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The Infamy Update title card

Infamy is a gameplay element in PAYDAY 2 introduced in Update #22. It allows the player to "reset" their character and begin anew from the beginning while also gaining a new level. There are five hundred Infamy levels that a player can reach, and a player's Infamy level is displayed next to their in-game level.


The Infamy "grid". Unlocked tiers are highlighted in bluish-white, available ones are marked with a large translucent spade icon and unavailable ones are darkened.

Infamy is a game-extending feature in PAYDAY 2. It enables players at reputation 100 to "reset" their characters in order to begin again with pre-owned gear. Players going Infamous are given a warning at the point of decision, with declining the choice not changing anything; accepting it erases all of their skill progression and resets their Reputation Level to 0, and on the first five tiers also removes all spending cash and subtracts $200 million offshore money. There are 500 tiers in total.

At launch, Infamy progress was tracked by a separate tree not unlike the player's skill trees, with the acquisition of one Infamy tier granting access to the next one. In the Infamy 2.0 update, the interface was changed to a grid. As of Infamy 3.0 the interface has been changed to a linear progression.

Leveling up[]

Message from Bain regarding Infamy 2.0

The requirements for leveling up one's Infamy are:

  • At least $200,000,000 offshore money (first 5 levels only).
  • Reputation level 100.
  • Not having an active Crime Spree. (All rewards must be claimed before going infamous)

Once these requirements are fulfilled, an additional button will appear in the menu. If the player chooses to level up their Infamy:

  • All spending cash is burnt. (first 5 levels only)
  • $200,000,000 is subtracted from the offshore account (first 5 levels only).
  • Reputation level is reset to 0.
  • Weapons and armor that were unlocked via reputation levels will become locked again due to the above level reset.
  • Skills are reset and all unspent skill points are removed.

However, the player will retain:

  • All owned weapons.
  • All owned weapon mods.
  • All existing Infamy upgrades.
  • All masks, colors, materials and patterns.
  • All purchased weapon and mask slots.
  • Any offshore money left after the $200M deduction.
    • Offshore account and spending cash remain fully intact from Infamy 6 onwards.
  • Any built-up boost or penalty applied to a heist.
  • All Perks and perk points.
  • All weapon skins (They are stored in your Steam inventory) and outfits.
  • All owned Continental Coins.
  • All earned achievements as well as any rewards earned from them.


The player is rewarded with the following:

  • An Infamy level card (which looks like a stylised playing card) with a Roman numeral (I to D) depicting their level of Infamy which is shown on their character model in the game lobby.
  • One Infamy point.
  • A playing card suit icon and a level card number in front of the in-game name.
    • Infamy level 1-100 gives a spades icon (♠) with black details on the Infamy playing card
    • Infamy level 101-200 gives a hearts icon (♥) with red details on the Infamy playing card
    • Infamy level 201-300 gives a clubs icon (♣) with black details on the Infamy playing card
    • Infamy level 301-400 gives a diamonds icon (♦) with red details on the Infamy playing card
    • Infamy level 401-500 gives a fleur-de-lis icon (⚜) with yellow/gold details on the Infamy playing card
  • Special Infamy sound effects.
  • Infamy background music.
  • A special pose for their character in the lobby.
  • A class skill point requirement reduction (granted by the Set of the Corrupted, Slaughterhouse Set, Assassin Set, and Set of the Ingenious tiers).
  • An increased Infamous-grade item drop rate.
  • An XP requirement reduction (additional XP gain, counted as Infamy bonus in a payday).
  • An Infamous-grade mask, pattern and material set (specific tiers only).


  • When you increase your Infamy level (1-5), you lose all of your spending cash, but not your inventory items. Instead of letting it go to waste, use your cash to buy the most expensive guns you can, until you are out of cash or inventory slots. After your Infamy level increases, you can sell off the items you bought to get back a portion of your spending cash.
    • Once all your gun slots are full, consider using the cash to buy and customize masks. Some masks can be sold directly from your Stash. However, customizations are only sold when a customized mask is sold or returned.
    • Resist temptation to go wild; unlock weapons and mask slots only as needed. You can easily spend all your cash unlocking slots, which you then can't fill and can't sell back.
    • Don't bother modding the weapons you intend to sell back. You don't get money back for returning mods. Pre-modding weapons you intend to keep makes sense, however (see below regarding reputation-locked weapons).
  • Be aware of which weapons are locked to specific Reputation Levels, and which are available for use from the beginning. Even if you already own a weapon, you will not be able to use it again until you reach the Reputation Level at which it unlocks. With this in mind, make sure you have a good selection of modified weapons to use once you return to a Reputation Level of zero.
    • DLC owners may want to consider the Eagle Heavy, Commando 553, Gruber Kurz, and/or SpecOps. The Gruber Kurz is particularly popular for its high concealment.
    • Steam Community members can use the Predator 12G and the Interceptor .45.
    • If you don't own DLC, all Akimbo weapons, the AMCAR and Chimano 88 starter weapons, though weak, are always an option and will be provided for free, as detailed below.
    • If you somehow lack a lvl 0 reputation weapon in either the primary or secondary category, then a level 0 weapon will be provided for free.
      • If there are no open weapon slots, then the first slot of your inventory will be overwritten by a level 0 weapon.
        • The level 0 weapons in question are: AMCAR for primaries and Chimano 88 for secondaries respectively.

