Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • "What's up <heistername>?, come on!"
  • "What's up <heistername>?,on my six!"
  • "What's up <heistername>?, follow me!"
  • "What's up <heistername>?, follow!"
  • "Yo,<heistername>', come on!"
  • "Yo,<heistername>', 'on my six!"
  • "Yo,<heistername>', 'follow me!"
  • "Yo,<heistername>',on me!"
  • "Yo,<heistername>', 'follow!"
  • "<heistername>', 'follow!"
  • "<heistername>',on me!"
  • "<heistername>', 'follow me!"
  • "<heistername>', 'on my six!"
  • "<heistername>', come on!"

Masking Up Edit

  • "Alright, no jinxes!"
  • "Let's roll up on 'em!"
  • "A'ight, let's hit it!"
  • "Money, money, money!"
  • "Aw, shit, let's play."
  • "All right, we havin some fun!"
  • "A'ight, I'm going in."

Compromised Edit

  • 'Plan B, motherfuckers!"
  • "Cops!"
  • "Fuck!"
  • "Fuck nuts, go to Plan B!"
  • "Thirty seconds!"

When using Inspire SkillEdit

  • "Go!"
  • "Go, go, go!"
  • "Hey you ain't going NEARLY fast enough!"
  • "Go faster, bitch!"
  • "Get the fuck up!"
  • "You gon' keep up with me? Or you gon' keep bein a bitch?"
  • "Get back up and fight!"
  • "On ya feet soldier!"
  • "Hey you get on ya feet!"
  • "You! UP! NOW!"
  • "Asses are for kicking, not for sitting, now get up!"
  • "Up and at'em, yo!"
  • "Rise and shine, brother!"
  • "You can rest when you're dead! Now get up!"
  • "Don't be such a pussy. Get up!"
  • "Pain is an illusion. Get up!"

Special EnemiesEdit


  • "Bulldozer!"
  • "Ready up! Bulldozer!"
  • "Look out! Bulldozer!
  • "Bulldozer! Fuck!"
  • "Aw, shit, Bulldozer!"

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "Get some! Bulldozer eliminated!"
  • "Bulldozer whacked!"
  • "FUCK YEAH! Bulldozer's down!"
  • "Bulldozer zipped!"


  • "Taser, Taser!"
  • "A fucking Taser!"

Killing TasersEdit

  • "Taser down!'"
  • "Taser terminated!"
  • "Taser-Chains: 0-1."
  • "Taser down, taser down!"
  • "Sent the taser to hell!"
  • "Taser dead!"
  • "Taser eliminated"
  • "Go to hell, Taser!"


  • "Shield!"
  • "I have eyes on a Shield!"
  • "Shield spotted!"
  • "Oh hell no!, Shield!
  • "We've got a shield!
  • "Fucking shield'!"

Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "Shield killed!"
  • "Shield's done!"
  • "Shield terminated!"


  • "Cloaker, son of a bitch!"
  • "Cloaker, son of a motherfucker!"
  • "Eyes on a cloaker"
  • "It's a Cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker spotted!"

Killing cloakersEdit

  • "Cloaker down!"
  • "Cloaker's history!"
  • "Yeah, cloaker down!"
  • "Cloaker's an angel."
  • "Got the Cloaker! Oorah!"
  • "Cloaker gone down south for the winter!"
  • "Yes! Cloaker down!"
  • "Alright, Cloaker down!"
  • "Got that Cloaker son of a bitch!"


  • "Sniper! Get cover!"
  • "Sniper! Watch out!"

Killing snipers

  • "Sniper dead!"
  • "Sniper down!"
  • "Got the sniper!"

Spotting Turrets

  • "Shit!"
  • "Fuck..."
  • "Aw, fuck..."
  • "Oh, shit!"
  • "It's a turret!"


Guards & other law enforcementEdit

  • "Drop your weapon!"
  • "Hands up!"
  • "Up!"
  • "Get your hands up!"
  • "Go slow now!"
  • "Yo, drop it!"
  • "Be real slow!"
  • "Don't be tricky now, Chains hates tricky!"
  • "Move and you lose!"
  • "Don't you go being tricky now!"
  • "On your knees!"
  • "Cuffs on!"
  • "Hands!"
  • "Put it down, fucker!"
  • "Show me some hands, motherfucker!"
  • "Hands, now!"
  • "Drop the fucking weapon!"
  • "Drop that shit now!"

