Gun Nut

Gun Nut
Fugitive: Gunslinger Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your pistol magazine sizes are increased by 5 bullets.
Ace (4 pt): You gain a 50% increased rate of fire with pistols.


The basic skill increases the user's magazine size, which can be useful for pistols whose maximum capacity is limited due to a small extended mag, or the lack of such a modification entirely. Akimbo pistols gain 5 bullets per magazine, resulting in a total increase of 10. This effect does not apply to the revolvers (Bronco .44, Peacemaker .45, Matever .357, Castigo .44), but does apply to the equally-damaging Parabellum.

The aced skill greatly increases the user's rate of fire with pistols, allowing for much greater amounts of damage to be dealt in a short timeframe compared to the same pistols without skills. This can be especially handy for players trying to gun down a charging Cloaker, facing off with a Bulldozer, or making a last stand in a dead-end against enemies pressing in quickly. It also synergizes well with Swan Song aced and Bulletstorm, as one would not need to worry about their ammo reserves or reload times.

However, one major drawback with the aced version is dealing with the increased recoil and consumption of ammo, especially if a pistol or/and its akimbo version if applicable has low stability and/or low ammo in reserve. This can be compenstated though with Stable Shot, The Professional if a user is wielding silenced pistols, and skills to boost one's reserve ammo.


  • When the beta for the Update 100 skill revisions was first announced, this skill was known as "Dance Instructor" and increased the player's magazine size by 15 rounds before being nerfed down to 5.
    • The skill's working name "Dance Instructor" may be a reference to the Bullet Dancing trope.
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