Die Hard U100

Die Hard
Enforcer: Tank Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): You take 50% less damage while interacting with objects.
Ace (4 pt): Increases the armor of all Ballistic vests by 20.


The mechanics are fairly straight forward. While using any object that has an interaction phase/wheel with Die Hard basic active, any and all damage taken will be halved.

When Aced, Die Hard provides a 20 point increase to the armor rating of all equippable ballistic vests (Ballistic Vest, Light Weight Ballistic Vest and Heavy Ballistic Vest). Unlike the similar Iron Man skill and Armorer Perk Deck, Die Hard's effect is a straight increase of 20 rather than the addition of a percentage of the armor's base stats.


This skill can be handy to have if the player often has to interact with objectives, setting up drills or refilling ammo/health at a deployable bag where they can come under fire from multiple hostiles without being able to retaliate.

The Aced effect of this skill lends itself well to the focus of both the Artful Dodger skill tree and its respective Perk Deck, Crook. Both focus on increasing the effectiveness of a player using Ballistic Vests to remain fast on their feet without sacrificing too much survivability - the 20 point increase to armor allows the Ballistic Vest in question to soak up one or two more hits than otherwise possible, which, when used in conjunction with dodge chances given by Artful Dodger and Crook perk deck, combine to make the player surprisingly tanky, provided they are sprinting -- with the lightweight ballistic vest, it is possible to maintain a dodge chance of no less than 40% at all times, along with an armor rating in excess of the flak jacket when further combined with the relevant Tank skills.


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