Masking upEdit

  • "Alright, here goes nothin'..."
  • "Let's get it on..."
  • "Let's show 'em how it’s done..."
  • "Okay, let's get rich..."
  • "Time to rock and roll..."
  • "Time to get rich..."
  • "Hey, make it happen..."

Calling CrewmatesEdit

  • "<heistername>, follow me."
  • "<heistername>, follow me quickly!"
  • "<heistername>, come with me."
  • "<heistername>, on me."
  • "<heistername>, on me, now!"

Calling HoxtonEdit

  • "Hey, assface!"
  • "Hey, dickhead!"
  • "Hey, cockboy!"
  • "Hey, limpdick!"
  • "Teabag!"

Completing a heistEdit

  • "And that is how we do it!"
  • "Great work, professional work!"
  • "I almost can't believe we did it!"
  • "Haha! We're on fire!"
  • "Haha, we're in the clear!"
  • "Like clockwork."


  • "Left!"
  • "To the left!"
  • "Right."
  • "To the right!"
  • "Down the stairs."
  • "There!"
  • "Over there!"
  • "This is it!"
  • "This is the place!"
  • "Hurry, hurry!"
  • "Get in."
  • "Inside!"

Heist progressEdit

  • "Shit."
  • "Fuck!"
  • "Oh, fuck..."
  • "It's stuck, dammit!"
  • "Fucking thing's stuck!"
  • "Fire at it!"
  • "Get behind something!"
  • "Clear the blast radius."
  • "Back the fuck up."
  • "JESUS that was loud."
  • "Christ... Smells like Detroit!"
  • "Helicopter, inbound!"
  • "They're on the roof!"
  • "They're coming from above!"
  • "Don't forget about the cameras."
  • "Watch the damn civilians."
  • "Careful with the civilians."
  • "Watch the people."
  • "Cable ties are there to be used."
  • "Cable ties. Use them."
  • "Use the cable ties."
  • "C'mon, we gotta find him!" (Referring to Bank Manager)
  • "I got the drill!"
  • "Drill's in place."
  • "Drill's going."
  • "Hrmm… Now we gotta fucking wait..."
  • "One minute!"
  • "Thirty seconds!"
  • "Steady now. Hold it."
  • "Wait for it. Wait for it..."
  • "Any moment now."
  • "Any second now."
  • "Just a couple more seconds."
  • "Time to get noisy!"
  • "Time for some real action!"
  • "Let's REALLY fuck shit up!"
  • "Open fire!"
  • "Shoot 'em!"
  • "Get 'em!"
  • "Let's get back to the job."
  • "Let's get this stuff moving!"
  • "Get out!"
  • "Hurry up!"
  • "Gotta get outta here!"
  • "We're almost there!"

Repairing drillEdit

  • "Why don't we just use a spoon?"
  • "This drill is worthless!"
  • "This drill is a joke!"
  • "Where'd we get this fucking drill?!"
  • "Keep drilling, you piece of shit!"
  • "I hate this fucking drill."
  • "This drill sucks."
  • "Worst of all the drills we've ever had."
  • "Who sold us this drill, the cops?!"
  • "We need a bigger drill."

Picking lockEdit

  • "Just picking this lock. Come on, come on..."
  • "Hang on while I pick the lock."
  • "I'm picking the lock."
  • "Lockpicking... takes time."



  • "Put your hands up."
  • "Put 'em up!"
  • "Hands where I can see 'em!"
  • "Lower your weapon!"
  • "Lower. Your. Weapon."
  • "Hands. Up."
  • "Don't do anything stupid!"


  • "Hands up!"
  • "Hands up, hands up!"
  • "Drop it!"
  • "Drop it now!"
  • "Drop the gun!"
  • "Drop the weapon now!"
  • "Drop your weapon! Drop it!"
  • "Get your hands up!"
  • "Put your hands up!"
  • "Put your fuckin' hands up!"
  • "Put your hands up, motherfucker!"
  • "Put your motherfucking hands up!"
  • "Put your motherfuckin' hands up!"
  • "I've had a bad day!"
  • "I've had a bad fucking day!"

