ECM Specialist

ECM Specialist
Ghost: Shinobi Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You can now place 2 ECM jammers instead of just one.
Ace (8 pt): The ECM jammer duration is increased by an additional 25% and the ECM feedback duration lasts 25% longer. Pagers are delayed by the ECM jammer.


The mechanics of the skill are almost entirely as explained in its description: 

  • The Basic version of the skill allows for another ECM Jammer to be carried and deployed by the player.
  • The Aced version of the skill has two effects:
    • It will enable active jammers to delay the response time (yellow highlight) of dead guards' pagers for the entire duration of the jam. Pagers cannot be answered until the jamming duration ends.
    • It also extends the duration of an ECM Jammer's jamming and feedback loop. This effect stacks with similar effects from ECM Overdrive.


The technical knowledge required to use this skill is relatively simple, as it is only a tactical extension of the basic ECM Jammer. The basic version of this skill grants the player an extra Jammer, which could come in handy in heists where there are too many civilians to control with just one device, or in protracted stealth runs when the crew must prevent calls to the police but requires more time than is offered by the short duration of a single basic jammer.

In particular, the extra jammer makes solo stealth runs of Four Stores incredibly easy as one ECM can be used to open the ATM in the convenience store (behind which the player can easily hide while waiting for the van) and a second can be deployed to ensure the alarm cannot be triggered while running to the escape.

Pairing it with ECM Overdrive lets the team open up to 2 keycard doors. The basic version of Overdrive will also stack with this skill's duration-increasing effect for a total duration of 31.25 seconds, and allows the Feedback Loop to last 50% longer or approximately 25-30 seconds.

Be warned, though, this skill does not extend the response timer, it pauses it instead, and the countdown will resume after the device have worn off. Any guards killed during the jam will have their pagers triggered as soon as the jam ends, therefore care should be taken to avoid killing more guards than there are players present. ECMs placed after a pager has activated will not delay its response timer. In other words, once a pager has begun to count down (as indicated by the yellow outline around a guard's corpse), this skill will have no effect on the pager, which must be answered to avoid triggering the alarm.

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