Dire Need

Dire Need
Ghost: Artful Dodger Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): When your armor breaks, the first shot on every enemy will cause that enemy to stagger. This effect ends when your armor recovers.
Ace (6 pt): The effect persists for 6 seconds after your armor has recovered.


Any bullet that hits an enemy will trigger this effect; this does not include throwable weapons. Certain enemies, like Captain Winters, Bulldozers, and the Biker Boss, are immune to being staggered, and this skill will have no effect on them. [1]


While staggering enemies is potentially useful since they cannot shoot you and deplete your now exposed health bar while in this state, it may present itself as a double-edged sword as they may stumble in a way that makes it difficult to lead your shots and end up wasting ammo missing them while other enemies continue to shoot at you.


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