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Infamy is a gameplay element in PAYDAY 2 introduced in Update #22. There are twenty five Infamy levels that a player can reach, and a player's Infamy level is displayed next to their in-game name.

As of the current build of the game, there are a total of 25 ranks of Infamy, 5 of which were released on January 22, 2014. The remaining 20 ranks were released on March 5th 2015 in the Infamy 2.0 update.[1]


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The Infamy "grid". Unlocked tiers are highlighted in bluish-white, available ones are marked with a large translucent spade icon and unavailable ones are darkened.

Infamy is a game-extending feature in PAYDAY 2. It enables players at reputation 100 to "reset" their characters in order to begin again with pre-owned gear. Players going Infamous are given a warning at the point of decision, with declining the choice not changing anything; accepting it erases all of their skill progression and resets their Reputation Level to 0, and on the first five tiers also removes all spending cash and deducts $200 million offshore money. There are 25 tiers in total.

At launch, Infamy progress was tracked by a separate tree not unlike the player's skill trees, with the acquisition of one Infamy tier granting access to the next one. As of the Infamy 2.0 update, the interface has been changed to a grid.

Leveling upEdit

Bain Mail Infamy 2.0

Message from Bain regarding Infamy 2.0

The requirements for leveling up one's Infamy are:

  • $200,000,000 offshore money (first 5 levels only).
  • Reputation 100.

Once these requirements are fulfilled, an additional button will appear in the menu. If the player chooses to level up their Infamy:

  • All spending cash is burnt. (first 5 levels only)
  • Reputation is reset to 0.
  • Weapons and armor that were unlocked via reputation become locked again.
  • Skills are reset and all unspent skill points are wiped.
  • $200,000,000 is deducted from the offshore account (first 5 levels only).

However, the player keeps:

  • Owned weapons.
  • Weapon mods.
  • Existing Infamy upgrades.
  • Masks, colors, materials and patterns.
  • Purchased weapon and mask slots.
  • Any offshore money left after the $200M deduction.
    • Offshore account and spending cash remain intact from Infamy 6 upwards.
  • Any built-up boost or penalty applied to a heist.
  • Perks and perk points.
  • Drills/Vaults/Skins (They are stored in your Steam inventory)
  • Crime Spree progress and Continental Coin amount


The player is rewarded with the following:

  • A Roman numeral (I to XXV) depicting their level of Infamy next to their name.
  • One Infamy point.
  • A spade icon (♠) in front of the in-game name.
  • Special Infamy sound effects.
  • Infamy background music.
  • One Infamy card depending on their Infamy level.
  • A special pose for their character in the lobby.
  • A class skill point requirement reduction (granted by the Set of the Corrupted, Slaughterhouse Set, Assassin Set, and Set of the Ingenious tiers).
  • An increased Infamous-grade item drop rate.
  • An XP requirement reduction (additional XP gain, counted as Infamy bonus in a payday).
  • An Infamous-grade mask, pattern and material set (specific tiers only).
  • Infamy level 1
  • Infamy level 2
  • Infamy level 3
  • Infamy level 4
  • Infamy level 5
  • Infamy level 6
  • Infamy level 7
  • Infamy level 8
  • Infamy level 9
  • Infamy level 10
  • Infamy level 11
  • Infamy level 12
  • Infamy level 13
  • Infamy level 14
  • Infamy level 15
  • Infamy Level 16
  • Infamy level 17
  • Infamy level 18
  • Infamy level 19
  • Infamy level 20
  • Infamy level 21
  • Infamy level 22
  • Infamy level 23
  • Infamy level 24
  • Infamy level 25


  • When you increase your Infamy level (1-5), you lose all of your spending cash, but not your inventory items. Instead of letting it go to waste, use your cash to buy the most expensive guns you can, until you are out of cash or inventory slots. After your Infamy level increases, you can sell off the items you bought to get back a portion of your spending cash.
    • Once all your gun slots are full, consider using the cash to buy and customize masks. Some masks can be sold directly from your Stash. However, customizations are only sold when a customized mask is sold or returned.
    • Resist temptation to go wild; unlock weapons and mask slots only as needed. You can easily spend all your cash unlocking slots, which you then can't fill and can't sell back.
    • Don't bother modding the weapons you intend to sell back. You don't get money back for returning mods. Pre-modding weapons you intend to keep makes sense, however (see below regarding reputation-locked weapons).
  • Be aware of which weapons are locked to specific Reputation Levels, and which are available for use from the beginning. Even if you already own a weapon, you will not be able to use it again until you reach the Reputation Level at which it unlocks. With this in mind, make sure you have a good selection of modified weapons to use once you return to a Reputation Level of zero.
    • DLC owners may want to consider the Eagle Heavy, Commando 553, Gruber Kurz, and/or SpecOps. The Gruber Kurz is particularly popular for its high concealment.
    • Steam Community members can use the Predator 12G and the Interceptor .45.
    • If you don't own DLC, all Akimbo weapons, the AMCAR and Chimano 88 starter weapons, though weak, are always an option.
    • If you somehow lack a lvl 0 reputation weapon the first slot of your inventory will be overwritten by a level 0 weapon. AMCAR for primaries and Chimano 88 for secondary respectively.
  • Some Infamy bonuses reduce the tier requirements for specific skill trees. While it may seem beneficial to invest in a skill tree you favor, this may not be the best option. Instead, look at a skill tree that has certain high-level skills you would like to acquire, but not enough low-level skills worth investing in to unlock it. If you have ever found yourself struggling to find a place to spend your skill points just so you can unlock the tier with the skill you really want, that tree is a good place to consider spending your Infamy point.
  • Crime Spree progress is not reset upon going Infamous, thus allowing players to store and subsequently cash in extra experience to give themselves a leg up upon moving to the next tier.

Infamy gridEdit

NOTE: Despite multiple Infamy sets providing a skillpoint requirement reduction for the Fugitive skill tree, these reductions do not stack, meaning that going Infamous more than twice (as the starting point does not provide such bonus) and choosing more than one set will not further reduce the skill point requirement (i.e from 10% to 20% and so on) for that tree.

Infamous ItemsEdit


  • The resetting nature of the Infamy system is akin to similar "prestige" ranking systems in a number of games, albeit one with gear retention instead of a clean wipe like most cases.
    • Alternatively, it can also be compared to the "new game plus" functionality in certain games that allows the player to start their career over, with retained pre-owned gear and perks, though unlike some, Infamy does not retain one's reputation levels or accrued skills/skill points, and for the first five tiers, spending cash. 
  • Before the Infamy 2.0 update, Infamy levels were divided into tiers and the player would go up to get more levels (as it is still done in the skill trees). Since the second update, however, Infamy levels follow the new design, which gives much more importance to how you spend your Infamy points.
  • Originally, there were going to be 14 (XIV) levels, not 25 (XXV), before the Infamy 2.0 update was announced.
    • The original planned 14 tiers of Infamy were represented by a set of 14 spade-suit cards of a poker deck, with the Joker used in place of the Ace for tier 1. Aside from the first Infamy card, this was changed to a collection of plain white cards printed with Roman numerals when the Infamy mechanic was revamped.
    • Also prior to Infamy 2.0, the many tiers of Infamy were denoted by Roman numerals next to the player's level in a lobby. After the update, regular numbers were used instead. The roman numerals returned in Update #78.
  • Overkill presented their idea for Infamy 3.0 in a stream. However, due to negative response, the idea was canned.
  • An unused audio file in the game mentions an infamy level of 26, which cannot be reached without hacking. 


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