Calling Crewmates Edit

  • "Hey, <heistersname>!"
  • "<heistersname>!"
  • "Follow me!"
  • "Follow me now!"
  • "Come with me."
  • "On me, now!"
  • "This is the way!"
  • "Follow!"

Completing a Heist Edit

  • "Let's get out of here"
  • "We sure fucked up this place, in a good way!"
  • "We got away, and we got some shit with us too, huh?"
  • "I can't believe we made it out, crazy!"
  • "We are on a roll, motherfuckers!"
  • "Let's go fucking crazy."
  • "We kicked ass, we took names!"
  • "Inside here, come on, run, run!"
  • "Fuck, that was a rush."
  • "Not much finesse, but lot of bang!"
  • "Shit, that was insane!"
  • "Jebem vaš…!" (Fuck your…!)

Using Inspire Skill Edit

  • "Get off the ground!"
  • "Get back up and fight!"
  • "Get off your ass!"
  • "The pain is only in your mind!"
  • "You can do it!"
  • "Get up already!"
  • "Get up and walk it off!"
  • "Get up!"
  • "You, get up!"
  • "Fight now, sleep later!"
  • "Don't lie around!"
  • "No time for a nap!"


  • "Go faster!"
  • "Come on, run, run!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Hurry up!"
  • "Faster, faster!"
  • "Step it up!"

Special Enemies Edit

Bulldozer Edit

  • "Bulldozer!"
  • "Fucking dozer!"
  • "Dozer!"
  • "Big guy coming!"
  • "Dozer motherfucker!"
  • "Dozer spotted!"
  • "Got a dozer here!"
  • "Dozer right here!"

Killing Bulldozers Edit

  • "Guys - dozer killed!"
  • "Dozer out!"
  • "[Croatian] Nema više dozer!" (Dozer is no more!)
  • "I killed the dozer!"
  • "Got the dozer!"
  • "Big guy down."

Tasers Edit

  • "Taser!"
  • "Taser-stay back!"
  • "Look out, Taser!"
  • "Taser motherfucker!"
  • "Oh, it's a Taser!"
  • "Hey! Don't let the Taser get near!"
  • "That's a taser!"

Killing Tasers Edit

  • "Pogin'o Taser!" (killed the Taser)
  • "Uništio sam Taser!" (Destroyed the Taser!)
  • "I put down the Taser!"
  • "Killed the Taser!"
  • "Taser whacked!"

Shields Edit

  • "Jebeni shield!" (Fucking Shield!)
  • "Shield inbound!"
  • "Spotted a Shield!"
  • "Shield!"
  • "It's a shield!"
  • "Got a shield over here!"
  • "We got a shield!"
  • "It's a damn shield!"

Killing Shields Edit

  • "Got the shield!"
  • "Shield killed!"
  • "Shield down."
  • "Killed the shield!"
  • "We got the shield!"
  • "Cut down the shield!"
  • "Shield out!"
  • "One less shield, yeah!"
  • "Razbio se Shield!" (Smashed the Shield!)

Cloakers Edit

  • "Cloaker!"
  • "Fucking Cloaker!"
  • "That's a cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker sneaking up!"
  • "Cloaker coming!"
  • "Cloaker mother fuck!"

Killing Cloakers Edit

  • "Cloaker killed!"
  • "Cloaker down."
  • "Cloaker dead!"
  • "Cloaker out!"
  • "Cloaker eleminated! Ja idem ah!" (Cloaker eliminated! I'm on a roll!)

Sniper Edit

  • "Sniper!"
  • "A sniper!"
  • "Sniper there!"
  • "Take cover - sniper!"

Killing Snipers Edit

  • "Jebeni Snajper, nema više!" (Fucking Sniper is no more)
  • "Sniper down!"
  • "Sniper dead!"
  • "Yeah, sniper down."
  • "Got the sniper!"
  • "Got sniper dead!"

SWAT Van Turret Edit

  • "SWAT Turret!"
  • "Oh shit! Turret!"
  • "They moved in a turret!"

Dominating Edit

Guards and Other Law Enforcement Edit

  • "Drop it!"
  • "Hands up motherfucker!"
  • "Hands where I can see 'em, motherfucker!"
  • "Kneel!"
  • "Cuff yourself!"
  • "And sit down!"
  • "Cuffs!"
  • "Now, cuff yourself!"
  • "Put on your cuffs!"
  • "Bracelets!"
  • "Cuffs on!"
  • "Hey, motherfucker! Put 'em up!"

