Fugitive: Brawler Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): You only get 30% of your maximum health and cannot heal above it but you take 10% less damage and healing received is reduced by 75%.
Ace (8 pt): Damage taken is now reduced by 25% and healing received is reduced by 0%.


Frenzy activates at the start of each heist, damaging the player's health and locking it at 30% of its maximum for the duration of the mission. This skill in its Basic version reduces healing received by 75%, which is removed if the Aced version is taken. As a trade off you get a 10% (Basic) and 25% (Aced) health and armor damage reduction.

This skill does not reduce healing from the Ex-President Perk Deck.


Frenzy synergizes greatly with Berserker and the Yakuza Perk Deck, activating them at the start of every heist without the need to hurt yourself or getting downed, as well as strengthening your remaining health to reduce the chances of being downed. It can also ensure one's health stays appropriately low enough even when using a deployable to heal if needed.

Combined with the Berserker, you will have a minimum of +100% melee damage and +40% ranged damage (if Aced).

The damage reduction applies to your armor as well, so using it along with a high armor stat gives you a great deal of survivability.

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