Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded
Enforcer: Ammo Specialist Tier 4
Basic (4 pt): Your total ammo capacity is increased by 25%.
Ace (8 pt): Increases the amount of ammo you gain from ammo boxes by 75%. You also gain a 5% base chance to get a throwable from an ammo box. The base chance is increased by 1% for each ammo box you pick up that does not contain a throwable. When a throwable has been found, the chance is reset to its base value.
Note: Does not stack with the perk deck skill "Walk-in Closet".


It is often recommended to acquire this skill as soon as it becomes available, especially if the player is bad with ammo management. Weapons with high rate-of-fire (e.g. SMGs and LMGs) benefits greatly from this skill, as the 25% total ammo increase usually means that they will have an extra magazine to spend, meaning that the player can lay down suppressing fire for longer than normal.

Keep in mind that rocket weaponry, like the HRL-7 and the Commando 101 does not collect ammo from pickups, meaning the basic version of fully loaded affects them even more since they not only get more ammo to spend initially but also get more use out of an ammo bag since the ammo depletion is based on percentage of maximal ammo carried. For instance, a player with a Commando 101 who normally only carries 8 rockets, now carries 10 which means they can replenish 20 instead of 16 (40 instead of 32 for improved ammo bags).

The aced version goes well for users that cannot equip an explosive primary or secondary weapon for whatever reason and needs to rely on throwables. It is best to use Fully Loaded with grenades and molotovs, since most of the other throwables can simply be retrieved after being thrown in normal circumstances (not thrown outside of the map boundaries). However, throwables like the Injector and Smoke Bomb do not benefit from the aced version since they are never permanently depleted.

As of Update 45.1, the scripting conflict that caused the Walk-In Closet Perk to override this skill has been corrected. The Aced version of the skill only provides a 40% increase over the passive 35% granted by Walk-In Closet, making the cost to Ace it less reasonable of a choice.


  • The calculation for the throwable dropchance is broken, instead gaining 1% of itself rather than an additional 1% chance per failed roll (meaning the second roll is 5.05%, not 6% and so forth).
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