Infamy 3.0 Reward System[]

  • Infamy 1: First infamy reward is a 10% skill point requirement reduction, lowering the required skill points spent to unlock the top skill of every tree from 18 to 16. Your infamous item base drop rate is increased from 0.3% to 0.6%. Experience gained is increased by 5%. You unlock the Heat mask.
  • Infamy 2: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 3: Experience gained is increased by 5%. You unlock the Plague Doctor mask, Imperial pattern and Dark Leather material.
  • Infamy 4: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 5: Experience gained is increased by 5%. You unlock the Butcher mask, Bounty Hunter pattern and Copper material.
  • Infamy 6: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 7: Experience gained is increased by 5%. You unlock the Specialist mask, Guardian pattern and Electric material.
  • Infamy 8: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 9: Experience Gained is increased by 5%. You unlock the Spectre mask, Ribcage pattern and Sinister material.
  • Infamy 10: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 11: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Balaclava mask, Pain Pattern and Eye material.
  • Infamy 12: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 13: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Lurker mask, Hell's Anchor pattern and Baby material.
  • Infamy 14: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 15: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Android mask, Digital pattern and Haze material.
  • Infamy 16: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 17: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Being mask, Steampunk pattern and Punk material.
  • Infamy 18: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 19: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Venger mask, Spook pattern and Hades material.
  • Infamy 20: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 21: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Heister Sentry mask, Monster Visor pattern and Alien Slime material.
  • Infamy 22: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 23: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Kamul mask, Evil Eye pattern and Plastic Hood material.
  • Infamy 24: Experience gained is increased by 10%.
  • Infamy 25: Experience gained is increased by 7.5%. You unlock the Demonshank mask, Ex Machina pattern and Arizona Material.
  • Infamy 26: You unlock the End of the Line join stinger.
  • Infamy 27: You unlock the Blood Sunset weapon color.
  • Infamy 28: You unlock the Rain Forest weapon color.
  • Infamy 29: You unlock the Cha Cha Cha join stinger.
  • Infamy 30: You unlock the Infamy Dark variant of the Infamy Leather outfit.
  • Infamy 31: You unlock the Sitcom join stinger.
  • Infamy 32: You unlock the Ghost Red Camo weapon color.
  • Infamy 33: You unlock the Purple Haze and Dead Rust weapon color.
  • Infamy 34: You Unlock the Dub Slam join stinger.
  • Infamy 35: You unlock the Molten gloves.
  • Infamy 36: You unlock the Smoothie join stinger.
  • Infamy 37: You unlock the Abstract Red weapon color.
  • Infamy 38: You unlock the Abstract Green weapon color.
  • Infamy 39: You unlock the Razorminded join stinger.
  • Infamy 40: You unlock the Infamy White variant of the Infamy Leather outfit.
  • Infamy 41: You unlock the Cucaracha join stinger.
  • Infamy 42: You unlock the Heavy Rust weapon color.
  • Infamy 43: You unlock the Steel Rust and Splintered weapon color.
  • Infamy 44: You unlock the Slide join stinger and Handy Blunderbuss charm.
  • Infamy 45: You unlock the Tiger Stripe gloves.
  • Infamy 46: You unlock the Here We Go join stinger.
  • Infamy 47: You unlock the Raw Surface weapon color.
  • Infamy 48: You unlock the Static Rust weapon color.
  • Infamy 49: You unlock the Poetic join stinger.
  • Infamy 50: You unlock the Infamy Red variant of the Infamy Leather outfit.
  • Infamy 51: You unlock the Rising Up join stinger.
  • Infamy 52: You unlock the Grey Flame weapon color.
  • Infamy 53: You unlock the Vintage Reptile and Liquid Geode weapon color.
  • Infamy 54: You unlock the Wakie Wakie join stinger and Ben's Toast.
  • Infamy 55: You unlock the Cosmos gloves.
  • Infamy 56: You unlock the Figaro join stinger.
  • Infamy 57: You unlock the Blue Iron weapon color.
  • Infamy 58: You unlock the Zink weapon color.
  • Infamy 59: You unlock the Who's There? join stinger.
  • Infamy 60: You unlock the Infamy Dust variant of the Infamy Leather outfit.
  • Infamy 61: You unlock the Sin Field join stinger.
  • Infamy 62: You unlock the Abstract Black weapon color.
  • Infamy 63: You unlock the Abstract White and Line Phased weapon color.
  • Infamy 64: You unlock the Gunzerking join stinger and Ancient Peak charm.
  • Infamy 65: You unlock the Neon City gloves.[1]
  • Infamy 66: You unlock the Unimatrix Brown Array outfit.
  • Infamy 67: You unlock the Gold and Fauna weapon colour and Le Criminal join stinger.
  • Infamy 68: You unlock the Highland Wool Combo gloves.
  • Infamy 69: You unlock the Kintsugi weapon colour and M. Knight join stinger.
  • Infamy 70: You unlock the Unimatrix Black Array outfit.
  • Infamy 71: You unlock the Dirty Blue and Gold weapon colour and Doomed join stinger.
  • Infamy 72: You unlock the Gangsta Pranksta mask.
  • Infamy 73: You unlock the Black and Crowns weapon colour and Luchadore join stinger.
  • Infamy 74: You unlock the Unimatrix Red Array outfit.
  • Infamy 75: You unlock the Diagonal Carbon weapon colour and Tracksuit join stinger.
  • Infamy 76: You unlock the Max mask.
  • Infamy 77: You unlock the Jaggy Marble Gold weapon colour and Tension join stinger.
  • Infamy 78: You unlock the Unimatrix White Array outfit.
  • Infamy 79: You unlock the Abstract Greyscale weapon colour and Lock Stock join stinger.
  • Infamy 80: You unlock the Silver Champion gloves.
  • Infamy 81: You unlock the Deco Circuits weapon colour and Antagonist join stinger.
  • Infamy 82: You unlock the 70s Driver gloves.
  • Infamy 83: You unlock the Gold & White weapon color and the Mastertwang join stinger.
  • Infamy 84: You unlock the Urban Executor outfit.
  • Infamy 85: You unlock the Pink Pearl Grey weapon color and the Bad Day join stinger.
  • Infamy 86: You unlock the Muted Executor outfit.
  • Infamy 87: You unlock the Gold Plated weapon color and the Whammo join stinger.
  • Infamy 88: You unlock the "Vanity Gold" mask.
  • Infamy 89: You unlock the Pink & Flower Dip weapon color and the Fightmarch join stinger.
  • Infamy 90: You unlock the Inspector Executor outfit.
  • Infamy 91: You unlock the Paisley Dip weapon color and the Metalcheck join stinger.
  • Infamy 92: You unlock the Shamrock Executor outfit.
  • Infamy 93: You unlock the Classic Gold Dip weapon color and the Undertap join stinger.
  • Infamy 94: You unlock the "The Masquerade" mask.
  • Infamy 95: You unlock the Regal Wallpaper weapon color and the Plot Twang join stinger.
  • Infamy 96: You unlock the Classic General and French General outfits.
  • Infamy 97: You unlock the Victorian Wallpaper weapon color and the Zapswitch join stinger.
  • Infamy 98: You unlock the Blood General & Ivory General outfits, and The Classics gloves.
  • Infamy 99: You unlock the Psychedelic Wallpaper weapon color and the Disco Whack join stinger.
  • Infamy 100: You unlock the Red Drop charm, Chromatic Break weapon color, Vile Carny mask, Digital Pistons gloves and Boardroom Havoc outfit.

