Far Away

Far Away
Enforcer: Shotgunner Tier 3
Basic (3 pt): Your accuracy bonus while aiming down sights with Shotguns is increased by 40%.
Ace (6 pt): You gain a 50% increased effective range with Shotguns when aiming down sights.


The basic version of this skill increases the accuracy of shotguns by 40% when a player aims down the sights.

The aced version of the skill increases both the minimum damage range and maximum damage range of shotguns by 50% when they aim down the shotgun's iron sights.

The following table shows the range values of shotgun ammo types before and after the increase.

Minimum Range Maximum Range
Normal / 000 20 m -> 30 m 50 m -> 75 m
Slug / Dragon's Breath 40 m -> 60 m 74.5 m -> 111.75 m
Flechette 40 m -> 60 m 91 m -> 136.5 m
HE 40 m -> 60m 115 m -> 172.5 m


When combined with Flechette Ammunition players with the aced version of this skill are capable of taking on Snipers with their shotguns, especially with weapons like the Mosconi 12G, Breaker 12G and Goliath 12G. However, the basic version of this skill will limit the spread of shotguns while aiming down the sights, which is not always desirable. In particular, close-quarters and medium-range combat capabilities will be diminished, and it will be more difficult to kill multiple enemies in a single shot.

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