Hunters Hunters icon
Raid Info
Mission days 1
Loud / Stealth ✔ / ✔
Loot N/A
Experience 1000 (Easy)
2000 (Normal)
4000 (Hard)
? (Very Hard)
Internal name

Hunters is one of the first maps released in the beta of RAID: World War II. It involves eliminating Waffen SS officers in the woods, and is notable for its far less linear design compared to the other maps.


  1. Clear all camps (3)
  2. Wait for escape driver
    • Secure additional loot
  3. Escape



The mission itself is very straightforward with only one objective: eliminate all three groups of the Waffen SS death squad. The camps they are posted at are located in the nearby woods: one near the entrance, one close by next to a cliff, and one in the ruins deep within the forest. Getting close enough to a camp will outline the targets in yellow for all party members to see.

It is not necessary to hit the camps in any specific order. Once all three groups are killed, the crew can either exfiltrate via the same truck they came in on if stealth is maintained, or wait for it to return if the mission went loud.


  • It is generally advisable to stick with the team on higher difficulties, either to help manage kills and bodies during stealth, or to increase survivability when combat breaks out.
  • Search the supply crates, as they may contain the looted valuables mentioned in the intel. Only one valuable can be carried by a player and also imposes a speed penalty. Because of this, take the shortest route or provide support to whoever is carrying the loot as they make their way to the truck. Secure the loot by throwing it into the highlighted zone on the truck.
    • Be warned that soldiers will attempt to repossess any loot they come across. If a soldier picks up a loot, either kill him or get close to him will force him to drop the loot.


  • The camp locations vary.
  • The mission can take place at night or day.
  • The players will either start just outside the forest, near the cabin, or near the ruins by the river.

Difficulty ChangesEdit



  • This operation likely took place in or sometime after 1942, as the Waffen-SS did not possess a Death Squad of any description until the SS-Totenkopfverbände and their Einsatzgruppen detachment were folded into the organization in that year.
  • The supposed death squad in this map are merely reskinned Waffen-SS units using standard Fallshirmjager models.
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