Upon spawningEdit

  • "Your Captain has arrived!"

Engaging heistersEdit

  • "Confirmed contact. I repeat, confirmed contact!"
  • "Contact made, I repeat contact is made!"
  • "Contact, positive contact!"
  • "That's them all right."
  • "They won't escape this time."
  • "There! The Payday Gang!"
  • "ID made, it's them!"
  • "Eyes on target!"
  • "Target in sight!"
  • "Captain Winters has joined the party!"

Allies taking fireEdit

  • "Fight through the pain!"
  • "Make yourself hard to hit!"
  • "Moving cover! Moving cover!"
  • "Watch their fire!"
  • "All units watch your elements!"
  • "All elements close your profile!"

Allies moving forwardEdit

  • "Tactical advance watch your angles!"
  • "Tactical awareness at all times!"

Allies moving backEdit

  • "Don't break! Ease back.""
  • "Tactical withdrawal!"
  • "Back! Fall back!"

Captain RetreatingEdit

  • "I'm falling back!"
  • "Retreating! Cover me!"
  • "And he's back!"
  • "This isn't over!"
  • "You'll never win!"

Downing a HeisterEdit

  • "You can't resist justice, criminal."
  • "Commissioner, we've got one!"
  • "Robbers down!"
  • "Target down!"
  • "You've got what you deserved!"
  • "I expected more resistance."
  • "I thought you've been tougher."
  • "I knew we'd get them."
  • "I expected a tougher fight."
  • "It always ends the same."
  • "No one cheats justice for long."
  • "That's one of the Payday gang down!"
  • "You got what you deserved."
  • "Justice served!"
  • "Let that be a lesson."


  • "I want to hear you men communicate!"
  • "Where is the formation?"


Captain spawningEdit

  • "The Captain is here! He has this operation!(sic)"
  • "It's the Captain! Follow his lead!"
  • "The Captain now has operational control!"
  • "Captain's got here, time to turn this around!"
  • "Alright! The Captain's here!"
  • "Captain has arrived in the AO!"
  • "And now we have a Captain!"
  • "The Captain will pull this one out!"
  • "Guys, the Captain's arrived!"
  • "The Captain arrived!"
  • "Captain is on the ground!"
  • "The Captain is here!"
  • "It's the Captain!"
  • "Captain's here!"
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