Crack-bang is an achievement for leveling up in the Sharpshooter tree with their last kill being a sniper.


  • Have the Sharpshooter tree selected while you are reasonably close (more than three-quarters of the way) to gaining a reputation level. Then, kill a sniper, and do not kill any other enemy until you level up. This is typically done on First World Bank, Panic Room or Undercover because of their frequent sniper spawns. In Diamond Heist after grabbing all diamonds on desk there will spawn 1 sniper on the roof, kill sniper and finish heist.
  • Get to one headshot shy of completing one of the weapon expert challenges and close to gaining a reputation level. Then play a heist, easiest with one of three above, and kill a sniper with a headshot, thus completing the weapon expert challenge and gaining enough experience to level up.

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