ECM Overdrive

ECM Overdrive
Ghost: Shinobi Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Your ECM jammer and feedback duration is increased by 25%.
Ace (6 pt): Your ECM jammer can now also be used to open certain electronic doors.


Along with Nimble, this skill is one of the Shinobi's entry skills. It grants silent access to doors that are locked with a keycard reader, mostly security rooms. Certain keycard readers are excluded from using this skill on entirely arbitrary reasons (Shadow Raid). This skill cannot be used on timelocked keycard readers such as those found in Big Bank, Shadow Raid, GO Bank or The Diamond.


The basic version of this skill is highly useful for frequent ECM users or to allow more effective ECM rushes. The additional 25% duration (which equates to roughly 5 seconds), is indispensable in an ECM rush. The aced version of this skill is also the second best way to silently open security doors, with the only other quick silent alternatives being a keycard (which is ideal, but sometimes impossible). Alternaitvely a drill upgraded with Hardware Expert can be used, but these risk detection. Of the two, the ECM jammer is superior as it is far faster than the drill and will never be detected by a guard (although the open security door or the contents of the security room may alert some guards, as with the server room of Big Bank and Big Oil).

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