Cheney? is an achievement for defeating a Bulldozer with a shotgun (Reinbeck or Locomotive 12G).


  • The player is only required to land the killing blow with a shotgun, so it is recommended that you attack the Bulldozer with another weapon from a safe distance until his visor breaks, then close in for the kill.
  • The easiest and safest heist to obtain this achievement on is Slaughterhouse. Keep playing until a Bulldozer randomly falls out of the back of the armored truck (this only happens when it is on the ground). The Bulldozer will be unable to attack for a short period, during which time it is suggested that you unload your strongest weapon into his visor until it breaks, then switch to a shotgun to finish him off.


  • This is a reference to the Dick Cheney hunting incident, in which the former U.S. Vice President shot a 78-year-old Texan attorney in a quail-hunting accident.

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