• 1. Behind the shack at the front of the house
  • 2. Inside the shack at the front
  • Rats1-18.jpg 3. Floating near burned out cars to the right of the house
  • 4. Under the truck holding ingredients
  • 5. Inside the shack at the back
  • 6. Under the stairs entering the house on the right
  • 7. Under the burned car closest to the house
  • 8. Immediately to the right when entering the basement, behind the door
  • 9. Immediately to the left when entering the basement
  • 10. At the back left of the basement
  • 11. At the back right of the basement
  • 12. On the counter of the kitchen on the bottom floor
  • 13. In the kitchen on the bottom floor
  • 14. At the middle of the bottom floor
  • 15. Just inside the right of the house, next to the window
  • 16. Next to the cooking platform on the top level, next to the stairs
  • 17. On the left of the (potential) cooking table
  • 18. Next to the barrels in the side-room of the upper level
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