Spotting guards

  • "Careful, guard"
  • "It's a guard, stay back"
  • "Guard, stay quiet"
  • "It's a guard, watch it"
  • "Hey, check out the guard"
  • "Hey, be careful, we've guards all over the place"
  • "Look, it's another guard"
  • "Guard"
  • "Hey, ch ch, guard"
  • "Guard on patrol"
  • "Its a guard, back off"
  • "Cops"
  • "Be chill"
  • "Be cool"
  • "Shit!"


  • "Eat that dirt!"
  • "Front Leaning Rest!"
  • "On. The ground!"
  • "Down on your face, everybody!"
  • "What'd I say? Stay low"
  • "Be still"
  • "What'd I say?"
  • "On the dirt, dudes"
  • "Everybody, don't move"
  • "On the deck!"
  • "And don't move, don't get in any trouble"
  • "And don't try my patience"!
  • "Down!"
  • "Just relax and stay put"
  • "Down, all of you down"!
  • "Be cool"
  • "On your face!"
  • "Down on your faces"
  • "Everybody, on the ground!"
  • "No moving!"
  • "Nobody. Move!"
  • "On your face! Now!"
  • "On the goddamn ground!"
  • "Don't make me angry"!
  • "Fucking stay down!"
  • "And don't ever think about making a call"
  • "Down, get down"
  • "Don't be tricky now. Chains hates tricky."

Pager responses Edit

  • "All good in here."
  • "Situation chill."
  • "Thought I saw my ex-wife and my neighbor, fucked up, right?"
  • "I thought I saw something suspicious but nah, it was nothing."
  • "It sounds like someone's breaking in but it was just my shoes squeaking."
  • "Sorry about that, I'm a little jittery, like 10 cups of coffee down, I'm strung out like Justin Bieber and shit."
  • "Nope, all clear."
  • "Nope, I'm good, how about you? Never mind, just thinking about raining down furious vengeance actually."
  • "Sorry about that, got some crazy nerves today."
  • "Everything is fine fine fine, yes sir, fine o rooney."
  • "Yeah, brief comm malfunction, back to normal now."
  • "Oh,Good. Just waiting for my next piss break, sorry 'bout that."
  • "Oh, I'm pretty bugged out right now, had a dream about turning into a dog, a fucking Pekingese."
  • "Big spiders down here, man *chuckles* Real big"
  • "Situation normal, totally un-fucked up"
  • "I don't-I think everything is good especially like a bullfight"
  • "I'm sleepy but otherwise good *yawns* mostly good"
  • "I'm fine, all's fine, probably want to look into hiring an exterminator down here."
  • "All's well, except I'd like a beer."
  • "Sorry about that, I think maybe it's from all the acid I dropped this morning *chuckles* just kidding."
  • "Freaked out by a pigeon, fucking rats of the sky."
  • "Whoa, just had a hell of a sneeze, I think I emptied the contents of my brain if you dig."
  • "Surfing porn in my phone, you know, just doing the do."
  • "Noting much going on here to be honest with you."
  • "Thought I heard something, but nah, everything's cool, nothing doing."

Throwables Edit

  • "Eat this!"
  • "Surprise, motherfucker"!

Deployables Edit

  • "Body bag case is out!"
  • "I've got a body bag case!"
  • "Ammo refill here!"
  • "Ammo bag deployed!"
  • "Ammo bag by my position!"
  • "If anybody need ammo, come and get it!"
  • "Ammo over here by me!"
  • "Medical bag, right here!"
  • "First Aid Kit, here!"
  • "First Aid Kit, get your bandage, son."
  • "Yo, I'll put a First Aid Kit right here."

Gage Mod Courier Packages Edit

  • "Woo!"
  • "Yeah!"
  • "Hoo-rah!"

Birth of Sky Edit

Parachuting out the airplane

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