Civilians Edit

  • "Stay!"
  • "Down"
  • "Get down!"
  • "Stay still"
  • "Now, down!"
  • "On the ground!"
  • "Don't show guts or you will show guts!"
  • "Stay down and we be great friends, huh?"
  • "Look at the floor!"
  • "Don't you get up, I'll fucking kill you!"
  • "Do not make me interest in you."
  • "Stay put!"
  • "Don't be a witness, you will be steamrolled."
  • "Get up, and I kill you!"
  • "Like a lame donkey!"
  • "Smart man, stay down. Smart man, stay alive. You smart?"
  • "Don't fucking move!"
  • "Hands off the mobile telephones."
  • "Stay down, or I terminate your contract."
  • "Lay down!"
  • "Don't move!"
  • "Stay down and think happy things, like meatsandwich."
  • "Stay down and stay put!"
  • "Easy now, easy!"
  • "Sorry for English, you know, but get down or I kill you!"
  • "Ej, slušaj! (Listen here!) I have no problem putting hole in your brain, stay down!"
  • "Anyone gets off the ground gets capped in the ass."
  • "Don't make me say it again."
  • "Get down or get killed!"
  • "How do you Yankees say ... chill out? Well chill out or I fucking cut you in four!"
  • "Face down!"
  • "Move and I will cut your nose and shove it up you ass so you can smell your own poop!"
  • "Everyone stay down and stay quiet!"
  • "Keep relaxing, we having a good time!"
  • "Close your eyes, go to happy place."
  • "Faces to ground!"
  • "Bottoms to sky, yeah?"
  • "Stay on the ground, or I find a well and throw you in!"
  • "Bellies on the ground - now!"
  • "Stay still or be dead. Is a choice, huh?"
  • "Stay still, or I repaint the floor red, with a hint of brain!"
  • "Play dead, or this stops being a game!"
  • "Stay still, Yankees!"
  • "Be nice to Dragan, huh? Stay down, Dragan like you."

Masking Up Edit

  • "Let's do what we came for..."
  • "Let's do this, and let's do it well."
  • "Let's bite more than we can chew..."
  • "Let's do this, people."
  • "Let's get to it..."
  • "Locked and loaded."
  • "Time for action."
  • "Let's hit it!"
  • "Yeah, let's go crazy, huh?"
  • ""Idemo ludo." (Let's go crazy.)
  • "'Ajde da uradimo ovo, zato smo došli..." (Let's do this, it's why we came here...)
  • "'Ajde da uradimo ovo, i to dobro." (Let's do this, and do it well.)

Breaking Stealth Edit

  • "Alright now. This is getting interesti-ing!"
  • "Enough of this sneaking shit!"
  • "Let's go fucking crazy! Da vam pokažem, kako ubijamo u Hrvatskoj!" (Let me show you how we kill in Croatia!)

Pager Responses Edit

  • "The radio is near my crotch ... my boner pressed the button, not me."
  • "Hello, hello, hey. These shitty Russian radios never work. Fucking junk..."
  • "I was calling my mom ... thought this was my phone ... silly me."
  • "I thought I heard something too ... it wasn't you?"
  • "Sorry, man. Wrong button."
  • "We are okay, control. Nothing to worry about here."
  • "Sorry, control. I uh ... I fell asleep on the button."
  • "Apologies, control. Nothing to report."
  • "Sorry, control. I think the batteries are dying."
  • "Hello ... is it me you, looking for? Over."
  • "We are all fine here, control. How about you?"
  • "I thought I saw a burglar, but it was just a burger. The spelling confused me."
  • "Are you sure the call came from here?"
  • "I thought I saw a robber, but it was a jogger ... they rhyme, so I was confused."
  • "Everything is cool, maybe your speaker is making things up."
  • "Thanks for caring, but nothing is going on here."
  • "Everything is okay, control. I just sneezed right into the radio."
  • "Yeah, I was wondering ... what does a fox say?"
  • "Nothing to worry about here. Keep controlling, control."
  • "We all good here, thanks for calling."
  • "I just tested how hard I could press this button. I think my radio broke."
  • "I was changing batteries in my radio ... maybe it was that."
  • "Sorry, all is fine. I'm just hungry. You know my stomach is screaming."
  • "Hey, sorry, everything is 'kay. Thanks for caring."
  • "I just called to say ... I love you. Over."
  • "It's fine, control. I'm new to this."
  • "Halo halo Hrvatska... Hrvatska Banda.... Radio Hrvatska Beograd..." (Hello Hello Croatia.... Croatian Gang.... Radio Croatia Belgrade....)
  • "Everything is fine here, understand? Fine..."
  • "Quiet as a grave here, now let me go back to sleep."
  • "It's okay, control, I was just fooling around."
  • "Everything's under control, control."
  • "Everything is great, just great."
  • "Everything is fine here, control, bug someone else, huh?"

