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This article is about the the character Dragan. For the DLC pack, see Dragan Character Pack.

Dragan's character icon.

Dragan FBI Files.png
Dragan's profile image in the FBI Files.

Dragan's sketch in the FBI Files.

Dragan's paper craft model.

Career information
Role Infiltrator
Interpol agent (former)
Affiliation(s) The Payday Gang
Interpol (former)
Signature weapons
Ranged Lion's Roar
Melee Dragan's Cleaver Knife
Biographical information
Also known as Mr. Zubović
Nationality Croatia Croatian
Language(s) English, Croatian
Age 45
Physical description
Hair color Brown
Eye color Amber
Height 6' 0''
Build Stocky
Ethnicity Slavic
Appearance(s) PAYDAY 2
Portrayed by Dragomir Mršić
Voiced by Dragomir Mršić
Quotes Quotation page
Room Dragan's Gym
Internal name dragan
FBI Description
FBI Files: Judging by the emblem on the mask and the curses this man frequently utters, our conclusion is that he is Croatian. Our analysts indicate he has a good knowledge of police procedure, making it possible that he is a very experienced felon, but more likely a former undercover cop. Surveillance has captured him showing unnecessary violence to captive civilians, so we should maybe look into former Balkan cops with a history of violence.

It is likely that “Dragan” is connected to a Croatian weapon smuggler called Denisa Horvat, also known as “The Butcher”. This may indicate a growing relationship between the US based crew and the European crime networks.
"Stay down, don't show guts, or you WILL show guts."
—Dragan controlling civilians.

Dragan, full alias Dragan Zubović, is a heister working for The Butcher and new playable character introduced in The Bomb DLC trailer.

Like Clover, he was released in his eponymous DLC on January 22, 2015 along with his Lion's Roar and cleaver.



Life had been good to this corrupt Interpol agent. Everyone was on the take. He got to crack skulls, the money rolled in, and he lived like a king. On both sides of the law, he used his contacts to further his own agenda while playing them against each other. But that all ended when he betrayed his partner to the Butcher.

His reward for this ultimate act of backstabbing? To act as her confidant on a mission to the U.S. He would be given a fresh identity, a place with the infamous PAYDAY gang as part of a deal with Bain.

A new life in America, the land of golden criminal opportunities. Perhaps there, things would be different.


  • The last line of his description may be a reference to the announcement trailer for the game Grand Theft Auto IV, in which the main character, Niko Bellic, states that he has killed, smuggled, and sold people, and has come to America hoping things will be different.
    • This is also reinforced by the fact that both Dragan and Niko come from ex-Yugoslavian countries, with Dragan being from Croatia and Niko from Serbia.
    • The motivation of a character being "looking for a new life in the land of opportunities" is fairly common in mainstream media, making this connection rather debatable.
    • Additionally, Niko went to America after the repercussions of his actions, running from his former criminal organization leader, while Dragan was sent before things escalated shortly after backstabbing his Interpol partner, most likely as a mutual gain between The Butcher and Dragan.
  • "Dragan" (pronounced "dra-gan", like "dragon") is a common male Slavic first name, meaning "dear" or "precious". As the EFSA inspector refers to him by this name in The Bomb's teaser, it is highly likely that Dragan himself goes by this name in public.
    • Bain occasionally mispronounces Dragan as "Dray-gan" instead.
    • In the same teaser, Dragan also refers to himself as "Mr. Zubović" (pronounced Zubovich). Of course, seeing how Dallas, Hoxton and many other characters have used fake names to address themselves in public, it is fair to assume that "Zubović" is an alias.
      • If the above two are correct, then "Dragan Zubović" would be his full alias.
  • Dragan is a smoker, much like Dallas, John Wick, Jacket and Hoxton.
  • Some of Dragan's pager responses are well-known lyrical lines of songs.
    • His response, "Hello? Is it me you're looking for?" is a lyrical excerpt of, and reference to the 1984 song Hello by Lionel Richie.
    • His response, "I just called... to say... I love you." is the title and chorus line of a Stevie Wonder song.
    • Another response of his is a nod to Ylvis' 2013 hit The Fox, better known as "What Does the Fox Say?".
  • Dragan's actor Dragomir Mršić was actually a former bank robber. He helped plan and implement the 1990 robbery of Gotabanken in Sweden, but was discovered, arrested and sentenced to 3 years and 6 months in prison. After serving his sentence, he became a sports consultant and actor.
    • Dragan's appearance was only based partly on his actor, as Dragomir Mršić had long, curly hair in real life and in the Bomb's teaser, while his character has a similar cut to Dallas's in the in-game render.
    • Possibly as an allusion to his actor's current profession as a sports consultant, Dragan has a noted passion for healthy food, fitness and exercise, as evident by the loading screen tips and a personal gym for a room in the Safe House, where he can be seen constantly working out.

