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Buluc's Mansion
Job fex 01 df.png
Heist Info
Contractor Vlad
Contract Days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Loot Money
Assault Rifles
Experience Both:
+1,000 (find bulucs office)
+1,000 (buluc's safe interactable)
2,000 (completion (car))
1,000 (completion (boat))
+1,000 (discover keycard holder)
+1,000 (open inner sanctum)
+1,000 (enter codex room)
+10,000 (open buluc's office)
+2,000 (contact list stolen)
+2,000 (car keys found)
1,000 (completion)
+2,000 (find inner sanctum door)
+2,000 (find all bomb parts/start hack)
+2,000 (open inner sanctum (bomb))
+3,000 (saw placeable)
+3,000 (saw finished)
+4,000 (open buluc's office)
+1,000 (contact list stolen (car escape only))
+1,000 (turret discovered (car))
+3,000 (turret destroyed (car))
+3,000 (flare lit (helicopter escape))
Internal name fex
"The powerful Mexican drug lord Buluc has a long-standing feud with Vlad and it’s time to settle the score. The Payday Gang must infiltrate Buluc’s well-guarded mansion and assassinate him."
Announcement Page Description.

Buluc's Mansion is a stealth and loud one-day PAYDAY 2 heist released on November 11, 2020 with Update 200. Buluc's Mansion is the 4th and final chapter of the Silk Road campaign.


Vlad has contracted a hit on Buluc, the leader of the Coyopa cartel, as revenge for getting Hajrudin put in prison. The heist takes place at his mansion off the coast of Mexico during a masquerade ball. Among the mansion's security are four guards wearing masquerade masks and brightly colored suits that are Buluc's most trusted men. While a criminal, he has also paid off the Federales and thus will assist him and his men during the heist.



Players are given 10 favors in this heist. Template:Bulucs_Mansion/PrePlan


The crew first has to enter the mansion, which will depend on the entry plan chosen in pre-planning. With the default entry, the front gate of the mansion is opened with thermal paste, while with the wine cellar entry, the crew has to use the thermite on one of the cage doors in the cellar to find a clipboard on which is the keypad code for the doors to the mansion.

Once inside, the crew has to investigate Buluc's office on the second floor, and find it is locked behind a mechanism resembling an Aztec calendar, and using it requires entering Buluc's secure inner sanctum deeper in the mansion. There are two different entrances into the sanctum with different methods of opening, one in the ground floor living room and one at the end of hallway on the opposite side of the mansion, and the objectives will depend on which entrance is approached first and whether the alarm goes off before the sanctum is opened. Note that in stealth, either entrance can be opened regardless of which is approached first, while in loud only the objectives for the entrance approached first can be completed.

One of the two is a black door with a keycard panel, the keycard for it carried by one of Buluc's mask-wearing guards, and in stealth the guard with the keycard will not have a pager, unlike the rest of the security.

In stealth, while the crew can by chance kill the keycard-carrying guard without any investigation, ensuring which guard is carrying it and not risking wasting any pagers requires finding a clipboard with the name of the guard mounted on a ground floor wall, then finding a computer in one of the side rooms (it will have wooden doors) and hacking it to find a list of masks, which will match the name to one of the guards.

In loud, the keycard is useless and the crew has to find the server room (a side room with metal doors) and hack the servers to open it, defending the computer in the room and a nearby power box from the law enforcers.

The other is a shrine to what Vlad describes as "Buluc's god". It is missing items in its hands and at the base of the shrine is a framed image of the shrine holding a scythe and a globe.

In stealth, the two items have to be returned to the shrine, after which it will slide into the floor; the scythe can be found on one of the ground floor walls, while the globe can be found on a table either in the lobby, living room, dining room, or the upstairs bedroom.

In loud, the crew instead has to collect four items found throughout the mansion and then assemble the items into an explosive and defend it from the law enforcers until it blows up the shrine:

  • A jerrycan of diesel found in the garage.
  • A bundle of wires found in the cafeteria.
  • An alarm clock found in one of the two bedrooms.
  • A bag of fertilizer found in the wine cellar behind the cage doors; if the crew had not entered through the wine cellar, acquiring the fertilizer requires finding the code for the wine cellar doors on a clipboard in the same room as the computer with the mask list, and taking a blowtorch from the other side room with wooden doors to open the cage doors.

