Is that enough?"
  • "Where's the god damn manager?"

Undercover (Payday 2)Edit

  • "You're pushing it!"
  • "Speak up, fuck-face!"
  • "Let it out! Right fucking now!"
  • "You got something to say huh?"
  • "Answer!"
  • "I'm getting tired of this!"
  • "Got a bullet here with your name on it, see?"
  • "You hear what I'm saying?"
  • "Don't test my patience!"
  • "I'm gonna shove my surf board up your nose!"
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