Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • "Follow me now!"
  • "Hey! Houston!"
  • "Guys!"
  • "Hey, Hoxton! Somebody?"
  • "Come on!"
  • "Leg it, you fucker!"

Inspiring Edit

  • "We're not running in heels; move!"
  • "Faster, come on!"
  • "Fucking get a move on."
  • "Get back in the fight you big gobshite!"
  • "Pain is an illusion! Those cops AREN'T! GET UP!"
  • "Oh, you can rest when you're dead!"
  • "Stop arsing around! Get up!"
  • "Arses are for kicking, not sitting!"
  • "Get up and kill those ballbags NOW!"
  • "Up, laddie!"
  • "Rise and shine, laddie."
  • "Hey you, get on your feet"
  • "You, up, NOW!"
  • "Get the fuck up!"
  • "Pick your feet up, you big shite!"

Completing A HeistEdit

  • "That was fucking deadly! Don't you fuck with the Payday gang!"
  • "Fucking textbook example of how you do it."
  • "Silent, deadly, fucking deadly!"
  • "Ah ah ! *heavy breathing* We did it ! *heavy breathing* Maybe you showed you aren't useless afterall !"
  • "Ah ah ! *heavy breathing* That was fucking deadly ! *heavy breathing* DON'T. FUCK. with the Payday gang !"
  • "Haha, just as planned, smoother than a little baby's arse."
  • "That's how it's done, stealth right up the arsehole!"
  • "A great plan, a great crew and great execution!"
  • "GET IN !"
  • "Perfect execution, that's how you fucking do it."
  • "THAT's how it's done."
  • "We actually fucking did it! FUCK me!"
  • "Fuck ... me ... hard!"
  • "Fuck me sideways!"
  • "Suck on that, completely silent."
  • "We're out, we did it, fucking get in!"
  • "Hahaha, shit hitting fans all over!"
  • "Someone's gonna get their arse reddened over this."
  • "Haha, I had my doubts about you guys ... not anymore."
  • "Haha, great, time to crack open the coolies!"
  • "Because we are fucking professionals!"
  • "And that, lads, is how it's done!"
  • "Oi! Coppers! SUCK IT!"

Special EnemiesEdit


  • "Sniper! Right there!"
  • "Take cover! Sniper!"

Killing snipersEdit

  • "Haha, Sniper's pushing up daisies!"
  • "Haha, one Sniper less!"
  • "Sniper's taken care of!"
  • "Sniper out!"
  • "Sniper got what he deserved!"


  • "Oh shit! Bulldozer!"
  • "Big guy's coming!"
  • "Goddamn Bulldozer!"

Killing BulldozersEdit

  • "Haha, Bulldozer eliminated!"
  • "One Bulldozer less in the world!"
  • "Took care of the Bulldozer!"
  • "Bulldozer down!"
  • "Got the big guy!"
  • "I got the Dozer!"


  • "Taser! Keep your distance!"
  • "Don't let the Taser get close!"
  • "Taser, watch out!"
  • "Look out, Taser!"

Killing TasersEdit

  • "Woooo! One Taser less in the world!"
  • "Taser eliminated!"
  • "Hehe! Taser down!"
  • "Hahaha! Got the Taser!"
  • "Heeheehee, that Taser just went tits up."


  • "Look out! Shield!"
  • "Fucking shield!"

Killing ShieldsEdit

  • "Took care of the Shield!"
  • "Hahaha! The Shield's dead!"
  • "One Shield less in the world, everybody!"
  • "Woooo! Shield eliminated!"
  • "Shield's history!"


  • "Sneaky fucking Cloaker"
  • "Oh shit! Cloaker!"

Killing CloakersEdit

  • "Hahaha, killed the Cloaker!"
  • "Cloakers's history!"
  • "Cloakers's dead!"
  • "One Cloaker less in the world!"
  • "Call me the Cloaker smoker!"

SWAT Van TurretEdit

  • "Watch that turret."
  • "Watch that turret gang!"


  • "Get your hands up, motherfucker!"
  • "I'm telling you to fucking get on the ground!"
  • "Put your fucking hands up!"
  • "Hands up! Up!"
  • "Drop the weapon! Now!"
  • "Now down on your knees!"
  • "Now hand-cuff yourself!"
  • "Drop the gun!"