Dragan's mask. Note the 4 columns.

The flag, showing the Coat of Arms.

  • The checker on the forehead of his mask is an incorrect rendition of the Croatian Coat of Arms. His checkers are made of four columns, whereas the Croatian Coat of Arms has 5.
  • Dragan wears a burgundy suit with blue tie during heists, regardless of armor.
  • Dragan's relationship with the Butcher can be likened to the PAYDAY crew's acquaintance with Bain, though the crew have never seen their handler since the beginning of their operations while it can be implied that Dragan and The Butcher meet and discuss their contracts face to face.
    • Dragan is the only heister to be introduced by another contractor (being the Butcher) instead of Bain in one of his Contact Database lines.
  • Dragan is a former Interpol agent. To date, he is the only law enforcer-turned-heister protagonist of the series.
  • Dragan is the fourth heister not from the United States and the first Slavic heister so far. Being Slavic, Dragan refers to his teammates and other NPCs, events and so on in proper Eastern Europe fashion.
    • Dragan refers to Wolf as "Wulf" when calling out to him. This is not unusual, however, as "wulf" is the early Germanic form of "wolf", and is still widely used as of today as a common pronunciation and popular surname in Central-Eastern Europe, where Dragan came from.
    • When calling out to Dallas, Dragan may yell "HEY DALLA! COME WITH ME!" due to his accent.
    • Dragan will often curse in Croatian (e.g. "kurac", meaning "dick") when hurt, spotting an enemy or otherwise displeased with the current situation.
    • Occasionally, Dragan refers to a dish called sarma, which originates from Turkey but can be found throughout the Balkans, including Croatia.
    • He would occasionally refer to thrown Frag Grenades as "granata", literally meaning "grenade".
  • Similar to Wolf, Dragan will sometimes talk in his native language when in a tight spot.
  • He is the first heister introduced in PAYDAY 2 to not be inducted into the crew by a current member.
  • After Clover, Dragan is the second purchasable heister.
  • According to Bain, Dragan was a pit fighter in his youth. He had a total of 72 fights, of which he's won 63.
  • At a random point, he will shout "I am invincible" as he was taunting the cops. This is a reference to the fellow heister Chains, as he too considers himself indestructible and would often challenge his adversaries to take him down.
  • Due to a probable bug in the console versions, Dragan will sometimes use Jacket's Shield-killing confirmation clips in the unupgraded Crimewave Edition of PAYDAY 2. This error is fixed in the Big Score edition and upgraded Crimewave copies.
  • In an update, Dragan may appear outside of the Safe House to make a phone call which arouses suspicion from John Wick. Given the end of the PAYDAY 2 storyline (and Dragan having retired from his heisting days), it is unlikely the purpose of this phone call will ever be revealed. 
    • As demonstrated in the Safe House and in the E3 trailer teasing Rust, Dragan has a strong distrust for bikers. As said to fellow heisters Chains and Dallas, he considers them to be "gray, lazy, and fat". Ironically, the two men share some similarities as both committed acts of betrayal in order to join the PAYDAY gang. 




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