Once inside the inner sanctum, the crew has to find a way into the further-hidden meeting room, which is accessed through a hidden switch which is either in one of light fixtures in the left sanctum room or one of the bookshelves in the right sanctum room; once the switch is found, the meeting room can be accessed immediately in stealth but will need to be opened with a saw from the garage in loud.

At this point, the crew is able to interact with the mechanism locking Buluc's office, needing four of the sections pressed in a specific order followed by the center. In the back of the meeting room is a corkboard with pictures of the mechanism and the sections, as well as names for them. Scattered throughout the sanctum are binders of which four will contain "clues" naming the sections to be pressed and the order in which they need to be. The corkboard can be interacted with to mark the input order after finding the binders containing clues. Note that if the sections are pressed in an incorrect order, it will reset after pressing in the center with no penalty.

Upon unlocking Buluc's office, he will backpedal towards his balcony and will desperately try to bribe and threaten the crew; he will never attack and, despite his threats, will not be saved by his security or the law enforcers. Hitting him with any weapon will make him fall off the balcony and into the ocean, at which point the crew can either shoot him to finish him off, wait for him to drown, or, if the shark tank had been opened with the button in the meeting room earlier, watch him be devoured by his own shark. After his death, Vlad will beseech the crew to open his safe in the office, in which is a hard drive containing his contact list; in stealth it will be opened with a hacking device, and in loud with a drill that has to be defended from the law enforcers.

After taking the hard drive, the escape plan will depend on what was chosen in pre-planning and whether the alarm has gone off:

With the default entry, the crew will steal Buluc's cars in his garage; after opening the garage doors and taking the car keys, the crew can escape. Additionally, loot bags can be secured via a zipline on the upper floor.

If the wine cellar entry was chosen, the crew and any desired loot will simply be extracted with the boat they had entered with.

With the default escape, the crew goes to mansion entrance but finds a turret van has parked itself in front of the mansion and will have to destroy it to escape. It can destroyed the normal way, or alternatively, the crew can open the garage doors, take a gasoline can from the trunk of one of the cars, and set the car on fire and move it up to the van for the car to blow up the turret. Shortly after, the crew's escape van will drive in to extract the crew.

With the helicopter escape, the crew will light a flare on the patio to signal Bile to come in.


  • There are 21 bags of loot in the heist, with 9 in the main mansion and the inner sanctum, and the rest behind the cage doors in the wine cellar: 1 weapon case in the garage, 3 bags of coke on the meeting room table, and 5 safes containing coke bags that can be found in the cafeteria, the inner sanctum underneath the staircase, the meeting room, and both bedrooms. The safes can be drilled, lockpicked, and blown open with shaped charges on all difficulties.


  • The contents of the side rooms and the locations of most objective equipment vary.
  • There is a 10% chance that with the van escape, the normal escape van will be replaced with Hajrudin's van that appeared in San Martín Bank and Breakfast in Tijuana.

Mayhem+ Changes[]

  • All cameras are now Titan cameras.
  • On Overkill and above, the code clues in the conference room can no longer be marked.

The FBI Files[]

This heist, along with the other heists in the Silk Road campaign, does not have an FBI Files record. This may be due to the heist taking place in Mexico.


  • The heist may not progress to the escape objective after obtaining the contact list.
  • If the keycard door was opened, the scythe and globe outlines will remain visible in midair even after the shrine door has opened.
  • If two Pocket ECMs are used back to back, the keycard reader will become usable for the duration of the second.
    • The shrine door is not affected by this bug, and is still unusable during the ECMs.

Gage Courier Packages[]

Achievements & Trophies[]


  • The shark tank located at the party area is a reference to the Shark Attack scene[1] from the 2011 action movie, Colombiana.
  • After assembling the explosive to blow up the shrine, Vlad may say "Too late now of course, but it would have been fun to see Buluc's head explode like in that movie... Jammer... Spammers... whatever it's called." He was referring to the 1981 movie Scanners and its iconic head explosion scene.
  • Buluc wields a M13 9mm with a silver finish, though he will never actually use it.
  • Buluc will occasionally be overheard through the radio demanding that a woman find one of the guards. However, the name he gives is random, and is not a hint to which one holds the keycard.




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