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Garage Escape.

Garage Escape is one of the escape scenarios in PAYDAY 2. The crew are pushed off the road and their van crashes into a nearby parking garage. This escape can occur directly after Framing Frame Day 1, Nightclub, Rats Day 1 and Day 2, and Transport: Harbor


  1. Stay alive until the new escape vehicle arrives.
  2. Secure any bags in the escape vehicle. (Optional)
  3. Escape.


The group starts next to their van, which is now on fire due to having crashed into the bottom of a car garage. Bain will call in a second escape vehicle that is waiting near the entrance to the garage at the surface. However, the Police SWAT have arrived in full force and proceed to cut off any nearby route. The crew will need to fight up and out of the garage to reach the escape vehicle in time, as well as secure any bags they have with them.

One way to ascend the parking garage is to run up the ramps. Various abandoned vehicles can be used for cover, but time is of the essence. Players will only get a small window of time to sprint for the escape vehicle while fending off assaulting law enforcement.

Snipers will spawn on surrounding rooftops at the top level of the garage.


The first door is open but the second and third doors need to picked, sawed or blown open. This provides a much better route as it is more direct and involves very little combat.

This means bypassing a large assault on the way up. By way of the stairs, a single player may move as many bags as they need to safely and quickly, comfortably moving more than 8 bags well within the time limit.


Where to throw the bags.

If the player has Transporter skill, they can toss the bags up to the second level of the garage from the start, then carry them up the stairs. It is also possible to throw the bags to the upper level without the skill by climbing on nearby cars first.

Taking the stairs are always recommended, unless there are no bags to carry.

If you don't want to take the stairs up, you may find another way to the van near the top of the normal way out. Once you get there, look to your left and you may notice an area to saw or pick open, sawing is recommended because of the assault that is nearby.


They See Me Baggin', They Hatin' They See Me Baggin', They Hatin'
On the Garage escape, get away with 8 bags.
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