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In both games of the series, several additional graphic options can be selected to slightly alter the games' display during missions.

Color grading[]

Color grading was added as a video option for PAYDAY: The Heist in Patch 3. As of Patch 12, there are nine variations inspired by action movies and other video games.

Accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Color Grading.

"Each heist is different. The mood, the set up, the style. And to heighten that even further, we are introducing 12 unique Screen Filters for each and every heist. So now you’ll get even more immersed when you take on your favorite heist as everything from lightness, fog, colors and darkness can change."
—The Search for Kento Day 4 page.

Added in Update #138 during The Search for Kento PAYDAY 2 community event were eleven graphic filters that are accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Color Grading.

  • The Matrices filter in both games is a reference to The Matrix franchise, where a flushed yellow-green filter is applied to almost every scene depicting the virtual world created by the eponymous Matrix.
  • The Mad Planet filter in PAYDAY 2 is a reference to PlatinumGames' 2009 hack-and-slash game MadWorld.


The main menu screens of PAYDAY: The Heist can be customized with certain themes as of Patch 7.

Accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Theme Selection.

Corpse limit[]

"When you’ve reached the point in a heist where you ask yourself “What have I done?” you’ve got the right setting."
—Hoxton's Housewarming Party Day 8 page.

Added in Update #116 during the Hoxton's Housewarming Party PAYDAY 2 community event, the corpse limit setting changes how many bodies can be visible on screen at the same time.

Accessible through Options ▶ Video ▶ Advanced ▶ Corpse Limit.

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