Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 1
Basic (1 pt): Decreases the time it takes to draw and holster pistols by 33%.
Ace (3 pt): You gain a 8 weapon accuracy with pistols.


As stated in the description, the basic skill reduces weapon swap time when a pistol is equipped or put away (only affects the animation of pistol draw/holster, and not other weapons). The Aced version of the skill simply increases the accuracy of all pistols.

As of Update 46, this skill now applies to all Akimbo pistols.


  • Equilibrium is likely a reference to the 2002 movie of the same name, in which the main protagonist John Preston's signature firearm is a modified pistol that shoots blazingly fast and as equally accurate, similar to the effect of the aced skill on in-game pistols.
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