This article is about the the free DLC released alongside The Point Break Heists DLC. For the character included, see Bodhi.
Bodhi Character Pack
The Bodhi Character Pack title card.
Downloadable Content Info
Developer(s) Overkill Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release Date(s) December 3, 2015
Price(s) Free!
Type Character Content Pack
Available At Automatically included in game

The Bodhi Character Pack is a DLC pack for PAYDAY 2, released on December 3, 2015, alongside The Point Break Heists DLC, of which it serves as additional free content.



These masks are added automatically upon updating the game following the release of The Point Break Heists DLC. Once the game is updated, you will unlock 1 of the "Bodhi" mask in your inventory, but will have to get the "Bodhi Begins" from a Card Drop. The "Bodhi" mask can't drop during a PAYDAY and they can't be sold. They can both be returned to your mask stash for free, but any pattern, color or material as well as the customization fee to put these together will be lost.


Weapon ModificationsEdit

Perk DecksEdit

The Ex-Presidents are one of the most daring heisting crews out there. Great risk takers and brothers in arms. Their lack of fear for their own mortality brought them together and made them as successful as they are.

An Ex-President follows no rules and only adheres to the Ozaki 8, a set of trials to honor their nature.

Tier 1 (200) Tier 3 (400) Tier 5 (1,000) Tier 7 (2,400) Tier 9 (4,000)
Point Break
Point Break
While your armor is up, you will store 4 health for every 1 enemy you or your crew kills.
When your armor has been completely depleted and then starts to regenerate, you will gain health equal to the stored health amount.
Maximum amount of stored health depends on your equipped armor.
The Emerging Force
The Emerging Force
Increases the amount of health stored from kills by 4.
You gain 10% more health.
Life of Ice
Life of Ice
Increases the maximum health that can be stored by 50%.
You gain 10% more health.
Your chance to dodge is increased by 10%.
Note: It will actually increase dodge by 15%.
Awakening Earth
Awakening Earth
Increases the amount of health stored from kills by 4.
You gain 20% more health.
The Perfect Line
The Perfect Line
Killing an enemy speeds up your armor recovery time depending on how much armor you have. The more armor the less recovery speed gained per kill.
Armor recovery speed is reset whenever your armor recovers.


  • The contents of the Bodhi Character Pack are released for free to all players, as was the case with John Wick, Hoxton and Bonnie, though unlike the three heisters, one does not need to join the Community group, play online or complete any achievement to unlock the included character. Bodhi is added as a permanently free heister, available for all to play at any time.
  • Despite being advertised on the same page as the Point Break Heists, the Bodhi Character Pack is a standalone expansion, and does not require ownership of its companion DLC to access.
  • The Bodhi Character Pack is the first character expansion pack to include a sniper rifle.
  • The Bodhi Character Pack was made free thanks to the Black Market Update. Apparently if the update was not unlocked in the Road to Crimefest, it would've been a paid DLC as were the Clover, Dragan, and Sokol Character Packs.[1]

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