Throwables Edit

  • "Eat ... this!"
  • "Bombs away!"
  • "Grenade away!"
  • "Granata!" (Grenade!)
  • "Fireworks!"
  • "Hvataj!" (Catch this!)

Deployables Edit

  • "Guys, extra ammo here."
  • "Medic bag here!"
  • "Here's a first aid kit!"
  • "I placed a first aid kit here!"
  • "First aid kit, get your bandaid here."
  • "First aid kit, for anyone who needs it."
  • "Medic bag dropped."
  • "Ammo bag in place."
  • "Ammo bag dropped."
  • "Ammo, right here!"


  • "Bušilica sjebana!" (The drill is fucked!)
  • "Bušilica zaustavljena!" (The drill has stopped!)
  • "I think the drill has jammed."
  • "Drill jammed guys!"
  • "The drill is fucked up!"
  • "The drill shat its pants!"

Flashbangs Edit

  • "My eyes hurt like a motherfucker!"
  • "Fuck me in the eye socket!"
  • "Argh, this burns like hell!"
  • "I'm-I'm blind! Come help me out!"
  • "My eyeballs are on fucking fire!"
  • "Jebem ti, kak' me bole oči!" (Fuck, my eyes hurt!)

Smoke Grenades Edit

  • "Wall of smoke!"
  • "Smoke bomb!"

Tear Gas Edit

  • "Argh fuck! Tear gas!"
  • "Watch out, tear gas!"

Gage Mod Courier Packages Edit

  • "Got it!"
  • "I got it!"
  • "It's delivered!"

Map Specific Quotes Edit


  • "Kompjuter sjeban!" (The computer is fucked up!)
  • "The computer is acting up…like a kurva (whore)!"
  • "Something wrong with the computer."

Birth of Sky Edit

  • "Yeah!"
  • "Alright, this is my time! Dragan's time!"
  • "Dragan born, unleash the Dragan!"

Counterfeit Edit

  • "Hey."
  • "Found a crowbar."

First World Bank Edit

  • "Listen, this is a robbery. We won't hurt you. We are after bank money, not your's. Your money is insured. You lose nothing. Think of your family. Don't be a hero. Just stay quiet and down, and this will be over. You understand? Yeah..." - Robert De Niro - From Heat.

Undercover Edit

  • "Sit!"
  • "Right now!"
  • "Talk, motherfucker!"
  • "You want to die today? Huh?"
  • "You want to die, huh?"
  • "SPEAK!"
  • "Are you fucking idiot?"
  • "Don't be brave!"
  • "Don't be a hero!"

Safehouse Edit


  • "You could also need some training, you're looking puffy."
  • "Come, work out - you're looking fat."
  • "They call me the Croatian Rocky."

If the player is Dallas Edit

  • "Dallas, come work out, get rid of that baby fat."

If the player is Bodhi Edit

  • "Hey surfer man."

If the player is RustEdit

  • "I still don't trust you, biker... Don't talk to me..."

If the player is Jimmy Edit

  • "The way you live, man.. I don't get it. It's like you don't care if you live, or die."

If the player is Houston Edit

  • "You shouldn't take so much shit from Hoxton, man."

If the player is Sydney Edit

  • "Sydney. You crazy bitch.. I like you."

If the player is Sokol Edit

  • "What? You want to play, huh? Come on and show me what you got."


  • "Where's... where's my protein shake?"
  • "Must remember leg day tomorrow... Yeah..."
  • "Is it push up time, maybe?"
  • (Singing) "It's the eye of the tiger, it's the- deugh... Oh fuck this, man. I am no fucking singer!"
  • *Heavy breathing during exercises*

Gym at tier 1Edit

  • "This gym needs a full, fucking upgrade."
  • "Where did you get this equipment, eh? A museum? Fuck me, man..."

Gym at tier 2Edit

  • "Have you seen this new equipment? It's good stuff."
  • "Don't just stand there, come work out. Get rid of some of that baby fat."
  • "It doesn't feel like I'm in a prison gym anymore."
  • "Train hard everyday and you get strong like me."
  • "Look at these muscles, you fuckers. This is Croatian steel, right here, huh?"
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