Combat Medic

Combat Medic
Mastermind: Medic Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): You gain a 30% damage reduction for 5 seconds both after and during reviving another player.
Ace (3 pt): Reviving a crew member gives them 30% more health.


If a team member without this skill managed to revive an incapacitated player, the incapacitated player would become fully functional and have their health set to 40% of its total value. If the downed player was revived by someone with this skill aced, their health will be set to 52% instead. This value is fixed and does not depend on the number of times incapacitated, nature of incapacitation (bullet wounds, fall damage, Cloaker kick), time left in bleedout mode or bleedout state (still being able to shoot or not). On Mayhem difficulty and above, the base amount of recovered health (without this skill) is 10% instead of 40%. The skill increases this value to 13% of a player's total health. [1]


The basic version of this skill offers a limited and situational bonus. However, the exact nature of the situation in which this skill would be used makes it potentially the difference between life and death: if everything hinges on one player reviving the other, they may need all the help available to stay alive after that. The aced version also helps mostly in tight spots when it's difficult to avoid damage and let armor regenerate. This bonus to health may seem insignificant, but in tight situations it can make the difference between success and failure of a heist.

However, effective use of points allocated in this skill requires a group to have a dedicated reviver, which can be next to impossible in an out-of-control situation. Normally, a downed player will be revived by whichever player is closest, or otherwise able to at that moment. This significantly lowers the general value of Combat Medic, with one notable exception: Masterminds with the Inspire skill Aced will likely do most of the reviving anyway, which significantly increases the value of Combat Medic. Thus, Combat Medic becomes a useful skill for players who also take Inspire Ace.

On Mayhem and above, this skill becomes significantly less useful. The additional 3% health granted by having this skill aced is meaningless. Not considering armor, most law enforcers will be able to instantly deplete a player's health in only one or two shots regardless of whether health is at 10% or 13%. For players with Berserker, this skill actually becomes a hindrance. Players with Berserker aced will receive an 80% ranged damage buff and 200% melee/saw damage buff while at 10% health, but will receive only a 74% ranged and 185% melee/saw damage buff while at 13% health.


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