Disarming law enforcerEdit

  • "On your knees!"
  • "Kneel!"
  • "Cuff 'em."
  • "Now cuffs."
  • "Now cuff yourself."
  • "Now put your cuffs on."
  • "Cuffs on."
  • "Put. On. The cuffs."


Controlling civilian (Stealth)Edit

  • "Shut up and get down!"
  • "Get down."
  • "Get down on the ground!"
  • "Hands up, head down."
  • "On the ground!"
  • "Down on the ground!"

Controlling group of civilians (Stealth)Edit

  • "Get down on the ground everybody."
  • "Get down, all of you!"
  • "Everybody shut up and get down."

Follow up line (Stealth)Edit

  • "...And keep quiet!"
  • "...And don't look up."
  • "...And don't try anything!"
  • "...And don't move!"
  • "...And stay there."

Keeping civilian down (Stealth)Edit

  • "Don't move!"
  • "Don't. Move."
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Stay. Down."
  • "Stay."
  • "Stay still!"

Keeping group of civilians down (Stealth)Edit

  • "Don't move!"
  • "Everybody stays down."
  • "Everybody stay where you are."
  • "Nobody go anywhere."
  • "Nobody move!"
  • "Nobody moves!"
  • "Stay down!"
  • "Stay down everybody!"
  • "Stay still!"

Controlling civilian (Assault)Edit

  • "Get. Down. Now."
  • "Down on the ground!"
  • "Get on the ground!"
  • "On the ground!"
  • "On your face!"
  • "On. Your. Face!"
  • "Lay down!"
  • "Lay. Down."
  • "Get down!"
  • "Down!"
  • "Down, now!"

Controlling group of civilians (Assault)Edit

  • "All of you get down!"
  • "All of you get on the floor!"
  • "All of you on the floor!"
  • "Everybody down!"
  • "Everybody on the floor!"
  • "Get down!"

Follow up line (Assault)Edit

  • "...And don't even think of moving!"
  • "...And don't fucking move!"
  • "...And don't get up!"
  • "...And fucking stay down!"
  • "...And fuckin' stay down."
  • "...And stay there!"
  • "...And stay down!"

Keeping civilian down (Assault)Edit

  • "Don't act dumb."
  • "Don't wanna say it again."
  • "Don't act dumb!"
  • "I said stay down."

Keeping group of civilians down (Assault)Edit

  • "Don't get stupid now, people."
  • "Everybody stay put."
  • "Nobody move."
  • "Stay down, people."

Pager responsesEdit

  • "Uh, nothin' new. Just waiting around. Getting older. Applying for jobs."
  • "Uh... All seems fine. Will holler if I see anything."
  • "Uh, everything's fine uh... just a little clumsy is all. Just stubbed my toe."
  • "Everything is under control. Nothin' out of the ordinary."
  • "Nope, nothing new down here at all."
  • "S'all good. Had a... spider incident. It's over now.
  • "Everything's okay, just had too much coffee."
  • "Everything's fine, no visuals."
  • "Nothing going on but the rent..."
  • "Everything is under control, yes sir, we're good."
  • "Uh... No problems at all. C-can you just send up a pepperoni pizza?"
  • "C-c-can you speak a little louder? Sounded like you were... buying me dinner."
  • "No problems except... maybe I shouldn'ta had that hotdog."
  • "Uh... everything's under control. Situation normal."
  • "Nothing at all going on."
  • "Uh, no problems except that last taco just ain't sittin' right."
  • "Nothing happening here."
  • "No, everything's good, just got a little lost for a second."
  • "Everything is under control, yes sir... We are a hundred percent under control."
  • "Everything's fine, just... had my headphones turned down."
  • "I-I can't hear anything you're saying, but everything's fine."
  • "I can't make out a goddamn word you're saying, but everything is normal."
  • "Situation normal."
  • "Nothing happening over here."
  • "S'all good, just got scared by a bee."
  • "Everything's good just banged my head on the toilet, no problem."
  • "No problems except I think I ate too much bran this morning.
  • "I'm... bored outta my mind, but otherwise fine - You could send down a few beers, heh."
  • "Everything's cool, I don't see anything."
  • "I can't hear you at all, but all is well."
  • "Uh, it's all good... I think this place has rats or something, heh..."
  • "No problems, just sitting here waiting for something to happen."
  • "Uh... we probably wanna call an exterminator or a priest or something, but it's fine."
  • "All good I was just daydreaming and kinda lost focus for a minute, but it won't happen again."
  • "Everything's cool I just uh... had an incident yeah, yeah, yeah it's fine..."
  • "Uh, lot of interference on the line... Don't worry, I got it under control, everything's fine."
  • "Nothing new... Same as it ever was... et cetera."
  • "C-can you- can you speak up? I can't hear anything over the sound of my own boredom." 
  • "Uh... everything is fine, everything is cool."
  • "Can't hear you too well, but uh... I'd love a pizza, heh..."
  • "All's well, don't see anything."
  • "Uh... we had a slight... weapons malfunction, but uh... everything's perfectly alright now."
  • "Ah... you're breakin' up, but uh, everything's fine."