Infamous Items[]


  • The resetting nature of the Infamy system is akin to similar "prestige" ranking systems in a number of games, albeit one with gear retention instead of a complete reset like most cases.
    • Alternatively, it can also be compared to the "new game plus" functionality in certain games that allows the player to start their career over, while retaining all pre-owned gear and perks, though unlike some, Infamy does not retain one's reputation levels or accrued skills/skill points, and for the first five tiers, spending cash. 
  • Before the Infamy 2.0 update, Infamy levels were divided into tiers and the player would go up to get more levels (as it is still done in the skill trees). Since the second update, however, Infamy levels follow the new design, which gives much more importance to how you spend your Infamy points.
  • Originally, there were going to be 14 (XIV) levels, not 25 (XXV), before the Infamy 2.0 update was announced.
    • The original planned 14 tiers of Infamy were represented by a set of 14 spade-suit cards of a poker deck, with the Joker used in place of the Ace for tier 1. Aside from the first Infamy card, this was changed to a collection of plain white cards printed with Roman numerals in either black, red or gold when the Infamy mechanic was revamped.
    • Also prior to Infamy 2.0, the many tiers of Infamy were denoted by Roman numerals next to the player's level in a lobby. After the update, regular numbers were used instead until Update #78 restored the Roman numerals.
  • Overkill revealed Infamy 3.0 for Update #200 in the PAYDAY 2: Developer Update video and hinted that there would be 500 (D) levels. This was leter implemented into the game in the aforementioned update.
    • Previously, Overkill presented their idea for Infamy 3.0 in a stream and was canned due to negative response.
    • According to community members on the PAYDAY 2 Discord, OVERKILL_Elisabeth has given a statement that going infamous will no longer occur for players with an active crime spree as to "hope that people won't see it as a race to the finish line, but rather try to have fun as they go".


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