Heavy Impact

Heavy Impact
Technician: Oppressor Tier 2
Basic (2 pt): Your shots have a 5% chance to stagger all enemies except Bulldozers and Captain Winters.
Ace (4 pt): Increase your stagger chance to 20%.


This skill is quite straightforward, the basic version of this skill will give your shots a 5% chance to stagger all enemies except for Bulldozers and Captain Winters.

The ace version of this skill increases the 5% chance to 20%.


Quite simply, this skill is all about staggering one's enemies by shooting them. Due to the initially low proc chance, a weapon with high fire rate (e.g. the Buzzsaw 42 or STRYK 18c) can make great use of this skill, provided they don't hose the enemies down first since not many police units can survive a full volley.

Acing the skill has the added benefit of lowering the minimum fire rate required to achieve full effect, allowing slower-firing weapons to stun enemies as well. Shotguns also become viable at this point despite their generally high damage, as well-placed shots into a large mob can stun those not killed by the initial firing, allowing the player more time to gun them down.


  • Contrary to the icon's depiction, this skill provides no staggering effect when shooting directly at the Shield unit's tower shields, though hitting the officer himself does.
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