Special EnemiesEdit

Shield (Downtime)Edit

  • "It's a Shield...!"

Shield (Assault)Edit

  • "Shield."
  • "Shield!"
  • "It's a Shield!"
  • "Oh shit, Shield!"
  • "We got a Shield!"

Killing Shield (Assault)Edit

  • "Got the Shield!"
  • "Shield down!"


  • "Enemy Medic!"
  • "It's an enemy Medic!"
  • "They brought a Medic!"
  • "They got a Medic!"

Killing MedicEdit

  • "Killed the Medic!"
  • "Suck it, Medic!"
  • "Enemy Medic is no more!"

Taser (Downtime)Edit

  • "Taser!"
  • "Taser spotted!"
  • "Taser spotted, look out!"
  • "It's a Taser!"

Taser (Assault)Edit

  • "Taser!"
  • "Taser, watch out!"
  • "Oh shit, Taser!"
  • "Don't let the Taser get close!"
  • "It's a Taser, keep him back!"

Killing Taser (Downtime)Edit

  • "I got the Taser!"
  • "Got the Taser."

Killing Taser (Assault)Edit

  • "Taser down!"
  • "Got the Taser!"

Cloaker (Downtime)Edit

  • "Cloaker...!"
  • "It's a Cloaker!"
  • "I've spotted a Cloaker!"

Cloaker (Assault)Edit

  • "Cloaker!"
  • "Cloaker son of a bitch!"
  • "Oh shit, Cloaker!"
  • "Fucking Cloaker!"

Killing Cloaker (Downtime)Edit

  • "Killed the Cloaker!"

Killing Cloaker (Assault)Edit

  • "Cloaker down!"
  • "Cloaker's history!"
  • "Cloaker's gone!"
  • "No more Cloaker!"


  • "Sniper!"
  • "Watch out, Sniper!"
  • "Heads down, Snipers!"

Killing SniperEdit

  • "Sniper dead!"
  • "Sniper's history!"

Bulldozer (Downtime)Edit

  • "Bulldozer...!"
  • "It's a Bulldozer...!"

Bulldozer (Assault)Edit

  • "Bulldozer!"
  • "Oh, shit! Bulldozer!"
  • "It's a goddamn Bulldozer!"
  • "It's a motherfuckin’ Bulldozer!"

Killing Bulldozer (Assault)Edit

  • "Bulldozer down!"
  • "Bulldozer's history!"

SWAT Van Turret (Downtime)Edit

  • "Turret...!"
  • "Turret, watch out!"

SWAT Van Turret (Assault)Edit

  • "Turret!"
  • "Fuck! Goddamn Turret!"
  • "Fucking Turret!"
  • "Turret, fuck!"
  • "Fuck! Turret!"
  • "Oh, shit! Turret!"
  • "Holy shit, Turret!"

Captain Winters Unit (Downtime)Edit

  • "Careful...!"
  • "Careful now!"

Captain Winters Unit (Assault)Edit

  • "Shit!"
  • "Son of a bitch!"
  • "Oh shit!"
  • "Look out!"
  • "Watch out!"

