Gage Weapon Pack #02
Gage weps pack 02
Gage Weapon Pack 02 title card.
Downloadable Content Info
Developer(s) Overkill Software
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release Date(s) January 30, 2014 (PC)
November 2014 (PS3, X-Box 360)
June 16, 2015 (PS4, Xbox One)
Price(s) $2.99 USD
Type Weapon Content Pack
Available At Steam Store

The Gage Weapon Pack #02 is the third paid DLC Pack for PAYDAY 2.

Customization optionsEdit

Once you have bought the DLC, you will unlock 1 of each item type in your inventory and will now be able to obtain all of them via card drops.

"Of course, it wouldn't be a Gage pack unless he included some insane masks for you to conceal your identity with. I don't even know where he got the inspiration from, but I am guessing... machine guns... and... supervillains ? No idea. Let's find out."
—Announcement site quote.


"Gage figures if you can't see the enemy until they're right on top of you, you gotta be able to shoot them a lot very quickly once you DO spot them; and nothing else will fire more bullets in a shorter time than these babies. They also carry a metric s♥♥t-ton of ammo, so even if you can't see them coming, you can always afford to spray a bit of extra lead into open vents and manholes for good measure. Better safe than sorry, right?"
—Announcement site quote.

Gage knife banner
"Guns for show, knives for pro's – Gage has carefully selected four of his favorite knives to give to you from his huge knife collection. Choose between the URSA Knife, Krieger Blade, Berger Combat Knife and the Trautman Knife."
—DLC Page Description

Knives are a new feature introduced in a patch alongside this DLC, introducing new melee weapons and gameplay to the game.

Weapon ModificationsEdit


"And finally, what would a DLC be without the added achievements to unlock. Gage heard that you don't like stat based achievements and went out of his way to create 10 really, really hard achievements. Check them out below."
—Announcement site quote.

They Drew First Blood, Not Me They Drew First Blood, Not Me
Kill 220 enemies in a single heist using any light machine gun.
Killin’s As Easy As Breathing Killin’s As Easy As Breathing
Kill 10 enemies in a row using any light machine gun without releasing the trigger.
Cloak and Dagger Cloak and Dagger
Kill a Cloaker with a knife.
I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed I Ain’t Got Time to Bleed
Take down 15 FBI SWAT and FBI Heavy SWAT units with a knife while at 25% or less health on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.
FBI SWAT are also known as Heavy Response Units while FBI Heavy SWAT are known as Maximum Force Responders.
Are You Kidding Me? Are You Kidding Me?
Kill a Bulldozer in a knife fight.
You finally got what you were asking for!
Get downed by a cloaker.
In Town You’re the Law, Out Here It’s Me In Town You’re the Law, Out Here It’s Me
Kill a jump kicking Cloaker using any Shotgun.
The Eighth and Final Rule The Eighth and Final Rule
On the Night Club heist, kill 50 law enforcers using your fists.
Don’t Push It Don’t Push It
Kill a charging Cloaker using the Deagle pistol.
Doctor Miserable Doctor Miserable
On day 2 of the Big Oil job, complete the heist with the last engine being correct on the OVERKILL difficulty or above.

The following appeared on January 27, 2014, and were replaced at the release of Gage Weapon Pack #02 on January 30.

Achievement locked Oh my god...
Achievement locked We're done for now
Achievement locked This is truly the end
Achievement locked We’re really screwed
Achievement locked We've done it this time
Achievement locked Sweet baby Jesus...
Achievement locked Ohhh crap!
Achievement locked HOLY SHI-
Achievement locked Get out of there!
Achievement locked Get away from me! Get away from me!

  • Three of the achievements from this pack are a references to the Rambo film series.
    • They Drew First Blood, Not Me and In Town You're the Law, Out Here It's Me are references to the First Blood, the first referencing the title, the second referencing a quote by John Rambo in the movie.
    • The requirements for unlocking They Drew First Blood, Not Me references John Rambo's total number of kills throughout the series, 220.
    • Killin’s As Easy As Breathing is a reference to a quote said by John Rambo in the 2008 film Rambo, the last of the four films in the series.
  • The Ain't Got Time To Bleed achievement is a reference to a quote from the film Predator.
  • The Eighth and Final Rule is a reference to the film Fight Club.
    • The eighth rule of Fight Club is "If this is your first night at fight club, you have to fight."
    • The basement of Nightclub, where the achievement is unlocked, strongly resembles Fight Club's underground fighting arena, which also takes place in the basement of a bar.

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