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Border Crossing
Heist Info
Contractor Locke
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus ?%
Loot N/A
Internal name mex
Achievement(s) Identity Theft Two-Step Verification

Border Crossing is a PAYDAY 2 heist released on November 7 2019 alongside Border Crystals. It is one of the first new heists to be released since the storyline ended with The White House. Running concurrently to Hell's Island, the Payday gang is tasked with launching a second attack on a Murkywater facility in order to diminish and cut off their supplies.


While the original heisters rescue Bain in Hell's Island, Locke instructs another team of the PAYDAY gang to launch an attack on a compound filled with OVERKILL MC members and fend off Murkywater units.





Risk Level

Asset gage assignment
Gage Courier Packages


United StatesEdit

In the first area of the heist, the crew must navigate through an Overkill MC clubhouse. There are 3 possible tunnel entrances on the map, on the opposite side of the clubhouse to where the crew spawns (left, right and centre). These areas are marked with orange tarps that can be removed. The correct tarp will reveal a safe door and keypad.

Locke will now prompt the crew to locate and enter the clubhouse's briefing room. This is located on the second floor and is marked by a red door. However, a keychain is required to enter the room. There are several spots around the clubhouse that they can spawn in, or during pre-planning the crew can choose to place the keys in a set area. Once the keys are acquired, the briefing room can be accessed.

Upon entering the briefing room, there is a chance that the room has been rigged with C4 (exact percentages require verification). The crew must disarm the C4 if this occurs to avoid going loud, and can then search for information regarding the passcode. There is a map of the clubhouse in the centre of the room with a knife stabbed through it. The location of the knife will point to the correct tunnel entrance and can save time if players have not yet located it. There will also be writing on the map, explaining where the code is. There are 4 possible code locations:

  1. The factory reset settings for the keypad, located on the ground floor in the North Hallway.
  2. A date of arrest, located in one of the rooms that can contain the security camera centre (not including the camera room itself).
  3. A number written on the front of one of leftmost stall in the Bathroom Stalls on the ground floor.
  4. The club's founding year, located on a banner above a doorway in the Main Hall.

In addition, a keycard and crowbar spawn on the table, both of which can assist for the second area. There are also bags of meth at one end of the table, and a safe at the other. The safe can be opened using a drill, lockpick or C4 on any difficulty (further verification needed). Inside the safe is a set of blueprints necessary to spawn the vault in the second part of the heist.

Once the code is entered, the crew can load any loot collected onto the vehicle inside the tunnel entrance and 'escape' to the second area.

It is also worth noting that a second keycard and crowbar spawn at the clubhouse. There are two detached, locked sheds located at opposite ends of the clubhouse, both of which require a drill or the keycard previously found to open. Inside can be either the second keycard, a second crowbar, two wooden crates containing breaching charges (needed for the loud version of the heist). All of these items will spawn, but are not necessarily in the same shed, occasionally requiring both to be opened. (This may not occur when playing solo - further verification needed)


The crew can enter into the courtyard of the airbase in Mexico from one of 3 possible locations, and must now avoid security guards and cartel members. Any guards wearing body armour will require pager replies, but any cartel members will not (requires further verification). Once the crew spawns, Locke will prompt them to locate the airplane used for escape, which will spawn in one of the two hangars.

When located, Locke will then tell the crew which type of loot to bag, with possibilities of money, coke or weapons (12 bags required on Death Sentence, more details needed on other difficulties). These loot types can spawn in the opposite hangar to the one the plane spawned in, and both warehouses. Most loot will spawn either in a wooden crate (the same ones used after tagging the right truck on Day 2 of the Election Day heist) and require a crowbar to open, or behind a security cage.


The hangar next to the plane will spawn with 3 security cages. These must all be opened using either a keycard, saw, C4 or drill. Depending on which hangar the plane spawned in, there may also be 2 cameras watching the cages.

North WarehouseEdit

There are 6 security cages in the North warehouse that can be opened with a keycard, saw, C4 or drill. Alternatively, they can be unlocked from a series of monitors on the top floor of the warehouse, in the Storage Control Room. Each security cage has a number written above it, and the monitor that also reads that number must be interacted with to unlock that cage. By interacting with one of these monitors, the relevant security cage can be unlocked without the use of a keycard for 30 seconds, symbolised by a flashing green light above the unlocked cage. After that time, the cage will re-lock, symbolised by a solid red light, and require unlocking from the monitor again. Once unlocked and then opened by a crew member, it will stay open. Wooden crates are also located throughout this warehouse.

if the crew picked up the blueprints from the U.S. before heading to Mexico, a vault will also spawn underground in the North warehouse. This vault requires 2 keycards to open. After both are inserted, a 1 minute timer will countdown until the vault opens. Within is the Roman armour required for the 'Two-Step Verification' achievement.

If there is only one crew member in the heist, another keycard will spawn somewhere on the top floor of the North warehouse, as two are necessary for the vault to be unlocked.

South WarehouseEdit

The South warehouse contains 3 security cages, all of which require a keycard, saw or C4 to open. Wooden crates are also located throughout this warehouse.


