This article is about the PAYDAY 2 equipment. For the similar deployable in PAYDAY: The Heist, see Doctor bag.
Doctor bag
Inventory Slot Equipment
Equipment Type Deployable Medical Kit
Amount 1 case
Capacity 2 uses
Reset Bleedouts? Yes
Internal name doctor_bag
The doctor bag is a portable bag, usually used by a physician or other medical progression to transport medical supplies and medicine.

The doctor bag is a deployable equipment bag that fully replenishes a player's health and custody counter when interacted with. The basic Doctor bag will disappear after 2 uses, much like in PAYDAY: The Heist.


A player can carry another doctor bag by unlocking the Combat Doctor skill, and will gain 2 additional uses for each bag by acing the skill (4 uses total for each bag). Every time the doctor bag is used costs 1 use. Players can determine how many uses are remaining by looking at the number of remaining blood packages in the doctor bag.

In addition to replenishing lost health, each use in the Doctor bag also resets the number of times a player can get downed before automatically going into custody.

Unlike the Doctor bags of PAYDAY: The Heist which are deployed instantly, the bags in PAYDAY 2 takes a while to fully set up, leaving the player vulnerable for the entire duration of the placement.


  • In an extended heist with heavy opposition, a player should only use the doctor bag after they have gone down for the 3rd time (when the screen is black and white). Healing up at this point will allow the player to go down another 3 times. A player with the Nine Lives Aced skill allows said player to go down 4 times before being forced into custody on their 5th down, so adjust accordingly.
    • In One Down mode, players can only go down 1 time before the screen turns black and white, instead of the normal 3. Nine Lives Aced increases this value to 2, making doctor bags much more important on the highest difficulty.
  • If possible, do not use the doctor bag during non-critical situations even if your current health is low, as someone else might need it more when their screen goes black and white (indicating that the next down will have them go into custody immediately).


Affordable Healthcare Affordable Healthcare
While wearing the "44th" mask, place 61 doctor bags.
I Felt Bad For Him I Felt Bad For Him
On the Green Bridge job, leave a doctor bag for the dead man in a suit.


Combat Doctor

Combat Doctor
Mastermind: Medic Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): You can now deploy 2 Doctor Bags instead of just one.
Ace (6 pt): Your doctor bags have 2 more charges.


  • Despite being dubbed a "bag", the Doctor Bag in PAYDAY 2 is a portable first aid box. This is probably due to some of the game assets or definitions were recycled from PAYDAY: The Heist, in which it is a legitimate bag, and updating each and every relevant instance in the current game engine would prove to be too labor-intensive. As the Doctor bag was the only returning deployable with a significant model overhaul, this is more than likely (as others remain more or less the same kind of item, thus would have the same definition lines as their previous incarnations).
    • Also, despite being called a doctor bag, in-game characters refer to it as a "medic bag".[1]



  1. "I need a medic bag!"
    —Dallas, when at 25% health
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