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The Cash Blaster is an "unobtainable" secondary weapon in PAYDAY 2, as part of the 8th Anniversary Event.


The Cash Blaster is near-identical in appearance to the MA-17 Flamethrower, with the only difference being the tank, which is green and visibly has money inside of it. While it shares the same fixed range, piercing, and ammo properties of the MA-17 and Flamethrower Mk.1, the Cash Blaster instead spews money rather than flames. Because it technically isn't a flamethrower or an incendiary weapon, the Cash Blaster cannot burn enemies with fire damage, nor can it stun enemies (except charging Cloakers) and cause them to die over time. Additionally, it does not deal extra damage on headshots(though it still gives armor via Bullseye), has the lowest magazine, ammo reserve, and pickup rate of either flamethrower, while being one of the most minimal-modifiable weapons in the game alongside the Commando 101, accepting only a stat boost or laser/flashlight gadget.

On the other hand, the Cash Blaster inflicts 95 damage (up to 99.8 with the Fast and Furious Mutual Perk Decks) per instance of damage, nominally on par with weapons like the Krinkov, and shares the other flamethrowers' 2000 ROF values, making it an extremely high DPS weapon. Additionally, the Cash Blaster has 21 points of concealment over the MA-17's 15 concealment rating, making it more compatible in concealment-focused builds with Sneaky Bastard for dodging and Low Blow for critical hits while still being a potent tool for dealing with crowds up close and especially Shields.

Overall, the Cash Blaster is more compatible with concealment builds and is better at directly hosing down enemies to kill them with insane dps, while the MA-17 and Flamethrower Mk.1 have more ammo and are better at stunning large crowds of enemies, often leaving them to die over time.

The Cash Blaster drains 1,000$ from your offshore for each cop killed, and is the only weapon to do so.



  • High damage per "shot" and extreme rate of fire
  • Large magazine, ammo pickup rate, and reserve compared to most other weapons
  • Particles pierce multiple enemies like other flamethrowers, highly effective against crowds
  • Still interrupts charging Cloakers like the other flamethrowers
  • Very effective at destroying glass and other destructible items
  • High concealment for a weapon of its type
  • Same high threat rating as the other flamethrowers
  • One of the cheapest weapons for purchase


  • Cannot ignite enemies to kill them over time with fire damage
  • Lowest magazine, ammo pickup rate, and reserve compared to the MA-17 and Flamethrower Mk.1
  • No extra damage on headshots
  • Only modifications are stat boosts and laser/flashlight gadgets
  • Fixed range and long reload like the other flamethrowers
  • Particle effects may obscure vision and degrade performance
  • Drains offshore money when used
  • Locked behind side job criteria like the Arbiter


  • Unlike conventional firearms, the Cash Blaster has a maximum range. This can be gauged by firing on the practice targets at the Safe House. The particles will clear up to the second row without trouble but will not reach the third set of dummies. Keep this range value in mind as most of the time enemies will be firing at the player from a distance and will need to be approached with the weapon. Flanking and moving from cover to cover is also recommended due to the limited range, especially with Parkour aced and/or Lock N' Load basic.
  • The hit boxes tend to go a couple feet further or shorter than the particles themselves would suggest when the user is moving. This is most noticeable in third person when a person abruptly switches between moving forward and backward.
  • Try to attack groups of enemies with the Cash Blaster, making the most of its ammo and piercing effects to combat crowds. Tapping the fire button against single enemies is preferred, killing them just as fast while saving on ammo.
  • Bring a reliable medium to long-range primary such as the Cavity 9mm or Union 5.56 to make up for the Cash Blaster's short range
  • Accuracy and Stability stat boosts have no effect on the Cash Blaster's performance in a heist despite the stats shown, leaving a concealment boost(+1), ammo boost (+40), or team boost (+3% cash&experience) as the only practical choices.
  • Fully Loaded basic increases the ammo reserve from 800 to 1000, and also increases the ammo boost from +40 to +50.
  • Bloodthirst aced can speed up reloading by 50% and naturally benefits with the close range nature of the Cash Blaster for finishing off enemies.
  • Bulldozers are killed faster by spraying their body instead of their faces, especially if their visors are intact, which negate hits from the weapon.
  • Unlike the MA-17 and Flamethrower Mk.1 and Dragon's Breath, the Cash Blaster is particularly strong with the Maniac perk deck. While fire damage/afterburn is not factored into damage absorption calculations from the perk deck, the base damage per instance is considered for calculating damage absorption, which is what the Cash Blaster offers. Thus the Cash Blaster can almost instantly fill up the Maniac meter, providing the team with fast useful defense boosts.


  • The Cash Blaster, like the MA-17, is based on the Boring Company's Not a Flamethrower, albeit with a dollar-themed fuel canister, different nozzle, more subdued colors and different receiver markings. Instead of "The Modestly Awesome Company" branded on the left side of the weapon, it has a GenSec logo with "MONEY THROWER" printed underneath. The words "Please read manual before use" are also present.
  • Enemies and Civilians killed by the Cash Blaster will dance for their death animations, surrounded by sparkles and swirling dollar bills. Music can also be heard emanating from them up close as they dance and die. Shields killed by the Cash Blaster have their shields vanish immediately.
  • The Cash Blaster is the first secondary weapon unable to accept custom colors or skins, and the second weapon to share this distinction after the Golden AK.762.
  • The Cash Blaster is no longer able to be purchased from the Special tab of the Secondary Weapon menu, and can no longer be equipped. It is shown in the inventory of any players who purchased it before it was removed.


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