Low health and bleedoutEdit

Low healthEdit

  • "Aaaagh…! I'm hurt bad… Where's a medic bag? I need one!"
  • "Agh... I'm not doing too well, could someone give me a medic bag?"
  • "Gonna need help, someone got a medic bag?!"
  • "I'm hit…! Medic bag, anyone?

Calling original crew members for help during bleedoutEdit

  • "<heistername>! Over here!"
  • "<heistername>! How 'bout a little help here?!"
  • "<heistername>! Help!"

Calling other crew members for during bleedoutEdit

  • "<heistername>! Get me the fuck up!"
  • "<heistername>! I need a hand!"
  • "<heistername>! I'm fuckin' dying!"

Being helped up by a CrewmateEdit

  • "Ah... thanks."
  • "Ah... thanks, Chief."
  • "Ah... thanks, man."
  • "Hey... thanks, buddy."


Getting cuffedEdit

  • "Heheh... not like I've never done this before..."
  • "This won't take long to get out of..."
  • "These won't stop me for long..."
  • "Need to pick these cuffs..."
  • "Gotta get outta these cuffs..."
  • "Peace sells, but who's buying it...?"
  • "Heh... have it your way, but I'm still gettin' out."

Calling for help while cuffedEdit

  • "<Heistername>, get me outta these cuffs!"
  • "<Heistername>, get me outta these!"
  • "<Heistername>, get me out!"
  • "<Heistername>, come pick these cuffs!
  • "<Heistername>, let me outta these cuffs!"
  • "<Heistername>, break me outta here!"
  • "Get these cuffs off me!"
  • "Come break me out!"
  • "Get me out!"



  • "Move."
  • "Move it!"


  • "Get the fuck up! Now..."


Ammo BagEdit

  • "Anybody need ammo? Come get some."
  • "Who needs ammo? I got some here."
  • "Ammo over here."
  • "There's ammo here."
  • "I put an ammo bag down over here."
  • "I got extra ammo over here."
  • "There's ammo over here."
  • "Get your ammo here."
  • "Get ammo, right here."

Doctor BagEdit

  • "I put a medic bag down."
  • "Medic bag right here."
  • "Medic bag, come over if you're hurt."
  • "I got a medic bag over here."
  • "I got a medic bag right here."

First Aid Kit (Downtime)Edit

  • "First aid kit here for anyone who needs it."
  • "First aid kit, get patched up."
  • "Placed a first aid kit here."

First Aid Kit (Assault)Edit

  • "First aid kit here."
  • "First aid kit deployed."
  • "Here's a first aid kit."


  • "Bomb!"
  • "Grenade!"

Finding Gage packageEdit

  • "Thanks..."
  • "Alright."
  • "I got it!"
  • "Got it."


  • "Shit...!"
  • "Smoke grenade!"
  • "Nothing worse than smoke!"
  • "Can't make 'em out in the smoke!"



  • "How's it goin'?"
  • "You gonna give me a hand or just stare at me?"
  • "Working hard always gives me an appetite. How about we get some real American burgers?"
  • "Hey, that grumpy old biker fuck took my wrench. He'd better stop taking my stuff or we'll have a problem." (Does not say this if the player is Rust.)

If the player is HoxtonEdit

  • "What the fuck you want, you British fucker? Are you gonna get caught again like an amateur?"


  • "Ah... I love the smell of grease."
  • "This car will be fucking great once I'm done."
  • "If this goes here... and that goes there..."

Garage at tier 2Edit

  • "I finally got some better tools. Now I can really work."
  • "This baby is slowly comin' together. What do you think?"
  • "These tools work for now... but I'll fucking need better stuff later."

Garage at tier 3Edit

  • "Take a look at this babe... What do you think? Amazing, right?"
  • "Yeah, yeah, you can look... But don't touch with your dirty hands."
  • "I'm a fucking champ. No one coulda put this thing together better than me."
  • "I told you all: get me better tools and I would fix it. Piece of fucking cake."
  • "Yo, take a look around. Pretty nice shop, right?"
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