  • "New game! Everyone pretend to be a nice rug! Winner doesn't get shot in the face."
  • "How often do I have to say? Stay still or I'll skin you and use your wrinkly ballsack as a purse!"
  • "Everybody stay still and quiet, and the nice Irish lady won't have to fucking eviscerate you."
  • "Alright, we're playing a new game called ‘move and I'll fucking kill you’. Your turn!"
  • "Stay off the phones, unless you want them jammed up you arsehole!"
  • "Secret to staying alive is me not having to eviscerate you with your own cock, right?"
  • "The ground is full of heroes. Don't join them."
  • "Are you having trouble with my accent? Stay down!"
  • "Don't talk, don't fucking move - don't die."
  • "You can watch on the news later - head down!"
  • "Don't think about getting brave, sunshine!"
  • "Move and I'll execute you, you fucker!"
  • "The next time you move will be your last, you hear?"
  • "On the fucking ground! Now!"
  • "Don't move, don't even fucking breathe."
  • "Eat the ground or you'll EAT MY FIST, YOU TWAT!"

Breaking Stealth Edit

  • "Let's have a céilí people!"
  • "Plan A is always a shite anyway!"
  • "Let's have a hoolie!"

Pager ResponseEdit

  • "Uh, I think a rat ate through a cable here, ooh, yeah, I think I see it. Cable crumbs."
  • "All clear control."
  • "Apologies Control, got my radio and my cellphone mixed up, I was trying to text Leeroy."
  • "Sorry, just adjusting my uniform, accidentally hit the alert button, no problems here though."
  • "We read: no alarms, no threats, no excitement, no ... nothing. Basically."
  • "Sorry *ahem*, radio fell off the shelf while I was taking a dump. Please don't tell my supervisor."
  • "Uh ... just some drunks ... they've moved along now. Everything is A-OK."
  • "Sorry to spook you, Control *ahem*, got dick fingers you see. Pressed alert by accident."
  • "Can't quit- *bshhhhh*... *ahem* Sunspark activity- *bshhhhh*... eeeh, but we're all clear here !"
  • "No problem here, reception's not great."
  • "We are all fine ... "
  • "Roger control, I did a full Alpha-level-deep recon. We are cleeaar for boogies."
  • "Sorry, been reading the Walking Dead comic, scared the shit out of me, bit shook up."
  • "Sorry Control, thought I saw a masked gunman, it was just a cat."
  • "My colleague was arsing around and accidentally hit the alert, we're fine though."
  • "We're fine here, thought I saw something, but I didn't ... it's fine, right?"
  • "Oh, I see what happened, a pigeon just hit our antenna"
  • "Nothing's up here but my blood pressure."
  • "Don't worry about it, Control, just the chili Jalapenos I had for lunch
  • "We're fine, probably shouldn't have had that Sushi I found in the fridge."
  • "Nope, we're fine. Hate to say it, but I saw a spider, it's dealt with."
  • "Sorry Control, uh ... just walked into a lamp post. Everything's fine."
  • "God, I wish there were some crooks breaking in and doing a heist, spice the night up!"
  • "Hey, yeah, no problems, sat on the goddamn radio."
  • "Nope, we're all fine here, yep, everything's fine."
  • "We're fine control, I uhhhmm just wanted to hear your voice..."
  • "Excitement? Here? You must be shitting me."


  • "Frag out, fuckers!"
  • "Gonna be a boom!"
  • "Hold your bollocks!"
  • "Get clear, grenade!"


  • "First Aid kit here!"
  • "Got a First Aid kit here!"

Reviving and being revived(Team AI only) Edit

  • "Ah ! It is you ! I-... I thought you were a walking sack of raw mint !"
  • "Ugh, come on, don't play doctor with me just-... Close the wound !"
  • "*laugh* Jesus... *laugh* It's not brain surgery, just close the hole !"
  • "Looking for your skimpy panties in the dark again, uh ?"
  • "What ? You stabbed your toe again ?"
  • "Uuuuugh, just staple the bullet holes !"
  • "*breath-in* *gasp* Ugh, the pain is fine !"
  • "Ugh, here, you're not doing fffucking needle point, just fucking close it ! *gasp*"
  • "Want me to kiss it better?"
  • "Don't cry! Be Clover's brave little soldier."

Map-Specific quotesEdit


  • to Bonnie "What do you say Bonnie, are we hitting the town tonight? I think It's time we show the lads how real women party."
  • to Dallas "Captain America, do you got a new job for us or what? Otherwise I plan to drink myself silly."
  • to Hoxton "Hey there, you're not still mad at me are you?"
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