Dodge this!

Dodge this! is an achievement for killing a Bulldozer and beating a heist without taking damage from any Bulldozers.


  • This is perhaps most easily accomplished during the heist First World Bank. Sit on top of the lobby balcony with the M308, or AMCAR-4 if you don't have the M308 unlocked yet. Wait for a Bulldozer to pass through the door. The Bulldozer should start shooting at the person closest to him, so get his head lined up. Start shooting at his visor, before he has time to change targets to you. Upon unloading a full magazine from an M308 into his visor, he should be dead.
  • Alternatively, plant a trip mine above head level (this will prevent other enemies from setting it off) in a choke point, such as a hallway or doorway, where you expect a Bulldozer to pass. The explosion will be enough to kill without the need to engage him directly.
  • Yet another method involves playing the heist Slaughterhouse. A Bulldozer may randomly drop out of the back of the armored truck (only if it falls to the ground) after the door is blown. This makes him an easy target for the brief period of time it take him to stand up. Just be sure to kill him before he manages to shoot back.
  • Remember, you must not take damage from any Bulldozers for the entirety of the heist.


  • The achievement's name is a reference to a quote spoken by Trinity in The Matrix, before promptly executing an elusive enemy with a single gunshot to the head.
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