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Dennaton Games is an independent Swedish game developer founded by programmer Jonatan Söderström and artist Dennis Wedin. Their company name originates from a combination of their names - DENNis & jonATa(O)N.


Jonatan Söderström, also known as Cactus, is an indie game developer who chiefly uses the GameMaker engine to create games for fun and for free. Jonatan said in an interview that he needed to actually start making money off of creating games, so he wanted to try a little bigger project to work on and he called up his friend Dennis, an artist, and them together created Dennaton Games and started working on their first game, Hotline Miami.

Dennaton Games and Overkill Software have begun a development collaboration in 2014, resulting in the heist based on their franchise that was released on September 30, 2014. As a second promotional crossover, Hotline Miami's protagonist Jacket will become available in PAYDAY 2 to anyone who purchases the Special Digital Edition of Hotline Miami 2 on Steam.

Games Developed[]


  • Their collaboration with Overkill Software have yet to produce any collaborative content, as they haven't created any content for PAYDAY 2, nor did Overkill create any content for Hotline Miami.
  • Upon answering a pager, Jacket may play a recorded line that states the name "Dennaton Enterprises".

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