Close By

Close By
Enforcer: Shotgunner Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now hip-fire with your Shotguns while sprinting.
Ace (6 pt): Your rate of fire is increased by 35% while firing from the hip with single shot Shotguns. Shotguns with magazines have their magazine sizes increased by 15 shells.


The basic effect of this skill allows for shotguns to be hip-fired while sprinting.

The aced effect increases rate of fire for all single shot shotguns by 35% and all shotguns with magazines have their magazine capacity increased by 15. The only shotguns that benefit from the magazine increase are the IZHMA 12G, Steakout 12G, Grimm 12G, and Goliath 12G. Compatible akimbo shotguns (Brothers Grimm 12G and Akimbo Goliath 12G) will get 15 shells per magazine, resulting in a total increase of 30.


In tier 3 of the Enforcer's Shotgunner subtree, the player will be presented with two skills to improve the tree's signature weapon: Close By and Far Away. Close By, as the name suggests, improves hipfire shooting. The basic version of the skill, which allows shooting while sprinting, is redundant to Lock N' Load in the revised Technician's Oppressor subtree which allows hipfire sprint shooting with all weapons, and both replace the aced version of Man of Iron in the older builds of the game. However, most of the skills in the Oppressor subtree do not synergize with the Shotgunner subtree.

The Aced version allows the player to lay out more fire while hipfiring. Combined with Shotgun CQB aced, one can cause damage in a much quicker time span.

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