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Masking upEdit

  • "Let the play begin."
  • "Our task beckons."
  • "So the curtain rises."
  • "Let's get to work."

Calling Crewmates Edit

  • "Hey <heistername>?, follow me, onward."
  • "<heistername>? Come on, follow me."
  • "<heistername>? Follow me, HO."

Dominating Edit

Civilians Edit

  • "Don't raise your head unless you want a Darwin award."
  • "Find that zen place in your mind, and stay down."
  • "Find a comfortable position and relax."
  • "Stay down, and I won't shoot."
  • "Get down."
  • "Down, dammit!"
  • "Don't move, stay down."
  • "Just breathe calmly and think of a happy place."
  • "Look at the floor, not at me."
  • "On the floor."
  • "Stay down, try to meditate or something."
  • "Your safety depends on your behavior."
  • "Hit the floor."

Cops/Swats Edit

  • "Hands up!"
  • "Digits in the air!"
  • "Drop your weapon."
  • ”Reach for the sky.”
  • "Hands up, now."
  • "On your knees!"
  • "Kneel before the Duke!"
  • "On your knees, now."
  • "Cuffs on, now."
  • "Put your cuffs on!"

Completing a Heist Edit

  • "Perfect. Almost a shame no one saw it." (After finishing a heist in stealth)
  • "Fantastic!"
  • "Fantastic! But my dry cleaner will be working overtime!"

Stealth Edit

Spotting a camera Edit

  • "Stay off the CCTV."
  • "CCTV, over there."
  • "Watch it, CCTV."
  • "Watch the camera."
  • "Watch that camera."
  • "It's a camera."
  • "Camera."
  • "Camera, right there."
  • "There's a camera, there!"

Spotting a guard Edit

  • "It's a guard."
  • "Look out, guard."
  • "There's a guard."
  • "There's a guard there."
  • "Watch the guard."
  • "Guard."
  • "Watch that guard."
  • "Watch out for the guard."

Assault Wave Inbound Edit

  • "The horrors!"

Special Enemies Edit

Bulldozers Edit

  • "It's a dozer!"
  • "Dozer alert!"

Killing Bulldozers Edit

  • "The dozer is dead."
  • "I got the dozer."

Shields Edit

  • "It's a shield!"
  • "Watch the shield!"

Killing Shields Edit

  • "The shield is down!"
  • "The shield is dead!"

Tasers Edit

  • "It's a taser!"

Killing Tasers Edit

  • "The taser is dead."
  • "The taser will be tasing no more."

Cloakers Edit

  • "Cloaker!"

Killing Cloakers Edit

  • "I got the cloaker."
  • "The cloaker is dead!"

Snipers Edit

  • "Look out, sniper!"
  • "Look out, it's a sniper!"

Killing Snipers Edit

  • "The sniper is dead."
  • "I got the sniper!"

Medics Edit

  • "They have a medic!"
  • "Watch out, medic!"

Killing Medics Edit

  • "Medic, heal thyself!"
  • "Physician, heal thyself!"

SWAT Van TurretEdit

  • Damn, a turret!
  • It's a turret!
  • Watch it, they got a turret!
  • "A turret!"

Captain WintersEdit

  • "It's the captain!"
  • "Watch the captain!"

Using Inspire Skill Edit

  • "Come on!"
  • "Run!"
  • "Faster!"
  • "No time for a nap!"
  • "You, wake up!"
  • "Come on, get up!"

Pager Responses Edit

  • "Hey control, nothing to report."
  • "No excitement to report control, all is normal."
  • "Everything's calm here, no news."
  • "I was just off to the bathroom, sorry for not telling you."
  • "Thanks for calling, I was getting lonely, very thoughtful of you."
  • "I slipped and fell on the radio *laugh* how embarrassing."
  • "Sorry control, I was just feeling strange there for a moment."
  • "Not a great deal going on here, nope."

Deployables Edit

  • "Does anyone need a band aid?"
  • "Medical bag is ready."
  • "I dropped an ammo bag here."
  • "Who would like a bag of bullets?"
  • "Ammunition for everyone."
  • "First aid kit ready."
  • "There's a first aid kit here."
  • "I deployed a first aid kit."
  • "I deployed a body bag case."

Throwables Edit

  • "Fire in the hole!"
  • "Grenade!"
  • "Cover your ears!"
  • "A little present."
  • "How do you like this?"

Tear Gas Edit

Flashbangs Edit

Smoke Grenade Edit

  • "Smoke grenade! Wait until the smoke clears!"

Directions Edit

Health & Bleed-out Edit

Low Health Edit

  • "AAH! Someone get me a medic bag!"
  • "Medic baaag!"
  • "Agh! I'm hurt. Can anyone spare a medical bag?"
  • "Agh! Medic bag!"

Asking for Help (During Bleed-Out) Edit

  • "<heistername>, I need help!"
  • "<heistername>, can you help me?"
  • "<heistername>, I need a hand here!"
  • "<heistername>, can you help me here?"

Low Ammunition Edit

Objectives Edit

Drill Restart Edit

Drill/Saw/Hack Stopped Edit

Unbagged Loot Spotted Edit

Map Specific Quotes Edit

Birth of Sky Edit

  • "Let's GOOOO!!"
  • "Whoa-haaaaaw!"

Safe House Edit

Talking to a Specific Heister Edit

Talking to Any HeisterEdit

CPU-Controlled Only Edit

Casing Mode Edit

Assault Wave Edit

  • "Let slip the dogs of war!"
  • "It's not tidy, but it's exciting!"
  • "They're really asking for it, aren't they?"
  • "Send more cops, please!"
  • "This might hurt!"

Acknowledging Player Command Edit

  • "Coming!"
  • "On my way!"
  • "Alright."
  • "Okay."
  • "Understood."

Reviving Player/A.I. Edit

  • "That looks like a mortal wound."
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