One the required number of loot has been recovered, the crew must then prepare their means of escape. Locke will inform the crew that the plane needs to be refueld before they can leave, and they must connect a hose from a fuel tank, through a pump, to the plane. The hangar doors must also be opened to connect the hose to the plane. Once the hose has been connected, the plane takes time to fill up. While waiting, the pump itself can run out of fuel. If this happens, the crew must locate a jerrycan from somewhere around the map and re-fill the pump.

Once the plane is fueled, the last step is to open the runway gates. The crew must open the gates and then return to the plane to finally escape and complete the mission.

United StatesEdit



  • Grab the furthest north ladder for easier access to upper floor of the northern warehouse. It is recommended to hit this area first, as since there are more guards than in the Southern Warehouse, you should still have all 4 pagers remaining in case you make any mistakes.
    • Also by going to the northern warehouse first, you can immediately take care of the cameras making sections of the map easier to navigate. You also don't have to worry about using a pager as the camera operator is counted as a civilian like on Election Day, Day 2.
  • When going for Two-Step Verification, its recommended to leave the armor pieces for last, as they are heavy and can cause players to either break stealth by not being able to get out of sight in time, or be shot at by enemies if the day has gone loud.


Mayhem+ ChangesEdit

  • All cameras will be titan cameras.
  • More guards will be present on both stages.
  • There will be a vault presented inside the basement of one of the warehouses at the airfield that can be only accessed in stealth with two keycards to reveal the special Roman Armor loot. Once it's opened, the heist could go loud normally.

The FBI FilesEdit


  • Despite being stealthable, this heist has no stealth bonus attached to it. This makes it not show up when filtered for contracts with stealth bonuses in the Broker.
  • Playing this heist in VR with collision teleporting enabled prevents transitioning to Mexico, with the player remaining in a heavily culled version of the United States. Disabling collision teleporting before the transition can prevent the issue, hovever, the transition sequence is still somewhat glitched and does not display the "Meanwhile, in Mexico..." message, instead instantly cutting to Mexico, fading to black and fading back in.
  • If the player secures any of the Murkywater fatigues before the objective to place loot in the plane triggers, it will not count towards Identity Theft, and starting over the only way to earn the achievement.
  • At the club house, if the player kills everyone on scene before the explosion in the commission room happens, assuming it does, the loud "Find Explosives" objective will trigger, even if the mission stayed quiet otherwise.
    • Should this glitch happens, players will also be able to place C4 on and blow the tunnel hatch after inputting the password.

Gage Courier PackagesEdit


A Stroll Across the Border A Stroll Across the Border
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Normal difficulty or above.
A Morning Like Any Other A Morning Like Any Other
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Hard difficulty or above.
Blood on the Sand Blood on the Sand
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Very Hard difficulty or above.
Like Walking in With a Guitar Case Full of Guns Like Walking in With a Guitar Case Full of Guns
Complete the Border Crossing job on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
Export Tax Export Tax
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Mayhem difficulty or above.
Satan's Lapdog Satan's Lapdog
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Death Wish difficulty or above.
Death in the Desert Death in the Desert
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Death Sentence difficulty.
Once Upon a Down in Mexico Once Upon a Down in Mexico
Complete the Border Crossing job on the Death Sentence difficulty with the One Down mechanic activated.
Identity Theft Identity Theft
In the Border Crossing job, find 4 Murkywater uniforms. Unlocks the "Murkywater Uniform" Outfit.
Two-Step Verification Two-Step Verification
In the Border Crossing job, secure all 4 pieces of the Roman armor and finish the heist. Unlocks the "Hippika" Mask.

  • Like Walking in With a Guitar Case Full of Guns is a reference to Robert Rodriguez's Mexico Trilogy, where the protagonist, El Mariachi, as well as his compatriots, are famously known for stowing large caches of firearms inside their guitar cases to smuggle them into restricted areas where they may conduct business.
  • Likewise, Once Upon a Down in Mexico is a reference to the third film in the Mexico Trilogy, Once Upon a Time in Mexico.
  • Outside of achievement purposes, the four sets of Murkywater uniforms found as part of Identity Theft are very likely the same outfits worn in The White House.


  • The Border Crossing Heist marks the first DLC released post story-line closure.
    • It is also the first to run parallel to another heist, in this case Hell's Island. Canonically the original four heisters rescued Bain from Hell's Island, while Sangres, Sydney, Sokol and Clover launched a second attack on Murkywater. That being said, the player is still free to play as anyone in the heist proper.
  • Border Crossing is also the second heist to be set outside of the United States, after Boiling Point.
  • The Silkroad website promotional image bears striking similarities with Breaking Bad's El Camino movie posters. This would make sense due to the amount of inspiration and references shown in game.
  • The Mexico part of this heist is also the setting of Border Crystals, only with the crew having to cook meth instead of stealing money.
  • There is a hidden vault featured in the Mexico section that contains a set of Roman armour akin to Murkywater's other facility in the Shadow Raid heist that featured samurai armour.



PAYDAY 2 Border Crossing Heist Trailer

PAYDAY 2 Border Crossing Heist Trailer

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