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Job firestarter 01

Firestarter FBI Files

Heist Info
Contractor Hector
Contract Days 3
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Stealth bonus 5-20%
Loot Money
Assault Rifles
Experience (day 1) 8,000 (completion weapon destroyed)
10,000 (completion no weapons destroyed)
+6,000 (securing all weapons)
Experience (day 2) 6,000 (escape within 3 minutes)
12,000 (stealth escape after 3 minutes)
10,000 (loud escape after 3 minutes)
Experience (day 3) 16,000 (completion)
Internal name firestarter
Achievement(s) Lord of War Guessing Game The First Line I'm a Firestarter Here Comes the Pain Train Wasteful
It's Getting Hot in Here You Can Run, but Not Hide Saint Francis The Fat of the Land Got Money to Burn For Daisy
Trophies Trophy-IJustHadTo Trophy-TheFirstLine

Job rats01

Rats FBI Files

Heist Info
Contractor Hector
Contract Days 3
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Escapes Garage Escape
Overpass Escape
Loot Meth
Experience (day 1) 12,000 (escape with less than 3 bags cooked)
30,000 (escape; at least 3 bags cooked)
+40,000 (escape; 7 bags cooked)
Experience (day 2) 4,000 (escape with intel burned)
6,000 (escape with intel acquired)
+4,000 (securing all meth that was brought)
Experience (day 3) 2,000 (completion)
+14,000 (secure all money (note))
Internal name alex_must_die
Achievement(s) F in Chemistry I Am the One Who Knocks Full Measure Caribbean Pirate Short Fuse Breaking Bad Four Monkeys
Cooking With Style Captain Cook My Chemical Brothers

Job watchdogs 01

Watchdogs FBI Files

Heist Info
Contractor Hector
Contract Days 2
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✘
Loot Coke
Experience (day 1) 12,000 (completion)
+2,000 (chopper escape)
+2,000 (securing all bags)
Experience (day 2) 12,000 (completion)
+1,500 (per secured bag after bag #3)
Internal name watchdogs
Achievement(s) Coming in Hot Fish A.I. Special Delivery Who Let the Doge Out? Unusual Suspects We Are Rockstars On This Job
Dallas Security Firm Fight Like Cornered Animals
Trophies Trophy-SnipeIt

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