Combat Doctor

Combat Doctor
Mastermind: Medic Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now deploy 2 Doctor Bags instead of just one.
Ace (6 pt): Your doctor bags have 2 more charges.


This skill doubles the number of doctor bags that a player can carry, and then adds two more charges to each bag. With this skill aced, a mastermind can attain 2 doctor bags with 4 charges each, for a grand total of 8 charges.


The player has to choose if they want to take along First Aid Kits or a Doctor bag. It's very inefficient, even with Jack Of All Trades to focus on both, so it's either this skill or Uppers.

If going for Doctor bags its highly recommended for players to ace this skill, especially if they are a player's only (or primary) deployable. One mastermind with this skill aced can bring an equivalent amount of healing as a full team of players bringing non-upgraded medic bags. Because using medic bags resets the number of times a player can enter bleedout mode before entering custody, the medic bags should be used with care, even with the additional charges. The increased amount of potential down-resets is extremely useful on higher difficulty levels, especially Death Wish.


  • The icon for this skill is identical to the Extra Lead icon, but with Doctor Bag symbols in place of the Ammo Bag symbols.
  • Combat Medic is one of the several pre-Update #100 skills to be unchanged in the update beyond name changes, tier, skill point, and skill tree changes, and slight mechanic changes.
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