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Ethan's character icon.

H3H3 FBI Files.jpg
Ethan's profile image in the FBI Files.

Sketch-ecp male-large.jpg
Ethan's sketch in the FBI Files.

Career information
Role Tag Team
Affiliation(s) h3h3Productions
The Payday Gang
Signature weapons
Ranged Airbow
Melee Two Handed Great Ruler
Grenade Gas Dispenser
Biographical information
Also known as Ethan Klein
Nationality USA American
Language(s) English
Age 32
Physical description
Hair color Black, greying
Appearance(s) PAYDAY 2
Portrayed by Ethan Klein
Voiced by Ethan Klein
Quotes Quotation page
Room Ethan and Hila's Video Corner
Internal name ecp_male
FBI Description
This couple seemingly came out of nowhere. No criminal background to speak of, no prior issues of note. Internet personalities known by the general public for their “streams” and “podcasts”, occasionally defending those they deem unfairly judged. As to what skills they possess that would entice an organization such as to employ them, we can only speculate at present, taking into account that it may draw public scrutiny.
Hila reportedly has military experience, but to what extent it will be useful to the Payday gang is unknown, even after many weeks of surveillance. There could however be some motive in reasons pertaining to their assumed skill at media manipulation. Why an outfit like the Payday gang would even seem appealing to join from the couple’s perspective, also remains a mystery.

Ethan is the 20th playable character in PAYDAY 2. He was released alongside his wife Hila on October 25, 2017 as part of the h3h3 Character Pack.


A little bit of David to the internet's proverbial Goliath, Ethan is proof that you can never really know what goes on inside Bain's head. As a skilled social media broadcaster, Ethan and his spouse Hila drew the legal ire of some individuals with their documentary work and were forced to spend a minor fortune defending themselves, leaving them financially vulnerable. His skills in public relations and engagement attracted the interest of Bain, who convinced him and his wife to join Payday with promises of restitution, fortune, and glory.


  • Ethan has a habit of referencing numerous memes and inside jokes to his videos in his quotes, with vaping, his FUPA ("Fatty Upper Pubic Area"), Hugh Mungus to name a few.
    • His Deployable and Melee weapon are also in reference to his videos.
  • Ethan (and Hila) are the first and so far only heister to share a DLC, character room and weapons with another. The couple is also the first to have known relatives appear in the game in person instead of being mere names.
    • Based on his safe house quotes, apparently being a heister is plenty times more lucrative than making h3h3 content on YouTube. However, he and Hila returned to online broadcasting as the "criminal life" wasn't suited for them as initially thought after The White House heist.
  • Ethan and Hila's masks are unique in that they sport beanies. They do not show up on the "Begins" variants.
  • Ethan and Hila have uploaded a playtesting video of themselves.
  • Prior to the official release of the h3h3 pack, Ethan was announced as the "playable" character of the Ethan Character Pack.



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